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7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips

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Wondering how to store Christmas decorations so they won’t break? Keep scrolling to find out my top Christmas decoration storage ideas and solutions!
This post about Christmas decoration storage ideas was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

Are you taking down your Christmas tree soon? You’re on the right page because this article will give you easy Christmas ornament storage ideas you never thought you’d need.

If a few extra minutes are spent preparing Christmas decorations for storing at this time, when the lights and ornaments are removed from storage next Christmas, there won’t be a tangled or broken mess that causes blood pressure to rise.

This guide will show you how to store all of your holiday decorations in an organized way so it is easy to find them again next year. It’s easier than ever before!

Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste by not properly storing your Christmas decorations!

Use these genius tips this year when taking down Christmas decorations so it’s easier on you in 2023. You’ll thank yourself later!

Scroll down now for more information about how to easily store your holiday decor without hassle!

If you are looking specifically for how to store Christmas ornaments, I have a full post about it!

Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips featured by top Seattle lifestyle blogger, Marcie in Mommyland

Christmas Storage Ideas FAQs

What are the best ideas for storing wreaths?

To prevent your fragile Christmas wreaths from getting damaged in storage, it’s smart to invest in hard-shell wreath cases. They are easy to stack in your storage area. Alternatively, you could use a wreath bag for sturdy wreaths.

What are the best Christmas tree storage ideas?

The best way to store your artificial Christmas tree is to save the box it came in. If your tree no longer fits in the box or your box is damaged, invest in an inexpensive vinyl tree bag. You can store your tree upright or lay it down flat.

What are the best ornament storage containers?

These Christmas ornament storage boxes have been super helpful for storing ornaments without their original boxes. It’s great for homemade ornaments, too!

Christmas Decorations Storage Ideas and Tips

Designate an Area for Christmas Decoration Storage

Designate one area for Christmas storage to prevent loss or forgetting where treasured Christmas items are located.

A top shelf in a seldom-used closet, an attic or basement corner, the garage, or anywhere that is out of the way yet easily accessible.

This is also the place to store any after-Christmas bargains purchased for the following year.

I like to shove our Christmas storage boxes to the back of our closet, pull out our Valentine’s Day decorations, and ensure our Easter decorations are right up front.

Then, I keep rotating them for each major holiday we decorate.

Don’t have any Christmas storage boxes? These are the ones I’ve used for years, and I love them! Check prices and availability here.

Prevent Breakage of Delicate Christmas Ornaments

If some of the Christmas ornaments are irreplaceable heirlooms, it’s wise to invest in sturdy Christmas containers that have individual slots to prevent ornament breakage.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: Buy a Christmas ornament storage box on Amazon. Image of a box with dividers for Christmas ornaments

Same-sized, lidded containers make staking easy and will take up less storage space.

Wrap all breakable ornaments in tissue paper or bubble wrap before storing them.

Toss the shiny tinsel when removing the Christmas tree ornaments. Tinsel does not hold up well when stored and is inexpensive to replace.

Read all my Christmas ornament storage tips here!

Use Cardboard for Christmas Light and Garland Storage

Pieces of heavy-duty cardboard (like from a cardboard box) cut into rectangular pieces work great for tangle-free storage of Christmas lights and garlands.

Wrap strands of lights and garland around pieces of cardboard to keep them tangle-free.

If you have a lot of outdoor Christmas lights, you might consider investing in a Christmas light storage bag. I think this is one of the smartest Christmas light storage ideas.

They come with metal reels where you can wind the lights to keep them tangle-free. It’s a good job for kids to help you with each year.

Then, they are ready to go for the following year. Anything to save a little stress when putting up Christmas lights in chilly weather is always a win! Check the latest prices here.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: Keep your Christmas lights tangle free with this Christmas light storage bag

Remember always to store Christmas lights indoors where temperatures don’t fluctuate excessively.

Even temperatures and dry conditions will prolong the life of Christmas lights during storage.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

Investing in a vinyl bag designed to hold a Christmas tree will keep the dust off an artificial Christmas tree during storage and keep the tree looking good for several Christmas uses.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: One of the best ways to store artificial Christmas trees is in a bag like this red Christmas tree storage bag.

Christmas tree storage bags come in sizes large enough to accommodate a 10-foot-tall artificial Christmas tree.

Vinyl bags with handles make carrying the tree easy, too. Check the latest prices here.

Store Christmas Wreaths in Separate Boxes

To keep Christmas wreaths from being crushed during storage, pack them away in separate storage boxes.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: Store your Christmas wreaths in plastic wreath boxes like these.

Custom-sized wreath boxes can be purchased, and when the boxes are the same width and depth, stacking and storing are easier.

Label each box with contents and where the contents are usually displayed to make unpacking the Christmas items go faster next year.

Label boxes such as ‘front door wreath,’ ‘wreaths for second-floor windows,’ or ‘garland for mantel’ so that as each box is removed from the storage area, it can be taken directly to its Christmas location.

There are also wreath bags you can get if your wreath isn’t too delicate.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: Store your Christmas wreaths in a red Christmas wreath bag like this one.

These can also be packed inside larger boxes with your other Christmas decorations for extra protection.

How to Store Nutcrackers and Christmas Figurines

My kids and I are pretty obsessed with Christmas nutcrackers. I started my collection before they were born, and now I let them pick new ones every year.

However, now we have so many nutcrackers that it’s hard to keep them all organized.

Many of them came from World Market, and we always pack them away in their original boxes.

But we’ve also bought nutcrackers from other stores that didn’t come in a box.

That’s why it’s handy to have a Christmas figurine storage box.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: Protect your nutcrackers and Christmas figurines in this nutcracker storage container.

It’s also a great spot to put fragile Santa figurines, ceramic Christmas trees, breakable snowmen, and any other Christmas decorations that might get damaged. Having this bag is also a sure way to childproof your home before and after the holidays.

This is also one of the best Christmas Village storage ideas. You just might want to put a few items per slot and stuff tissue paper to separate them.

These Christmas decoration storage boxes have been super helpful over the years.

Keep Christmas Wrapping Paper and Ribbon Together

One of the best investments I made when I moved into my first home was a gift wrap organizer. I’m totally serious.

I went through a phase where I bought TONS of wrapping paper, gift bags, and ribbon for 75% off during the after-Christmas sales. I admit I was borderline addicted.

However, wrapping paper rolls is an awkward size, and finding a good spot to store them is hard.

That’s when I discovered gift wrap organizers that kept all my bargain purchases together and ready for next year.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: Keep all your Christmas wrapping paper and boxes together with this gift wrap organizer

This one is a cool one because you can slide it under a bed if you don’t have enough room to store it with your other Christmas items.

And it’s kind of fun to open it each year and realize all the fun gift wrap you bought on sale!

If you’re short on space, this one is perfect for hanging inside a closet door. That’s what I did in my first apartment!

Holiday Dishes Storage Containers

I know many of us have special Christmas plates or mugs that we bring out during the holidays.

There’s no need to keep them easily accessible the rest of the year, so you might as well put them in storage, right?

You can buy a China storage set from Amazon to keep your dishes protected until next year.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: Keep your Christmas dishes safe in a China storage set

We also have a bunch of Christmas mugs we got on the Polar Express Train Ride over the years. They are perfect for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, but that’s about it.

That’s why this storage box for mugs and teacups is such a great idea.

7 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas and Tips: Store your Christmas mugs in this storage container

That will keep them safe and sound for next Christmas. Plus, it makes them extra special when you only bring them out once a year!

These also work great for Christmas snowglobe storage!

Christmas Decor Storage Ideas Wrap-Up

Now that you know the best storage ideas for Christmas decorations, it’s time to act and pack all of them up safely for the next holiday season.

Pick one of these brilliant Christmas storage solutions and get organized this weekend so that next year, when December rolls around again, you can start decorating your home without stressing about where everything is stored!

Do you love these Christmas decoration storage ideas and are looking for more Christmas content? Find out how to store Christmas ornaments and how to recycle old Christmas cards.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.