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Hacks and Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Hacks and Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

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Planning a babymoon or traveling while pregnant? Let these pregnancy travel hacks make your next trip safer and more comfortable! Scroll down for all the info!

These tips for traveling while pregnant contain affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

Lately, I’ve been getting a TON of questions from pregnant mamas who are planning their first trips during their pregnancy.

I figure since so many of you want tips for traveling while pregnant, I should write a post about it!

These days you can find hacks for just about anything! From making everyday products last longer, to making your own homemade products that will help you save money.

There are even tons of hacks out there for things like camping and traveling!

Not only are there hacks for traveling, but there are also hacks for traveling while pregnant! Check out these nifty ideas to make your pregnancy travels a bit more enjoyable!Hacks and Tips for Traveling While Pregnant featured by top US travel blogger, Marcie in Mommyland

Top Hacks for Traveling While Pregnant


Having to make potty break pit stops can be a pain while traveling.

However, when you are pregnant, those detours can become a much bigger nuisance, as they tend to occur more often.

And pending on where you are traveling, sometimes there may not be a rest stop, or restroom for miles!

What’s the solution, you ask? Adult diapers! Yep, I’m going there right off the bat!

I don’t recommend that you intentionally urinate in them while you are on the road (that would get incredibly uncomfortable!), but more so rely on them as a back up!

You know, for those instances when the distance between you and the nearest restroom is simply too far to hold it.

They would even work well for those moments when your little sweet pea kicks you right in the bladder, unexpectedly!

Plus, whatever you don’t use could come in handy for those first few weeks postpartum!

You could also use one of the super, overnight pads as an alternative.Hacks and Tips for Traveling While Pregnant featured by top US travel blogger, Marcie in Mommyland


Maternity clothing is already naturally comfortable. Afterall, it’s basically all stretchy, to expand for your ever growing belly!

However, there are some outfits that aren’t quite as basic as others.

When you are traveling, keep in mind how often you will be running to the bathroom.

Those frequent trips can be made much faster when you are wearing a maxi skirt or dress!

Hacks and Tips for Traveling While Pregnant featured by top US travel blogger, Marcie in Mommyland | Chester Luggage set reviewed by top US family travel blogger, Marcie in Mommyland

Chester Luggage is lightweight and durable. Photo credit: Britnae Nicole Photography


If you happen to be traveling alone and will have to carry your baggage, consider packing your essentials in two smaller bags.

It is much easier to carry smaller/lighter bags in each hand, then it is to have to carry the extra weight on one side only.

And if you don’t yet have luggage on wheels, now is the perfect time to splurge. Trust me.

Your travels will be much easier when you can just pull your belongings behind you!

Learn more about Chester luggage here and use my discount code MARCIE10 to save 10% off your purchase!


With the number of changes that your body endures during pregnancy, there is a lot to be cautious about.

One thing that many people don’t realize is that with the extra hormones your body is producing, pregnant women are more likely to get yeast infections! Not fun, especially while on vacation.

So if you happen to be traveling to a warmer climate, where you’ll be doing a lot of swimming, it’s a really good idea to pack an extra swimsuit or two.

That way as soon as you are done swimming, you can slip into a dry suit that will help prevent you from getting a yeast infection.


About an hour from home you realize that you forgot your pregnancy pillow that you sleep with every night. Cue instant rush of emotions, and the waterworks.

Don’t worry! While this hack may not be quite as comfy as your specially designed pillow, it can still help alleviate some of the pressure from your hips. 

Simply request another pillow from the hotel staff.

Place it between your knees as you sleep, and when you wake up in the morning, you’ll think about how silly you were to get upset over a pillow!

Hacks and Tips for Traveling While Pregnant featured by top US travel blogger, Marcie in Mommyland | Pack your own healthy lunch while pregnant


You are likely already going to be packing your own snacks, but why not take it a step further and pack your own meals, as well? 

It’s extra important to eat as healthy as you can while you are pregnant, and doing so on the road can be tricky, and costly!

Not only that, you may find that your tastes have changed. Perhaps you now have an aversion to ground beef.

Or maybe the strong odor of onions now sends you running to the nearest garbage can. 

Prevent having to deal with all of this simply by stuffing your cooler full of healthy meals that you can eat while you are on the go.


So this hack is more of a general hack that’s good for anyone, however when you are pregnant you may have noticed that you are downing water like it’s, well, water!

And nothing beats ice cold water, when you are already starting to feel dehydrated. 

Instead of packing your cooler with ice, fill it with frozen water bottles that will keep the cooler cold, while slowly melting into ice cold water.

You can also fill up a water bottle halfway, and then lay it sideways in the freezer.

When you are ready to leave just fill it up the rest of the way with water, and it is sure to keep your drink extra cold!Hacks and Tips for Traveling While Pregnant featured by top US travel blogger, Marcie in Mommyland | Pregnant Woman Holding Sonogram


It’s usually not obvious that you are with child until about halfway through your pregnancy. And even then it can still be difficult to tell.

So feel free to share your good news with those around you. 

There’s a pretty good chance that after doing so, random strangers will be happy to help you carry some of your extra baggage, or give up their seat on the subway, so you can rest your legs.

Perhaps they would even be happy to switch seats with you, so you can make yourself a little more comfortable on the bus or airplane.


As you have likely already found out, pregnancy can be incredibly exhausting. Both mentally and physically!

While it may be tempting to completely fill your itinerary with fun and exciting events and activities, be sure to leave yourself some extra time to rest.

Your body is already working overtime maintaining and nurturing that little peanut of yours.

Don’t feel bad if you end up not being able to do all you were hoping to, or having to cancel plans to recuperate a bit.

I like to schedule a morning activity and then leave the rest of the day to nap and see how much energy I have for an afternoon activity.

Traveling while pregnant doesn’t have to be miserable! No matter what trimester you are in, these hacks are sure to make your adventures more enjoyable.

Do you have a hack for traveling while pregnant that you can’t live without? Let me know in a comment below!

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