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How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips

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Wondering how to store Christmas decorations and ornaments so they won’t break? Keep scrolling to find out my top Christmas ornament storage solutions!
This post about Christmas ornament storage ideas was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung. It may contain affiliate links, meaning if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost. All opinions remain my own.

Let’s be honest: how many broken Christmas trinkets did you find this year when you decorated your tree? Don’t you just wish there was an easy and safe way how to store Christmas ornaments?

I admit I found several broken ornaments in my box this year, and I know it’s because I didn’t pack them properly. Oops!

Usually, I’m much better about taking my time and ensuring all my Christmas accessories are secure before packing them away for next year.

But, last year, my family was battling the flu, and I quickly shoved them all in a plastic tub and crossed my fingers.

I thought I’d be okay since we primarily use soft and shatterproof ornaments to childproof our Christmas tree.

However, I still found paper ornaments that had ripped, soft ornaments with holes in them, and ornament balls missing the top part.

We moved all our Christmas stuff from our basement to the rafters in our garage, which might have been the reason behind some of the broken ornaments.

So, this year, I’m taking my time and going back to packing each ornament carefully to ensure safe Christmas ornament storage.

Keep scrolling to use these simple tips to store fragile Christmas decorations so that nothing gets broken while in storage. 

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips featured by top Seattle lifestyle blogger, Marcie in Mommyland

Best Way to Store Christmas Ornaments FAQs

How do you declutter Christmas ornaments?

Before storing Christmas decorations and ornaments, take a few minutes to check for broken ornaments. If you don’t think they are worth fixing, throw them out. Then, see if you have any ornaments that don’t “spark joy” or no longer match your Christmas tree theme. You can donate these or gift them.

What do you do with too many of them?

If you have a lot of Christmas trinkets (too many for your tree) but aren’t ready to part with them, there are a few creative options. You can add them to a Christmas wreath, hang them from garland on your stairs, put them in a clear vase, or decorate your mantle.

Should you store Christmas decorations in your garage or shed?

You can, as long as they are in an airtight container. We usually use clear plastic tubs with big labels. Avoid using cardboard boxes, as these can get damp and moldy or even allow rodents to chew their way in (ew).

Christmas Ornament Storage Solutions

Use Original Packaging

When you prepare to take your Christmas Tree down this year, use creative ideas to keep your fragile ornaments from breaking in storage before next Christmas.

Many fragile Christmas tree ornaments come in special boxes for store display and safe travel to your home.

Keep these boxes, and store those ornaments safely away in the manufacturer’s packaging.

Collect Shoeboxes

You should also keep a shoebox or other small box in which to store fragile Christmas ornaments.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips: Shoe boxes are perfect for storing Christmas ornaments. Image of Open red shoe box isolated on white with clipping path

If you keep the breakable ornaments in smaller boxes, they are less likely to break while in storage. These smaller boxes can then be placed inside your larger Christmas storage boxes.

The trick is to pack the ornaments tightly in the box so there isn’t room for the ornaments to move around and break.

These are my favorite small boxes to use. I love how sturdy they are to use year after year!

Use Large Boxes or Plastic Totes

If you do not have a Christmas storage box, you can create one with a box that a large gift came in or purchase a plastic tote from Amazon.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips:These plastic totes are perfect for Christmas decoration storage. Image of 6 plastic tote bins

The benefit of having these Christmas ornament storage boxes is that they keep all your decorations and ornaments together in one place, so you can easily find everything you need next December.

While buying this set of 6 plastic bins might seem overkill right now, you’ll probably need more than you originally thought to pack up all your Christmas stuff.

And you’ll want to ensure all your bins are the same brand so the lids can be interchangeable.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to match a bunch of random lids to storage containers! Check the prices of my favorite storage bins here!

How to Store Delicate Christmas Ornaments

Although many ornaments will have their own special box to keep them safe, others do not have this luxury.

Whether you lost the box or never had a box for the ornament, you need to come up with creative packaging ideas to keep these ornaments in one piece for the next Christmas season.

Shred Wrapping Paper

If you save the wrapping paper from Christmas presents, you can shred this paper and use it as packaging for your delicate ornaments.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips: Use leftover wrapping paper to protect your Christmas ornaments. Image of Rolls of Christmas wrapping paper with ribbons, bows and scissors

If you do not have a shredder and do not have the patience to shred the paper by hand, crumple it up and gently pack it around the ornaments.

I don’t recommend using newspapers because the ink can rub off on your ornaments.

Save Tissue Paper

If you tend to get a lot of presents in gift bags, chances are you’ll end up with a lot of tissue paper. The same goes for clothing items.

Set all those aside to reuse them when packing your Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Use Packing Peanuts

If you’re like my family, you probably order many items online.

You can also save the foam peanuts or other packaging materials that came in those packages received in the mail.

We tend to use an empty box to collect all the packing peanuts so it’s in one place when we’re ready to pack things up.

Save Bubble Wrap

Lastly, it doesn’t get much better than bubble wrap to protect your most treasured ornaments.

Make sure to save any bubble wrap that comes in items you buy leading up to Christmas.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips: Use bubble wrap for your Christmas ornament storage. Image of bubble wrap

You can also purchase bubble wrap and cut to fit the exact size of your more fragile ornaments.

This will provide a gentle and safe packaging idea to surround each fragile ornament to keep each memory safe for the next Christmas season.

We have a roll of this bubble wrap that has lasted us for a couple of holiday seasons so far.

Use a Christmas Ornament Storage Box

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips: Buy a Christmas ornament storage box on Amazon. Image of a box with dividers for Christmas ornaments

We own a similar box with shatterproof ornaments I bought at Costco about ten years ago. It’s been such a lifesaver!

It’s great to have a spot for each ornament. I usually wrap each one in leftover tissue paper to keep them extra secure.

And if that box seems too big for your ornaments, there’s also a smaller version.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Like a Pro: Safe & Easy Tips: Use this Christmas ornament storage box for small ornaments. Image of a box with sliding drawers to store Christmas ornaments.

This one is perfect for your smaller ornaments. And the drawer feature is really cool, so you can easily find your ornaments next year.

Another idea for people who have difficulty finding what they are looking for is this clear Christmas storage box.

I like that you can sort your ornaments into sections.

So, you could put a bunch of soft ornaments in one area, paper in another, and then wrap breakable ornaments for the other sections.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments Wrap-Up

As you pack up your Christmas decorations this year, be sure to pack gently and carefully so that each fragile ornament and decoration will survive until the next Christmas season.

If there are broken ornaments or otherwise damaged decorations, take the time to throw them away now instead of packing them for next year.

Also, you may want to consider decors that don’t break, like a printable Christmas countdown instead!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.