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Simple Fall Bucket Lists for Families + Fall Scavenger Hunt Printables

Simple Fall Bucket Lists for Families + Fall Scavenger Hunt Printables

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Fall is here and that means families are eager to plan some fun activities for Autumn! Keep scrolling get my printable fall bucket lists plus scavenger hunts!
This post about printable fall bucket lists for families was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

Fall is a wonderful time to get outside with your kids!

It’s that time of year when leaves are changing colors, pumpkins are ripe for the picking and the air is crisp!

We’ve got you covered this fall with some simple, fun, and creative autumn activities for the entire family.

And what better way to enjoy this season than by making a fall bucket list for kids?

Keep scrolling to get my simple fall bucket lists for families. This printable family bucket list includes items like apple picking, going on a hayride, and exploring a corn maze.

You can check off quite a few if you visit a pumpkin patch this year!

If you’re looking for something more active, we’ve got you covered too! We also have a fall scavenger hunt printable in our blog post below!

With so many different fall activities to explore, it’s never dull outdoors during autumn!

Printable Fall Bucket List for Families

It’s time to break out those pumpkin spice lattes, pull on your Uggs, and get ready for a season of apple picking, hayrides, leaf-raking, and more! Fall is a fantastic time for families.

But before you head out into the crisp fall air make sure you’re prepared with our Printable Fall Bucket List for Families!

This list has all sorts of great activities that will keep your kids happy and entertained this autumn. Download it HERE.

Free Printable Fall Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re looking for ideas to keep your toddler busy this fall, or want a fun way to teach them about the changing seasons, this printable scavenger hunt is perfect!

It’s easy enough for little ones to do on their own. Plus, it will help develop skills like color recognition, counting, problem-solving, following directions, and more.

There are also plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved by explaining what the pictures are or providing support if needed. The best part? This activity is completely FREE!

Get this Free Printable Fall Scavenger Hunt by top Seattle blog Marcie in Mommyland. Image of a fall scavenger hunt printable with images of a pumpkin, leave, squirrel, mushrooms, spider, berries, pine cone, corn, acorn, nest, scarecrow, apple, and a flower.

Items in this autumn scavenger hunt printable include a pumpkin, leaf, chipmunk/squirrel, mushrooms, spider, berries, corn on the cob, pine cone, acorn, bird’s nest, flower, apple, and a scarecrow.

Family Bucket List FAQs

What is a bucket list for kids?

Basically, it’s a list of kids’ activities during a set time period. You might create a vacation bucket list for a trip to Hawaii or a Disney bucket list for your next trip to Disneyland. Our printable fall bucket list for families has all kinds of autumn adventures any kid would love to do this season.

What should I put on my bucket list?

A bucket list is supposed to list things you’d like to do during your life. So, add things you want to do, new experiences, and a few adventures that might scare you a bit. This fall bucket list printable keeps it really simple with activities you probably have had on your list for a while.

What happens after I finish this bucket list?

We like to celebrate as a family when we cross everything off our bucket list. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy a tasty treat together. Or, you can proudly hang it on the fridge. Or brainstorm with your family about what should happen when you finish this autumn bucket list.

What are some fall bucket list ideas?

Check out our comprehensive fall activities list for the ultimate autumn bucket list, featuring pumpkin patch visits, apple picking adventures, and cozy campfire nights. Whether you’re seeking outdoor escapades or indoor coziness, this list has something for everyone.

Fall Family Bucket List Wrap-Up

I hope you love this fall family bucket list printable and fall scavenger hunt printable.

These are easy ways to create some family fun this autumn, with the season’s changing colors as a backdrop for your adventures together. Print them out and let your kids choose what they want to do first!

Check out our other great posts about all things autumn here on our blog for more ideas of how to enjoy the time before winter comes.

Looking for more things to do in the fall? Find out my top pumpkin patch photo tips, tips for fall camping with kids, Gordon Skagit Farms pumpkin patch review, Oogie Boogie guessing game, best PNW fall weekend getaways, and the spookiest Halloween vacation ideas!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.