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Disney Would You Rather: Free Printable Edition for Family Fun!

Disney Would You Rather: Free Printable Edition for Family Fun!

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Are you taking a road trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Bring along this Disney Would You Rather game to keep your whole family entertained in the car!
This Disney Would You Rather game was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

My elementary kids are obsessed with Would You Rather games. When they come up with them on their own, they usually involve eating something gross! So, I found this Disney Would You Rather game because the questions are already there!

Whether you are heading on your next Disney adventure or want to enjoy some Disney magic at home, your family will have a blast playing this fun game.

Disney Would You Rather: Free Printable Edition for Family Fun!

Disney Road Trip Games

A great way to save money on a Disney vacation is to drive rather than fly. But how do you keep the kids entertained?

Yes, you can pop a screen in front of them for a while, but that can be isolating.

We like to play games that involve the whole family!

You can bring along this Disney Would You Rather game to ignite a hilarious conversation with everyone in your family!

Kids of all ages can play (sometimes younger kids have the best responses!)

Disney Game Night

Game night is a beautiful way to introduce magic into your weekly routine. Making a whole evening of it can get everyone into the fun!

Start making a fun family meal. Pick out your family’s Disney-themed meal to get the evening started. It can be as simple as fixing hotdogs or cooking corndogs.

You can also look up some recipes from the Disney parks and recreate them at home. Have fun whipping up a meal before you start your games.

Don’t forget to whip up some Disney-themed desserts to enjoy with your games. A simple idea is to bake some cupcakes and stick two Oreos out of either side to look like mouse ears.

You can choose a variety of desserts to make every week. Your family will enjoy making them up together while preparing for your game night.

If dinner and desserts seem too much, any easy popcorn bar will add to the magic. Pop up your favorite brand of popcorn. Pick out your family’s favorite candy to add to the popcorn bar. Every family member can put their popcorn bowl together to enjoy the fun.

My kids enjoyed playing this game because aside from being Disney fans, the Would You Rather questions always spark an interesting conversation from everyone. So, try this one on your next family trip!

Disney Would You Rather Game

Your favorite games can be purchased in Disney versions, but why spend money when you can download and print this FREE Disney Game?

Print out the cards and laminate them to make them more durable. This Would You Rather Game is an entertaining conversation game and is simple to play. Take turns selecting cards and answering the questions.

Expand upon the game, especially with older children, by letting them tell you why they would choose their answer.

Family game nights are a wonderful time to slow down and connect with your family. Making it a whole experience will increase the fun for everyone.

You will build memories for years no matter how you choose to do the game night.


Other Would You Rather Questions to Try

Want more questions in your Disney Would You Rather game? Here are a few examples:

  1. Would you rather join Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or sail with Captain Hook?
  2. If given the chance, would you want to get whisked away to Peter Pan’s Neverland or visit Cinderella’s beautiful castle?
  3. Would you rather have Cinderella read aloud to you or explore the depths with the Little Mermaid?
  4. If you had to choose, would you rather visit the happiest place on earth or embark on a journey with Peter Pan?

Would You Rather FAQs

How do you play a Would You Rather game?

Would You Rather is a game where players are given a choice between two hypothetical scenarios and must choose which option they prefer. The scenarios can range from silly and fun to thought-provoking and challenging. Players take turns asking questions and making choices, and the game continues until all players have had a turn or a predetermined endpoint has been reached.

Is a Would You Rather game appropriate for all ages?

A “Would You Rather” game can be appropriate for all ages, but the questions and topics should be tailored to the age group playing the game. Some questions may be too complex or mature for younger children. This Disney Would You Rather game is geared for kids of all ages.

How can you make a Would You Rather game more exciting or challenging?

Set a time limit for each player to answer the question. This adds a level of pressure and excitement to the game. After a player has answered a question, ask them to explain why they chose that option. This can lead to interesting discussions and debates.

Disney Printable Game Wrap-Up

I hope you have as much fun playing this Disney Would You Rather game as my family. It’s really easy to play with kids of all ages. And you can play as many times as you like!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.