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20 Best Disney Valentine Gifts for Moms

20 Best Disney Valentine Gifts for Moms

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Are you needing to find a Valentine’s Gift for a mom who LOVES Disney? Keep scrolling for the cutest Disney Valentine gifts for moms!
This list of Disney Valentine gifts was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

When Valentine’s Day is approaching, there’s a lot of pressure to get just the right gift, especially for Mom. But if she’s a Disney fan, I’ve got you covered with these cute, adorable Disney Valentine gifts that are perfect for her.

Most people’s ideas of romance don’t usually go right to Disney, but if you think about it, Disney movies introduced many people to the very idea of romance.

If the woman in your life, spouse or Mom, is a Disney fan, it’s actually some perfect serendipity.

All sorts of Disney Valentine’s Day gifts are great for Valentine’s Day. This list will help you sort through them to pick the right thing.

20 Best Disney Valentine Gifts for Moms

What are the Best Disney Wearable Gifts?

Disney is a master of the wearable gift. For years, they’ve pioneered forms of wearable tech with their Magic Bands. Of course, Disney also has loads of other wearable items to choose from.

There are loads of Disney Valentin gifts available. Here are some ideas to give you a little direction.

From Him

First, this classic shirt that pictures Mickey and Minnie facing away while Mickey puts his arm around Minnie.

It’s an understated classic love image, but anyone can tell where it’s coming from. The Disney Valentine’s Mickey Minnie Love Hug T-Shirt is perfect for the woman who doesn’t like to go too over the top.

This next one’s a little bit more blatant, but what’s wrong with that? If you aren’t ashamed to tell people how you feel about her, this shirt will make that totally clear.

The Disney Mickey & Minnie I Love Us Valentine’s Day Retro T-Shirt features every Disney fan’s favorite couple, an explosion of candy hearts, and the slogan “I love us.” Let her know how you feel loud and proud. 

If you want something unique, check out this cute, albeit dark, Jack and Sally T-shirt. I find this Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally shirt a unique Valentine’s Day gift because it doesn’t look all cheesy but still has a touch of romance on it.

The last entry coming from him really packs a punch. With an “if you know, you know” sentiment, the Disney Pixar Up Valentine’s Day Carl And Ellie Balloons T-Shirt is a nice, romantic scene for the casual observer.

But anyone who’s seen Up knows the bittersweet love story behind it, possibly the most affecting one Disney has ever told.

From the Kids

And from the kids, there is this Disney Snow White Moms Are The Fairest Poster Premium T-Shirt.

Another one with a simple art style, the sentiment really expresses it all.  Obviously, you can’t get fairer than a mom. Plus, a little buttering up never hurts.

Of all the kids in Mrs. Potts’ cupboard, you could tell that she favored Chip the most.

Kids can buy this Disney Beauty and the Beast Chip Mrs. Potts Best Mom Ever T-shirt for two reasons. It is important to let everyone know who the best mom is and subtly advertise which kid Mom favors the most. 

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Disney Valentine Cards

Of course, nothing says Valentine’s Day like a really thoughtful card. Whether it’s an elegant and charming one for a special mom in your life or something to really show the apple of your eye just how special she is.

A good, well-chosen card can communicate a lot of feelings. Whether it’s a classic Hallmark card or something a little more modern, you can’t go wrong with these Disney gifts for Valentine’s Day.

From Him

If she’s the ultimate Disney mom, the Hallmark Disney Valentine’s Day Card is perfect. It features multiple of the most famous Disney couples. She’ll be delighted at the references and the sentiments expressed in each one. 

This is a really pretty, fairly simple card, but it’s a surefire hit. This Hallmark Disney Valentine’s Day Card for Significant Other has an elegant design but is still quite eye-catching.

And on the inside, it states, “Next to you is my happy place.” Let her know where you’d like to be this Valentine’s Day. 

Moving past Hallmark for a moment, the Lovepop Disney’s Mickey Mouse Colorful Blooms Bouquet is definitely not the same old card.

Lovepop makes intricate popup cards that you won’t believe that all that is stored in a simple card. This card opens to a Disney Valentine’s bouquet with Mickey hiding in the back and peeking out. Mickey Mouse is surrounded by beautiful paper flowers.

Give her an entire bouquet inside a single card. It’s sure to surprise and delight her. You can’t do better with Mickey Mouse Valentine’s Day gifts.

From the Kids

Kids can get on board the Lovepop train, as well. This adorable Lovepop “I Lava You” Pop-Up Card will make Mom smile.

It features a scene from the classic Pixar short inspired by Israel “Iz” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Another one that will make Mom smile is this Hallmark Star Wars Valentine’s Day Card, which comes with an adorable backpack clip.

The clip is of Grogu from the Mandalorian. But let’s face it, Mom will call him Baby Yoda. And she’ll love her Baby Yoda clip.

If she’s a big Star Wars fan, you might get more gift ideas here: 27 Incredible Star Wars Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love

Disney Décor Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Another great option is Disney décor gifts. She may have a specific theme, so you’ll want to pay attention to what she has in the house and try to pick something that blends well with it.

While this might seem like a risk, getting it right will really knock this Valentine’s Day out of the park. Décor items make great Disney Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

From Him

Another one featuring that really impactful couple, the Carl and Ellie You and Me We Got This Tin Signs, shows just how good you two are together.

Plus, if she’s into vintage décor, this will fit right in, and she’s certain to love it. 

Jim Shore is an artist who creates adorable figurines. He has original works as well as figures based on existing characters.

The Jim Shore Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sitting on Heart Figurine is a perfect ornament for her. And every time she looks at it, she’ll think of you.

From the Kids

Disney Valentine’s flowers are a really cute option for her. Add a little green to the room with the Mickey Mouse 3-inch Ceramic Mini Planter with Artificial Succulent.

The best part is the succulent is artificial, so she doesn’t have to worry about caring for it or keeping it alive. 

Another Jim Shore option, the Tigger Heartfelt Hug Figurine, shows the favorite Tigger hugging a large heart. It’s cute and a perfect fit for a gift from a child. It will make her smile for sure.

You could even collaborate with your child, buy Mickey and Minnie from you, and get the Tigger from them.

Disney Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Of course, Valentine’s Day is not really Valentine’s Day without chocolate. That doesn’t mean you have to stray away from the Disney theme, though.

Disney has plenty of options for the chocolate lover, and there’s certain to be something that fits right in with her tastes. Chocolate is essential in any list of Disney Valentine gift ideas. 

From Him

The first option is perfect if she enjoys vintage décor and such. This one would be perfect if she went for the metal sign listed above.

Plus, the Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Heart Candy Gift Tin can be kept as a souvenir afterward. 

Next up, we have a bit of a DIY option. Pick up this fancy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box to hook her up with some really quality chocolates.

Then, to bring the Disney factor in, pick up this Disney Luggage Tag and fix it to the front of the box. And again, keep the tag to use after the chocolates are gone. 

From the Kids

This is a unique option for a child. It’s a hot chocolate meltaway that she can drop in her hot chocolate for a burst of flavor.

The Disney Mickey Mouse Milk Chocolate Heart Bomb is something that any Disney mom would love, and then the child can have hot chocolate with Mom, which is always a good time. 

Finally, there is the classic heart-shaped box. The Disney Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Day Heart Gift Box is always a good way to go.

Sometimes, sticking to the classics is the best route, and it’s good to keep things simpler when coming from a child.  

Disney Valentine Plush 

Our last entry is another Valentine’s Day classic: the stuffed animal or plushie. There’s nothing like a gift that she can hug any time she feels the need.

This very cute Disney Minnie Mouse plush is all dressed up for Valentine’s Day. If she’s into Minnie Mouse Valentine’s Day gifts, she will love it.

Disney Valentine Gifts for Moms Wrap-Up

So, there are all sorts of great options for Disney lovers on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are shopping for your partner or parent, Disney gifts cater to a wide range of tastes in the Disney arena.

Choose a couple of options or pick something from each category to really show her how you feel. Either way, she will love all of her Disney-themed Valentine’s gifts.

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