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Disney Fantasy Dining: 13 Places to Eat on Your Disney Cruise

Disney Fantasy Dining: 13 Places to Eat on Your Disney Cruise

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Planning your first Disney Cruise and want to know all your Disney Fantasy dining options? Here’s a full list of what you can expect!
This Disney Fantasy Dining post was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

I recently had the opportunity to cruise on the Disney Fantasy and it was such an amazing experience. One of the highlights, of course, was all the food. I can’t believe how much I ate!

Most of the Disney Fantasy dining options are totally free. At least, it’s part of the regular cost of the cruise, so there is no added charge.

What I loved about all the restaurants on the Disney Fantasy was that you can order whatever you want and have as much as you want.

Even though the menu is laid out in courses, you can still order what you like, even if it’s multiple entrees. Some of the restaurants serve dinner only while others are open for breakfast and/or lunch.

There are also all kinds of great options for snacks and treats on the Disney Fantasy that you will not want to miss, even though some of them do cost more.

Keep scrolling to find out about all your Disney fantasy dining options including room service, rotational dining, meals with Disney characters, and more!

Best Places to Eat on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Character Dining

First, there’s Character Dining. There is one experience that includes characters and that’s the Royal Court Royal Tea which costs $220 per child and $69 per adult.

This princess tea party is full of fun activities and a gift bag full of goodies. It’s expensive, but you do get great value from the experience and the gifts.

Special Dinners on Disney Fantasy

Animator’s Palate

Animator’s Palate is different on every Disney cruise ship, so if you have been there before, it might not be as you experienced it on the Disney Fantasy.

In this version, Crush converses with dining guests and kids can bring their own drawings to life. This Disney Fantasy Dining is part of the cost of your cruise.


Palo is an adults-only Italian restaurant that charges passengers $45 per person to enjoy a prix-fixe dinner. There is a dress code to dine at Palo.

Disney Fantasy Dining: Where to Eat on Your Disney Cruise, tips featured by top US Disney blogger, Marcie and the Mouse: Kobe beef with turnip and potato gratin, served with thyme jus. Chef Arnaud Lallement, Remy (Matt Stroshane, photographer)
Kobe beef with turnip and potato gratin, served with thyme jus at Remy. Photo credit: Matt Stroshane

My husband and I decided to splurge and do Palo on our last Disney Cruise and we still talk about how delicious it was! We highly recommend booking a table there!

While Palo is available on all Disney Cruise Ships, the Disney Fantasy also has Remy, an even finer restaurant from two award-winning chefs.


The French restaurant offers three distinct experiences. The Remy Champagne Brunch is $75 per person. There is also a $60 Remy dessert experience. Dinner is $125 per person.

Saint Pierre
Chorizo Espuma, Carotte Epicée
John Dory with Chorizo Espuma and Spicy Carrot Mousse
Chef Arnaud Lallement
Remy, Disney Dream
Preston Mack, photographer
John Dory with Chorizo Espuma and Spicy Carrot Mousse. Photo credit: Preston Mack

It’s important to book reservations in advance if you want to dine at Palo or Remy.

If you aren’t able to reserve a table, they do hold some open tables for the cruise. When you get on board, head to the restaurant first to try again for an opening.

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    Disney Fantasy Dining Options

    Disney Fantasy Dining includes four other restaurants to experience during your cruise.


    Cabanas is the buffet that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every Disney ship has Cabanas.

    Since Disney always has a theme and a story behind what it does, it should be no surprise that there is an original inspiration behind the design of this restaurant which is made to evoke the feeling of a stroll on an Australian boardwalk promenade.

    Two huge mosaic walls based on the Disney•Pixar animated feature “Finding Nemo” are showcased in Cabanas casual-dining restaurant on the Disney Dream. Created for Disney Dream by Italian artists, each wall is more than 25 feet wide and more than 8 feet high and contains approximately 194,500 tiles in 200 colors of hand-crafted Venetian enamel. A team of nine artists created the mosaics based on Pixar designs depicting the underwater world of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and characters featured in the motion picture, such as Nemo and Squirt, pictured here. (Kent Phillips, photographer)
    Two huge mosaic walls based on the Disney•Pixar animated feature “Finding Nemo” are showcased in Cabanas casual-dining restaurant. Photo credit: Kent Phillips

    The greatest feature of the themed decor is the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook vast seascapes. If you’re asking yourself, “why Australia?” consider P. Sherman from Sydney.

    A 30′ Mozaic adds a Disney touch to the dining room with a scene depicting the Pixar classic Finding Nemo.

    Animator’s Palate

    The first rotational restaurant I want to highlight is Animator’s Palate, which I mentioned earlier. This was our favorite restaurant because the screens keep the kids entertained throughout dinner.

    Enchanted Garden

    A bright, airy, and elegant Enchanted Garden offers a Disney Fantasy dining experience, which is only available on one other ship, the Dream.

    Pan-Seared Seabass in Enchanted Garden on the Disney Dream (Preston Mack,  photographer)
    Pan-Seared Seabass in Enchanted Garden. (Preston Mack, photographer)

    Scenic Frescoes are enhanced and altered by an ever-changing light pattern, bringing the ambiance of daytime, sunset, and evening.

    Royal Palace

    This rotational restaurant on the Disney Fantasy is matched only by the Royal Palace. This dining area takes all kinds of inspiration from Disney classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Sleeping Beauty.

    Royal Palace on the Disney Dream is an elegant restaurant inspired by the classic Disney films “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty.” Splendid décor includes essential elements from each fairy tale such as tiaras, glass slippers, roses and apples. With meticulous attention to detail, many of the restaurant’s features are modeled precisely from the classic films. (Jimmy DeFlippo, photographer)
    Royal Palace is an elegant restaurant inspired by the classic Disney films “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty.” Photo credit: Jimmy DeFlippo

    There are even details in the floor plan columns and railing that faithfully recreate the Ballroom scene in Cinderella.

    Disney Fantasy Juice Bar

    You may be aware that the Disney Fantasy has a Senses Spa. This is available to all guests for an additional charge, whether you want to use it for fitness, or relaxation.

    One feature of the Senses Spa is the Senses Juice Bar which is not included in the price of your cruise.

    It is, however, an excellent place to refresh and replenish with freshly blended beverages from fruits and vegetables.

    Additional fees depend on what you order at the Juice Bar, just as they would with cocktails in the ship’s lounges.

    Snacks on Disney Fantasy

    The restaurants in the Disney Fantasy dining rotation and the fine dining options for brunch and dinner, provide way more than enough food.

    You can eat as much as you want, so why on Earth are there snacks on the ship? There are, though!

    Disney Fantasy Dining: Where to Eat on Your Disney Cruise, tips featured by top US Disney blogger, Marcie and the Mouse: Sweet on You ice cream shop on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship
    Sweet on You sweet shop. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

    Sweet Treats

    Not only that, they treat shops like Sweet on You, Frozone, Eye Scream are really good. As if the Disney Cruise Line restaurants weren’t indulgent enough, the snack counters and treat shops push it over the edge in a fun way that you should consider exploring during some part of your stay on the ship.

    Flo’s Cafe

    Flo’s Cafe is a Cars inspired quick service location that’s outdoors and features three types of food based on characters from the film. Here you will find Luigi’s Pizza, Mater’s Grill, and Filmore’s Favorites.

    For ice cream, you have to go to Eye Scream, Frozone Treats, or Sweet on You. These places take inspiration from Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, and Mickey & Minnie Mouse respectively.

    Sweet on You has the best variety of candy, gelato, and other Disney-inspired treats, including a massive sundae, served in a souvenir cup. This particular sweet shop is only found on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.


    Preludes is the concessions stand near the Walt Disney Theater. The extravagant playhouse is for Broadway-caliber performances and uses 3D at Sea technology that transforms the entire theater into an immersive environment.

    You can stop at Preludes for cookies, candy, popcorn, or even cocktails before the show, or be tended to by the Disney wait staff inside the theater.

    As with the shops for sweets and treats, Preludes charges additional fees for their offerings.

    Room Service on the Disney Fantasy

    We took advantage of room service a few times during our last trip. It makes life so much easier with kids when they are wiped.

    One Disney cruise tip I learned from friends is that you can order Mickey Mouse ice cream bars via room service!

    Disney Fantasy Restaurants FAQs

    What are the three main dining restaurants on the Disney Fantasy?

    The three main dining restaurants on the Disney Fantasy are:

    Animator’s Palate

    This restaurant features a colorful, interactive animation-themed decor and serves Pacific Rim cuisine.

    Enchanted Garden

    This restaurant has a garden-inspired decor and serves a variety of American and European dishes.

    Royal Court

    This restaurant has a regal decor inspired by classic Disney princesses and serves French-inspired cuisine.

    These restaurants are part of the rotational dining system, which means that guests rotate between the three restaurants throughout their cruise, allowing them to experience each one.

    What are the dining rotations on the Disney Fantasy?

    The dining rotations on the Disney Fantasy are part of Disney Cruise Line’s rotational dining system, which allows guests to experience different main dining restaurants throughout their cruise.

    The rotational dining system allows guests to experience different restaurants and menus throughout their cruise, while still having the same waitstaff each night.

    I know it sounds confusing, but it makes a lot more sense when you’re on the ship.

    The system ensures that guests have a variety of dining options and experiences, while also providing a sense of consistency and personalization with their dining service.

    Is there a buffet on Disney Fantasy?

    Yes, there is a buffet-style restaurant on the Disney Fantasy called Cabanas. Located on Deck 11, Cabanas serves breakfast and lunch in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

    At breakfast, guests can enjoy a variety of hot and cold breakfast dishes, including eggs, bacon, pastries, fruit, and more. At lunch, Cabanas offers a selection of salads, sandwiches, soups, and other dishes.

    In addition to the buffet-style dining, Cabanas also offers outdoor seating with beautiful views of the ocean, as well as a beverage station with a selection of soft drinks, teas, and coffee.

    What is NOT included on the Disney Fantasy?

    While many amenities and activities are included in the cost of a Disney Fantasy cruise, there are some things that are not included. These can include:

    Alcoholic beverages

    While non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, coffee, and tea are included in the cost of the cruise, alcoholic beverages are not included and must be purchased separately.

    Specialty dining

    While the main dining restaurants and Cabanas buffet are included in the cost of the cruise, there are additional specialty dining options on board that require an additional fee, such as Palo and Remy.

    Spa and salon services

    Services at the Senses Spa and Salon, including massages, facials, and hair treatments, are not included in the cost of the cruise.

    Shore excursions

    While Disney Cruise Line offers a variety of shore excursions at each port of call, these activities are not included in the cost of the cruise.


    While gratuities for dining and stateroom staff are automatically added to your onboard account, they are not included in the initial cost of the cruise and should be budgeted for separately.

    Overall, it’s important to budget for these additional expenses when planning and booking a Disney Fantasy cruise, to ensure that you can enjoy all that the ship has to offer without unexpected expenses.

    Disney Cruise Line Dining Wrap Up

    Now you know all the restaurants that are included in the price of your cruise as well as a few fine dining options that aren’t.

    Whether you want a vintage ice cream parlor, to dine with Disney Princesses, experience some animation magic, or just want to enjoy a table service meal, we’ve got you covered!

    Looking for more Disney Cruise travel resources? Check out the top Castaway Cay activities, things to do on the Disney Fantasy, how to pin trade on a Disney cruise, and must-have Disney cruise experiences for kids!

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