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Christmas Bucket List for Families

Christmas Bucket List for Families

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Are you staying home this holiday season but still want to do some festive activities? Keep scrolling for a totally do-able Christmas Bucket List for families that your kids will love!
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A Holiday Season Bucket List for families can create long-lasting memories for years to come.

With the holidays right around the corner, there is no better time than the present to start creating your Christmas Bucket list.

Planning your Holiday Season Bucket list can be a fun experience. Especially if you involve the entire family in the planning process.

So gather some writing materials, sit down, and create a fun Christmas Bucket list together. 

What is a Holiday Season Bucket List? 

A Holiday Season Bucket List can be as long or as short as you desire. It is an itemized list of goals or activities you wish to achieve over the holidays.

A Christmas Bucket List can help you create long-lasting memories and traditions that the entire family can enjoy. 

A Holiday Bucket List can have almost anything you desire on it. Creating your bucket list for the holidays can also help you to get into the festive spirit. So, get creative and enjoy the process. 

Indoor Christmas Bucket List Ideas for Families 

While you can absolutely choose your own indoor items to add to your Holiday Bucket List, there are a few ideas that can give you some inspiration. Choose the items that work best for your family.

Decorate a Gingerbread House 

Get a store-bought kit or make your own gingerbread, and decorate a house. This is a festive Christmas Bucket List idea that is sure to be enjoyable, and delicious.

Making a gingerbread house should be on your Christmas bucket list! Image of Gingerbread house on a festive Christmas snow background.

If you want to get even more creative, make it into a competition where each family member decorates their own house. The winner gets to choose the next activity. 

Write and Mail Letters to Santa

Sit down as a family and write letters to Santa together. Check out How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus and download some FREE Christmas Printables to make sure your family’s letters are the best ever this year. 

Watch Christmas Movies

Watching Christmas Movies is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Get cozy with some snacks and comfy warm jammies and settle in to watch your favorites.

Your holiday bucket list should include watching Christmas movies! Image of A young mother and her little daughter, dressed in Santa Claus hats, are watching movies and eating popcorn while sitting on the couch at home. Christmas concept

My kids are HUGE fans of the Christmas Chronicles movies on Netflix, as well as modern classics like Elf.

Whether you choose to watch Holiday classics, new movies, or a mixture of both, you are sure to have a cozy day together. 

Make DIY Christmas Ornaments

Make your tree even more festive by making your own ornaments as a family. In fact, you can make this a new tradition that you participate in every year.

Image of a DIY Reindeer ornament

DIY Reindeer Ornaments with Wood Slices make for an amazing addition to any Christmas tree. Making your own ornaments is a great item to add to your Christmas bucket list this year. 

Make Your Own Christmas Countdown 

Counting down the days until Christmas is a fantastic way to get into the spirit of the season. Make your own Christmas Countdown with your family.

10 Festive Ways to Countdown til Christmas + FREE Christmas Countdown Printable featured by top Seattle lifestyle blogger, Marcie in Mommyland

You can add virtually anything to it that helps get your family excited for the Holidays. This is a great way to create long-lasting memories with those you love. 

Get a Picture with Santa

While this tradition normally applies to just the kids, consider getting a family photo with Santa this year.

Head to your local mall and get a cute snapshot with Santa Claus. This can also double as your Christmas Card photo. 

Sometimes there are even other options. We took photos with the Grinch last year!

Make Christmas Paper Crafts 

When the weather outside is frightful, stay indoors and make some crafts. Crafting together as a family can be such a fun and memorable experience.

Red Truck with Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial, a Christmas Crafts featured by top Seattle lifestyle blogger, Marcie in Mommyland

You can even use some of the crafts you make as gifts to give to neighbors, teachers, and more.

There are several different Christmas Paper Crafts that you can make to make the season bright. 

Do Some Christmas Baking 

Baking as a family can be such a fun experience for everyone involved. Make your favorite Christmas cookies and decorate them together.

Smiling mother taking cookies out of the oven in the kitchen

You can even have everyone choose their own favorite recipe and have a Christmas Bake Off.

No matter what you choose, Santa is sure to enjoy the treats on Christmas eve. 

Have a Christmas Party 

Nothing gets people into the Christmas spirit quite like a fun Christmas Party. Choose a theme and host a party with friends or family to welcome the season of giving.

Cute little girl in handmade Christmas sweater and hat with party glasses on white background

An Ugly Christmas sweater party is always a blast and will create memories that will last forever. Just don’t forget to take plenty of photos. 

Make a Christmas Playlist 

Gather together as a family and create a Christmas Playlist with songs that everyone enjoys. Then, have a Christmas dance party in the living room.

Image of a man wearing a Christmas sweater listening to music on headphones

Whether you choose Christmas classics or newer releases, your Christmas Playlist will give you plenty of fun songs to choose from and dance to. 

Make Hot Chocolate

The holiday season isn’t complete without sipping some delicious hot chocolate. There are many fun variations of hot chocolate that you can make.

Red mug with hot chocolate with melted marshmallow snowman

You could even set up a hot cocoa bar. Include items like festive creamers, sprinkles, candy canes, etc.

No matter what you choose, don’t forget the marshmallows and whipped cream. 

Wear Matching Christmas Jammies 

Family Christmas Jammies make for a festive experience. Put on your favorite matching Christmas pajamas and make a day out of it.

Whether you settle in by the fire and snuggle or take fun Christmas photos, you are sure to make memories. 

Do a Random Act of Kindness

A random act of kindness is a great way to make someone else’s holiday season bright and merry.

Volunteering is a great family Christmas tradition. Image of Little girl and her grandmother are donating a Christmas charity box in their local supermarket.

Whether you donate food to a family in need, pay for someone’s food in the drive-thru, or volunteer at a soup kitchen, the Christmas spirit will be instantly instilled within your family. 

Make an Indoor Winter Wonderland

Decorating for Christmas can be such a fun experience when everyone is involved. This year, why not create an indoor winter wonderland?

Christmas decorations on mantelpiece on white wall background

Gather up as many decorations as you can. From lights to table decor, to trees and pillow coverings, you can make your home look super festive.

You can even get mini faux Christmas trees the kids can decorate in their rooms! 

Go to a Christmas Concert

Check your local listings for Christmas Concerts near you and go enjoy one with the entire family.

Whether you are taking in some beautiful Christmas music or watching a play, a Christmas Concert is a great way to enjoy the holiday season. 

Outdoor Christmas Bucket List Ideas for Families 

There are several activities you can do outdoors this holiday season. No matter where you live, or what the weather is like, there are always outdoor experiences to enjoy. Add some fun outdoor adventures to your Holiday Bucket list this year. 

Go Ice Skating 

Ice skating is a great way to spend some time together with your family. Whether you are learning together or avid skaters, you are sure to enjoy your time together on the rink.

Kids ice skating in winter park rink. Children ice skate on Christmas fair. Little girl with skates on cold day. Snow outdoor fun for child. Winter sports. Xmas family vacation with kid.

If you don’t have skates, many rinks offer rentals. Bundle up, bring some hot chocolate and hit the ice. 

Attend a Tree Lighting Ceremony  

Many different cities and towns offer tree-lighting ceremonies. Attending a local tree lighting ceremony can be a fun way to engage in your community and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Get dressed up in your warmest clothing, drink lots of hot chocolate and enjoy the beauty of a tree lighting ceremony. 

Go Tobogganing or Tubing

Tobogganing is a great way to celebrate the holidays. If you live in an area that gets enough snow, you can have a blast locally. Grab your sled and head to the closest snow-covered hill.

Boy and girl sliding down the hill on tubing sleds outdoors, winter day, ride down the hills, winter games and fun

If you live in an area that doesn’t get much snow, check out snow tubing parks near you and make a day out of it. 

Go Caroling 

Caroling is a fun way to involve your community in your bucket list. You can either employ some neighbors to join you, or just go as a family.

Prepare some of your favorite Christmas songs and walk through your community singing them. This is sure to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Visit a Christmas Market 

Christmas Markets have become extremely popular these days. Check out a local Christmas market near you.

Traditional Christmas market with handmade souvenirs, Andlau, Alsace, France

Many of them take place outdoors and have beautiful decorations, local crafters, and delicious festive foods to try. You can even get some of your Christmas shopping done. 

Go on a Lighting Walk 

Pack up some hot chocolate and take a stroll around your neighborhood. This is a fantastic opportunity to check out the lights and beautiful decorations your community has to offer. Just don’t forget to dress warmly. 

Holiday Bucket List Ideas Wrap Up

When it comes to creating a Holiday Season Bucket List for Families, the sky’s the limit. There are many different things that you can add to your Christmas Bucket List.

Whether you choose to do indoor activities, outdoor activities, or a combination of both, you are sure to be feeling extremely festive once the bucket list is completed. 

Just remember, your bucket list can be curated to exactly what works for your family. There is no such thing as too many or too few activities that can be added.

Create a Christmas Bucket List that works for you, without adding stress to an already busy season. 

Looking for more Christmas content? Find out how to DIY your Christmas photos, best Christmas traditions that don’t cost a dime, and get my free Christmas matching game printable!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.