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Want to know how to write a letter to Santa Claus? Keep scrolling for tips and to print these Christmas stamps and envelopes for Santa letter writing.
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My kids just finished writing their letters to Santa. Usually, we do this at the Macy’s store in Downtown Seattle while we do our annual Seattle Christmas events.

However, this year is different. All our usual activities are canceled and we’re trying to figure out new ways to keep the Christmas magic alive for our kids.

Of course, one of the best Christmas traditions is writing a real letter to Santa.

After talking with my kids, we came up with some tips to help other kids write their own letter to Santa.

Kid Tips to Write a Letter to Santa Claus

1. Always use a greeting

You can write “Dear Santa Claus” or ” To Santa” or even address it “Dear St. Nick.”

2. Introduce Yourself

Even though Santa knows who you are, it’s always helpful to have a little reminder.

The best Santa letters offer a bit of background information about who you are and why you are writing to Santa.

Make sure to say your name, how old you are, the city/town you live in, and anything else you want him to know.

3. Don’t just write a list of toys you want

When you’re writing your Santa letter, make sure to talk about nice things you’ve done this year (like how you’ve helped someone.)

You can include Christmas wishes for friends and family, too.

You can even ask Santa a question or two and he might respond!

And when you’re ready to include your Christmas list to Santa, be sure to make it clear which item is the priority and be polite about it.

Use this awesome Letter to Santa template if you aren’t sure what to write.

4. Thank Santa

As you close your letter to Santa, it’s always nice to say thank you or wish him luck on his long Christmas Eve ride.

You can even say hi to the reindeer or elves, too!

5. Write as legibly as you can

When you have something important to write (like your letter to Santa), it’s vital that you write slowly and carefully to make sure each word is clear.

And, read your letter aloud to your grown up just to make sure everything makes sense.

6. Draw a picture

If you don’t know how to write yet, you can always draw a picture for Santa. He loves that and will know what you are talking about.

Be sure to show your picture to your grown up and explain what your picture is about before sending it off.

7. Send it off

There are actually a few different ways you can send your letter to Santa Claus.

Of course, you can always give it to your grown up to send for you. That’s the easiest way.

Or you can toss it in the fireplace (with the help of your grown up.) This is a magical way to do it if you’re in a hurry.

You never know, you might get a response in the mail or a letter from Santa on Christmas morning!

Free Christmas Printable Envelopes & Decorative Stamps

Once your kids have done their Santa letter writing or drawn their picture for Santa, it’s time to put it in a super special envelope to send it to the North Pole.

Click HERE to Download These Christmas Stamps & Envelopes

Free printable Christmas envelope for a letter to Santa. Image of an unfolded Merry Christmas envelope

What’s cool about these envelopes is that you can also use them to send letters/pictures to friends and family this holiday season.

They are perfect for surprising a grandparent or dropping one off with your neighbors!

Free printable Christmas envelope that's pink. Image of a pink, unfolded printable Christmas envelope

This is another option for a Santa stationary printable, which I think is my personal favorite. I love the traditional Airmail look with the red and blue stripes!

And it’s an adorable letter from Santa envelope.

Free printable Christmas stamps to put on a letter to Santa. Image of decorative printable Christmas stamps

Of course, your letter to Santa isn’t complete without the right stamps.

These ones are super cute and perfect for decorating the envelopes.

While they don’t work in the U.S. mail on their own (you’ll need an official U.S. stamp to do that), they are perfect for sending letters via the fireplace or for leaving with a plate of cookies on Christmas Eve!

Or you can have your grown up follow these instructions to mail it directly to the North Pole.

Click HERE to Download These Christmas Stamps & Envelopes

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