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LEGOLAND for Toddlers: Guide to Rides, Activities + Hotels

LEGOLAND for Toddlers: Guide to Rides, Activities + Hotels

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Wondering if there are things to do in LEGOLAND for toddlers? We’ve done it! Keep scrolling to find out the best LEGOLAND toddler rides and things to do with a 2 year old, 3 year old, or 4 year old!

This post about LEGOLAND for toddlers may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

Is LEGOLAND for a 2 Year Old Worth it?

When I told people that we were heading to LEGOLAND California for our family vacation with our 4.5 year old and 2 year old, everyone told me my toddler would be too young to enjoy it. 

That made me really worried. I mean, since my toddler plays with DUPLOs and even LEGOs and loves Disneyland, I figured there would be a ton for him to do.

Thankfully, they were all wrong!

Not only did he enjoy it, but there were so many things he could do! We were there for 2 full days and we never ran out of activities.

So, is LEGOLAND worth it with toddlers? Absolutely!

Keep scrolling for my full LEGOLAND guide with toddlers or preschoolers.

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LEGOLAND Rides for Toddlers

My toddler turned 2 years old one week before our trip to LEGOLAND California and measured 35 inches tall.

So, here are the LEGOLAND rides for 2 year olds. Most are for all heights, but I’ve made a note for the ones where kids need to be at least 34 inches tall.


This ride is listed first purely for alphabetical purposes. It’s located in Pirate Shores and it’s a pirate ship that rotates and swings back and forth.

I didn’t do this ride, but my preschooler did with friends and he loved it! Kids need to be at least 34″ tall.

Insider tip: There’s a good vantage point of this ride around the corner from the entrance if you’d like to watch it or take photos of your toddler doing it with another adult.


My toddler giggled so hard during this ride! Your child will get to pilot a tiny airplane that goes around a narrow oval.

But, the airplane swings quickly around the curves at each end of the oval!

Kids 36″ tall and shorter have to ride with an adult.


This is a really mild ride perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages. In fact, I could have done this one over and over again.

Photo of LEGOLAND for 2 year old Coast Cruise at LEGOLAND California #LEGOLANDCA #LEGO #minilandusa

It was nice to sit back and admire the incredible LEGO creations. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

It’s a large boat and you just cruise around Miniland USA where you’ll see LEGO versions of the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Mt. Rushmore and all kinds of little LEGO details.

This ride reminded me a lot of Jungle Cruise at Disneyland because you’ll have a guide on your boat who makes hilarious deadpan jokes.

I seriously regretted not doing this multiple times because my toddler loved sitting and looking at everything.


Located on Explorer Island, this is kind of like Disneyland’s Storybook Land Canal Boats.

Basically, you float down a stream and see recognizable storybook scenes on the banks.

But, all the characters are medium size and made of LEGOs!

It’s a nice, quiet ride kind of tucked away from the rest of the Park. So, it’s great if your toddler needs a little rest.


This is the newest addition to LEGOLAND California and it’s an awesome spot at LEGOLAND for toddlers!

You hop inside a submarine and cruise under water, where you’ll see a mix of real sea life and LEGO creations.

There are touch screens for everyone with a scavenger hunt on it. Every time you see a LEGO item, you check it off your list.

I think we rode this ride 5 times over the 2 days we were there. Each time you see different fish. It’s one of the best rides at LEGOLAND California!

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So, I wouldn’t say this ride is geared for toddlers, but since there is no minimum height requirement, you can bring your 2 year old.

This is a 4D ride and it’s actually a lot of fun! You kind of do arm motions to send fireballs to defeat the Great Devourer and get ninja points.

Your toddler must be awake to do this ride (our 2 year old fell asleep in line and staff members had us make sure he was completely awake before we could go.)

But, our toddler really got into doing the arm motions and following along!


If you’re looking for the ultimate LEGOLAND ride for a 2 year old, the LEGOLAND Express is it!

Photo of LEGOLAND rides for toddlers, featuring LEGOLAND Express located in DUPLO Playground #LEGOLANDCA #train #duplo

This little train ride is perfect for toddlers at LEGOLAND. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Located in the back of the Duplo Playground, it’s a mini-locomotive that goes in a little circle around a Duplo farm.

The best part about this ride is that you don’t have to do it with them! You just need to stand in line with your toddler and buckle them into the train and then exit.

I did this ride with my toddler once and then sent him a few times on his own. My toddler enjoyed feeling independent and waving bye to me as he took off!


We didn’t do this ride in the Land of Adventure simply because we ran out of time.

Kids need to be at least 30 inches tall, and they get laser blasters to battle mummies, skeletons, snakes and other crazy creatures for the treasure of the Lost Kingdom.


My kids love riding carousels, so it was no surprise that my toddler asked to do this ride several times.

In fact, we rode it a few times when my preschooler was doing roller coasters nearby.

Photo of Mia's Riding Camp, a carousel at LEGOLAND California that's easy for toddlers #LEGOLANDCA #carousel #LEGOFriends

One of the cutest LEGOLAND rides for 2 year olds is Mia’s Riding Camp. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

There are 62 horses on the carousel and a few stationary cars with bench seats.

If you have a toddler, they ask that you stand behind them on their horse and keep your hands on them. In fact, they stamped his hand the last day we rode it that said he needed an adult rider with him.

They didn’t do this the first day and I rode next to both boys on their horses. Make sure to strap your kids onto their horse. And there are stationary horses if your toddler doesn’t want to move up and down.


This was my 2 year old’s favorite ride at LEGOLAND California!

It’s in Explorer Island (across from the Dino Coaster) and you and your toddler hop in a Jeep where you’ll see LEGO animals in the jungle.

Photo of a fun LEGOLAND ride for toddlers at LEGOLAND California #LEGOLANDCA #visitsandiego #familytravel

Toddlers love driving this Jeep around a LEGO safari! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Your toddler can “drive” you around, since they have to ride with an adult. This is another ride for kids 34″ or taller.

The really cool part about this ride is that they have a DUPLO play area right next to the line. Kids are encouraged to play there while their adult waits in line. The whole area is shaded, too!


If your child likes Jungle Safari, they will LOVE Skipper School. Basically, you and your toddler hop in a boat and go in a big loop.

Photo of Skipper School, a fun LEGOLAND ride for toddlers at LEGOLAND California #LEGOLANDCA #themepark #familytravel

My toddler wasn’t the best sea captain, but we survived! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

But, there are no tracks and you have a gas pedal and steering wheel! You’ll definitely need to be in charge of the gas pedal and help your toddler steer the boat!

Kids need to be at least 34″ tall.


Finally, if you are looking for a really mild ride, Sky Patrol is one of the calmest rides we’ve ever been on.

You and your toddler will sit in a helicopter where you can make it (slowly) go up and down and (slowly) spin left or right.

My toddler couldn’t quite reach the joystick, so I did the motions.

Kids need to be at least 34″ tall.

Other LEGOLAND 2 Year Old Activities

What I really like about LEGOLAND for toddlers is that they offer a lot of LEGOLAND things to do that aren’t rides. There are lots of play areas where you can take breaks between rides or just get some energy out.


Located in Fun Town, your family can walk though the Amazon rain forest, ancient Egypt and the icy-cold Arctic.


Depending on your toddler, they may or may not be interested in taking photos with characters. My toddler was totally freaked out!

We didn’t see a ton of characters when we were there, but we did see Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie. Apparently Emmet also appears and sometimes you’ll see a knight, pirate, or other LEGO character.

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Sometimes toddlers just need to climb (and not on fences or things while waiting in line!)

In the Lego NINJAGO World, there’s a spot where your 2 year old can play on a rock climbing structure while learning balance, endurance and patience. I’m down with that!


This is one of the coolest play area concepts I’ve seen! It’s in Explorer Island (right next to the Coastersaurus ride.)

It’s basically a huge sand pit where kids can dig and uncover dinosaur fossils! There are tools available and it’s super fun.

Insider tip: Be warned that your child will get very sandy and you might want to change their clothes!


Speaking of awesome play areas, DUPLO Playtown is THE spot for 2 year olds.

There are several play structures and since it’s almost completely enclosed, kids can run around.

Photo of a toddler playing at DUPLO Playtown at LEGOLAND California, which is fun at LEGOLAND for toddlers #LEGOLANDCA #DUPLO #playground

My toddler loved this brightly colored play area at LEGOLAND California. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

My toddler loved the slides and climbing inside DUPLO vehicles.

And this also is where the LEGOLAND EXPRESS is, if you do want to do a ride.


There is a big, heart-shaped fountain just outside of the DUPLO Playtown. This is awesome if you are planning to get wet.

There are pop up jets and places for toddlers to play in the sprinklers.

You’ll want to bring extra clothes or change your kids into their swimsuits, as they will get soaked!

Insider tip: If you do NOT want your kids to get wet, keep a close eye on them because it’s super tempting for them!


If you’re looking for some shade (or shelter from rain) this is a large undercover spot where kids can play with LEGOs and DUPLOs.


For a huge playground, head to Castle Hill. Here, kids can crawl through tunnels, go down huge slides, cross bridges, etc.

Insider tip: Pick up lunch Knights’ Smokehouse BBQ and then eat it at Hideaways while your kids play.


We didn’t do this, but it’s technically open to kids of all ages. It’s just reflex test activity at LEGO NINJAGO World.


Also at LEGO NINJAGO World, kids can spin on the Spinjitzu. It’s a lot of fun, for a few minutes!


If your toddler likes touch screen activities, this one is kind of cool. Kids can drag around LEGO vehicles to capture a robber on the loose in a virtual city.

Chances are, your toddler won’t complete the mission. But, they will probably enjoy playing around with it!


The LEGO Factory Tour was at the top of my list for our trip to LEGOLAND California. I though it was super cute and just the right size for young children.

There’s a little video where you can sit down and watch, or you can head right on in. It’s just a couple of rooms where you can watch the process of making LEGOs and find out where all the other LEGOLAND parks are located.

Of course, this tour ends in a gift shop where you can buy LEGOs!

Insider tip: Head to the display at the very end if your toddler wants to see how LEGOs are assembled. It’s shorter than the other ones and they can see a lot better.

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I didn’t realize LEGOLAND California had shows throughout the day until we ran across this one in the LEGO Friends area.

There’s a stage and families are encouraged to come and watch live action LEGO Friends (not costumed characters) sing and dance on stage.


This is a great spot for mid-afternoon, when your toddler is getting tired and just needs some down time.

Kids can play with LEGOs while parents sit down and take advantage of the phone charging station.

The biggest thing here is that it’s air-conditioned. If your toddler falls asleep in their stroller, just head here and hang out for their nap.


Another activity that I think gets overlooked is minifigure trading. It’s kind of like pin trading at Disneyland, only you need to make sure your minifigure is complete (head, body, limbs, etc) before you can trade.

Bring them into the Park and find a Model Citizen. They wear name tags with minifigures on them.

Kids can trade minifigures over and over again. It’s a fun way for kids to interact with adults!


Aside from the rides and activities, a huge reason to visit LEGOLAND California is to see the impressive and expansive LEGO versions of Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Southern California, San Francisco, and Southern California.

Photo of a toddler looking at MINILAND, USA at LEGOLAND California #LEGOLANDCA #Miniland #LEGO

My toddler could have spent hours watching this doubledecker bus trot through MINILAND, USA! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

It’s quite a large area and each section has moving components. My toddler especially liked seeing the moving buses, marching band, boats, etc.

Insider tip: Keep toddlers in a stroller if you think they might try to climb inside the displays. The fence will not keep them out.


Out of all the play areas, this one is definitely the craziest! Kids can shoot soft foam balls at targets and other kids inside an Egyptian themed structure.

Kids under 5 years old must have an adult with them. I lasted about 2 minutes before I had to get out!

It’s open at Noon, so it’s a good spot for after lunch, if you can handle it!


One more area for toddlers to get wet is Swabbie’s Deck in Pirate Shores. It has pop-up water jets, water fountains, and squirt cannons.

Your kids will get wet, so you’ll want to change them into a swim suit and bring a towel.

Oh, and swim diapers are required for kids under 4 years old.

Insider tip: There is a huge air dryer where you can stand inside to quickly dry off. I think it was $5, and would be a great option if you forget to pack extra clothes!

SEA LIFE California Aquarium

My kids aren’t that interested in animals, so we almost skipped the SEA LIFE California Aquarium. You have to have tickets for it, so it’s up to you if you want to add it on.

The main reason our family did it was purely convenience. We had lunch at Ocean Journey Café inside the aquarium (you can eat there without aquarium admission) and decided to join our friends at SEA LIFE California Aquarium after.

Insider tip: Ocean Journey Café is great for families with toddlers because they have a ton of kid-friendly food options, Honest Kids juice pouches, puffs, fruit cups, and kids can look at a cool fish tank while you wait for made-to-order items.

I’m glad we did because it’s the first aquarium that my boys seemed to enjoy.

Photo of a toddler at SEA LIFE California Aquarium at LEGOLAND California, something fun at LEGOLAND for toddlers #sealifecaliforniaaquarium #LEGOLANDCA #aquarium

My toddler loved looking at the fish almost as much as his own reflection! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

This 20,000 square-foot indoor aquarium is a good mix of incredible sea creatures and large LEGO builds. I think we spent about 90 minutes walking through with 2 other families.

While we were there, we saw sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, sea horses, jelly fish and lots of tropical fish.

Insider tip: You won’t be able to bring your stroller inside, but there is ample stroller parking outside the entrance.

Photo of a toddler at SEA LIFE California Aquarium at LEGOLAND California, something fun at LEGOLAND for 2 year olds #LEGOLANDCA #SEALIFECaliforniaAquarium #aquarium

My toddler was able to see everything at SEA LIFE California Aquarium on his own, without my help! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

What makes it especially good at LEGOLAND for toddlers is that the can see everything without needing someone to lift them up!

And there’s a Interactive Touchpool Exhibit area with a staff member, in case your toddler wants to touch some sea life. There’s a hand-washing station right there, too!


Separate from LEGOLAND is the LEGOLAND and CHIMA Water Park. When you purchase LEGOLAND tickets, you’ll see an option to upgrade to a Park Hopper ticket that includes the water parks. I think it’s an extra $30.

You will need to stay with your toddler at all times.

Insider tip: Check the online calendar to see if the LEGOLAND Water Park is open during your stay. It’s seasonal and is only open on select days.

For toddlers, there are a few areas where they can play:

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For 2 year olds, this is just the right size. This area is designed for kids ages 6 and younger where they can splash, spray, and go down little sides.


Toddlers can help build bridges, dams, and other things out of DUPLO bricks in the water.


If your toddler is brave enough, they might enjoy getting blasted by water cannons or having a bucket of water dumped on them!


Hop aboard a pirate ship where you never know when water is going to pour down on you! This ride is for kids of all ages.


And for the ultimate spot for toddlers at the LEGOLAND Water Park, head to this area that has splash pads, fountains, a see saw, and huge DUPLO animals.

It’s specifically designed for kids ages 1-3 years old.

What to Bring to LEGOLAND California:

Photo of the stroller rental at LEGOLAND California #LEGOLANDCA #stroller #doublestroller

This double stroller made this trip so easy with a toddler! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung


I highly recommend you bring a stroller so your toddler can take some rests throughout the day.

If you don’t want to bring your stroller from home, you can rent a single stroller for $15 or a double stroller for $17. That’s what we did and we really liked it!


There are a ton of family restrooms throughout the Park and Sea Life California Aquarium.

You can also head to the Model Mom Baby Care Center to change your toddler.


Between the water features and sand box, you might want to get your toddler fresh clothes at some point during the day.

This is also important for spills and accidents.


You can bring snacks into LEGOLAND California which is awesome! Bring more snacks that you think you’ll need because you don’t want to deal with a hungry toddler!

If you have something that needs to be heated up, head to the Model Mom Baby Care Center to use a microwave. They also have a rocking chair for nursing moms.


There are water refill stations at the soda machines at the various dining establishments in the Park.

We brought a Hydro Flask and it kept our ice water super cold and refreshing throughout the day.


It’s very sunny at LEGOLAND California and you won’t want to be blinded by the bright light! We’re from Seattle and aren’t used to it!


Finally, grab a few minifigures from your LEGO bin at home to bring with you to the Park for trading purposes. Make sure they are complete with all their minifigure body parts.

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Where to Stay in LEGOLAND with a Toddler

When we do theme parks with a toddler, the best decision we make is finding a hotel that’s very close to the park entrance.

It’s mentally reassuring knowing we can come back to the room for a break or to grab something we forgot.

I hate feeling stranded with a cranky toddler!

So, here are the 5 closest options to LEGOLAND California that I’d recommend for families visiting LEGOLAND with a 2 year old:


This is where our family decided to stay. The main reason is that it’s just steps away from the main entrance to the Park.

We liked that there was a large indoor play structure where we could hang out in the early morning before the Park opened.

Plus, the rooms have step stools, bunk beds (including a trundle bed that’s perfect if you are worried your toddler might fall out of bed.)

And it comes with breakfast that features a full kids buffet. Plus you’ll get early access to the Park.

You can check current prices/availability here.


This is the newest LEGOLAND hotel and it’s also located just steps from the Park entrance.

The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel has a large outdoor play structure where you can get some wiggles out.

The rooms are also set up for toddlers and have a cool LEGO play area in each room. Plus, free breakfast every morning and early access to the Park!

You can check current prices/availability here.


Located on the opposite end of the Park from the LEGOLAND hotels, the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa shares a back entrance with 2 other hotels.

Several of my friends just stayed here with 4 year olds and they really liked it.

The downside is that they don’t have free breakfast. But, you can hit up a grocery story or get food delivered.

And they have a pool with a really shallow area, perfect for toddlers.

You can check current prices/availability here.


This also shares the pedestrian entrance to the back side of LEGOLAND.

They have a kid-friendly pool, children activities, and you can see the beach. The big selling point is that it’s right on a golf course.

And you can walk to an outlet mall and dining options.

You can check current prices/availability here.


Also sharing the back entrance, this hotel is about an 8 minute walk from LEGOLAND California.

They have an indoor play room with a few activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Plus, you get access to the pools at Hilton Marbrisa and the Sheraton.

You can check current prices/availability here.

LEGOLAND California provided me 2 press tickets and a media stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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