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Looking to make Christmas breakfast extra special with your kids this year? Use these printable Christmas placemats to color to give them something to do as they eat!
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Making Christmas breakfast with your kids this year can be a truly special experience.

Use these printable Christmas placemats to color to give them something to do as they eat!

One of the reasons my kids always beg to eat out at restaurants during Christmas (or any time of year) is because they are obsessed with the activities on the kids’ menus.

So, this year, I thought I’d surprise them by printing our own Christmas activity placemats to use for Christmas morning breakfast!

It’s such an easy way to turn a regular breakfast into an extra special breakfast they will remember!

You can get started right away by clicking HERE and downloading your free printables. Then you’ll be ready for a fun morning that will have everyone excited about eating their favorite holiday meal together.

This would also be great if you’re looking for some new ways to keep your little ones busy while you finish up cooking or cleaning up from dinner last night.

They won’t even realize how much time has passed when they’re so focused on coloring in the adorable characters or working on Christmas activities!

Click HERE now and download your free printables so you can start making memories that will last forever with your family this holiday season!

Your children will love it, and it doesn’t take long at all – just a few minutes after sitting down at the table.

Christmas Activity Ideas FAQs

What are some other Christmas Day activity ideas?

For a fun Christmas Eve activity or Christmas morning activity, you can decorate gingerbread houses or Christmas cookies. If you have snow, you can build a snowman, an ice fort, or have a snowball fight.

What can you do at home for Christmas?

There are plenty of ways to have a magical Christmas at home. You can read Christmas books together, sing Christmas carols, have a Christmas movie marathon, do some holiday baking, make your own Christmas decorations, and trim your tree.

What do families do on Christmas Eve?

If you’re looking to start some new Christmas traditions, Christmas Eve is a great place to start. You can drive to see Christmas lights, play a family game, wear matching Xmas jammies, or open a special gift.

Christmas Placemats to Color This Year

Out of all the free Christmas activities printables I’ve seen, this one is definitely one of the cutest.

Print a bunch of these free printable Christmas placemats and bring them over to your next Christmas party or big family dinner.

They are perfect for the kid’s table!

Click here to download this Printable Christmas Activity Mat
Free Christmas activity mat for kids by top Seattle blog Marcie in Mommyland

These printable Christmas activity placemats are geared for younger kids and it’s actually perfect for my 1st grader. He should be able to do the word search now that he can read.

My preschooler will still have fun coloring and trying his best. And he might ask his older brother to play Tic Tac Toe with him.

We’re all about finding small ways to keep the magic alive during the Christmas season! And these printable Christmas activities make it so easy!

Click here to download this Printable Christmas Activity Mat

Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Looking to make Christmas breakfast extra special with your kids this year?

Why not surprise them in the morning by whipping up some festive holiday waffles! You can add green and red sprinkles to your waffle batter.

You can also do a more traditional breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. We usually also throw in some mini pancakes for something sweet.

Our family loves making Hawaiian malasadas as a special Christmas morning breakfast treat. They are big fluffy donuts covered in cinnamon and sugar. Yum!

Christmas Activity Placemat Wrap Up

If you’ve been looking for some Christmas breakfast ideas, we have just the thing! Just add some printable Christmas kids activities on the table and your kids will love it!

These cute paper placemats will make mealtime more fun. You can download these free printable Christmas placemats and share them with your friends and family too.

We also have tons of other holiday content to get excited about like these Santa envelope and stamp printables that are perfect for kids this season. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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