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Kauai Jungle Tub – a New Kauai Photographer Experience

Kauai Jungle Tub – a New Kauai Photographer Experience

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If you are looking for a unique photographer on Kauai, Hawaii the new Kauai Jungle Tub is an unparalleled experience! It’s run by an incredible Kauai photographer and a skilled Kauai hair and makeup artist.
This post about the Kauai Jungle Tub was written by Hawaii travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

When I travel, I love to invest in quality photos of my family. It takes the pressure off of me to try to capture all the sweet moments. Plus my kids always do better when someone else is taking the photo!

But, as I was looking for a Kauai photographer to do family photos for our trip a couple of months ago, I came across the Kauai Jungle Tub Instagram account and I was immediately obsessed.

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What is the Kauai Jungle Tub?

The Kauai Jungle Tub is the brainchild of Nicolette from FOTOPOP Kauai and Meghan from Kauai Wedding Hair.

Together, they have created one of the most positive, empowering photography experiences on Kauai.

If you are looking for a unique Kauai photographer, book a shoot with Kauai Jungle Tub in Kapaa, Kauai.
Here’s a photo of the set. Photo credit: Kauai Jungle Tub

They have meticulously created a jungle-themed outdoor photo set with a restored bathtub and lots and lots of tropical leaves and flowers.

Kauai is known as the Garden Isle because it’s so lush. The Kauai Jungle Tub takes those vibrant colors and textures and proudly incorporates them into the backdrop with YOU as the star!


What sets Kauai Jungle Tub apart is that they have a private set on private property. So, you won’t feel awkward posing in front of random strangers on vacation.

It’s one of the most unique vacation photography services on Kauai. I mean, how often can you play in an outdoor bathtub that looks like it’s in the middle of the jungle?

Plus, you’ll get professional hair and makeup in addition to a stellar photographer. They are well-known and respected in the wedding business.

What Was my Experience with Kauai Jungle Tub like?

Originally, I had planned on taking my boys (ages 2 and 5) to join me and get some shots of the 3 of us playing in the tub.

But, as we got closer to our trip, I realized that I’d be so focused on the kids that I wouldn’t get to enjoy the experience myself. And since I was so excited about it, I was afraid I might be disappointed if the kids didn’t cooperate.

Thankfully, my mom lives on Kauai and offered to watch the kids so my husband and I could do the photo shoot kid-free.

This meant we got one of the most unique date nights on Kauai!


The Kauai Jungle Tub is located in Nicolette’s backyard just off the bypass road in Kapaa on the East Shore of Kauai.

She told me to look for two round houses put together and that I couldn’t miss it. She was right! It’s such a unique space!

There was plenty of parking at her house. And her backyard is enormous!


Nicolette welcomed us with champagne and we chatted about her gorgeous space!

It just so happened that the hair and makeup artist had her mom visiting from out of town and they asked if it was okay for her to come sit in on the shoot. I’m so glad she stayed because she was hilarious!

There were several chairs set up around the space so my husband, the photographer, and the hair and makeup artist’s mom could hang out while I was getting my hair and makeup done.

We all sat around barefoot just getting to know each other and talking about Kauai. It was so comfortable and energizing!


Meghan has a full outdoor hair and makeup station set up right next to the tub. It’s the first time I’ve ever had my hair and makeup done outside and it felt like such a luxury!

Professional hair and makeup is included when you book a Kauai Jungle Tub photo shoot.
Meghan did a phenomenal job on my hair and makeup! Photo credit: Kauai Jungle Tub

Meghan is a complete pro. She’s been doing hair and makeup since she was a kid (I know because her mom told me!)

She asked me a bit about color preferences and how I normally do my hair.

I told her I love bright colors but otherwise, she’s the professional and I trust that whatever she does will look fabulous.

I’m always at a loss as to how to do my own hair and makeup (I watch way too many YouTube tutorials!) and I’m so in awe of people that can do it so well!

It was such a calming experience and we had so much fun that we all almost forgot about the shoot! It felt more like a fun hangout!


As soon as my hair and make up was done, and my haku lei was placed on my head, we were ready to shoot!

Nicolette is one of the friendliest photographers I’ve worked with and she immediately put me at ease.

I’m someone who feels super awkward posing for photos. I never know what looks good or where to put my hands or even where to look.

The Kauai Jungle Tub is one of the coolest new Kauai photographer experiences and features their iconic Jungle Tub filled with lush green leaves and colorful flowers. #kauaijungletub #kauai
I kept giggling while playing peek a book with these yellow flowers! Photo credit: Kauai Jungle Tub

Thankfully, Nicolette is such a pro and she gave me instructions on how to pose in such a conversational manner that it was so easy to mimic what she was doing.

She let me know that she’d be switching lenses throughout the shoot and might walk around and try different angles while I held a pose.

I always felt in the loop and I never felt awkward in any of the positions.

Instead, Meghan and Nicolette kept cheering me on and made me feel like I was an old pro at this. That gave me so much confidence, which led me to have even more fun!

Fun fact: Meghan actually found those yellow flowers at Smith’s Tropical Paradise earlier in the day!


They have a cute changing area just behind the Kauai Jungle Tub set. There are mats on the floor and plenty of space to change.

They even have towels so you can dry off a bit in between.

I brought 2 swimsuits, an off-the-shoulder maxi dress, a chiffon maxi skirt, and a pineapple shirt I found the previous day at Cariloha in Poipu.


I felt like I was a magazine model and I loved every second of my Kauai Jungle Tub experience!

It was one of the most empowering photo shoots I’ve done and it actually motivated me to try taking more “Instagram-worthy” photos the rest of our trip using some of Nicolette’s tricks!

Out of all the activities I planned during our trip to Kauai, this one ended up being my favorite. And so much of that is because it’s something that I did just for me and it was an opportunity I wouldn’t have other places.

Even as I look at these photos while writing this blog post, I’m smiling ear to ear because I can still feel the energy and care-free vibe of that entire afternoon!

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Who Should Book a Kauai Jungle Tub Photo Shoot?

Personally, I think this is such a great opportunity for moms to get some self-care on vacation. It’s easy to get so caught up in making sure everyone else in your family is taken care of that you forget about yourself.

If you are looking for a fun way to treat mom on vacation, book her a Kauai Jungle Tub photo shoot, one of the newest Kauai photographer trends.
This was such a fun way to get “me” time on vacation! Photo credit: Kauai Jungle Tub

I always advocate for moms to book themselves a spa appointment or go for a long walk or read a book by the pool on vacation. Just do something where you can recharge and get some down time.

For moms visiting Kauai, I definitely recommend booking a Kauai Jungle Tub shoot. You will be pampered and get some incredible photos that you will cherish for years.

And it would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift!


So many people get married on Kauai (I should know, my mom is a Kauai wedding officiant!) And I can think of 3 ways brides can incorporate a Kauai Jungle Tub photo shoot into their wedding festivities:

Kauai Bridal Shower

During my photo shoot, I kept thinking that this would be such a fun thing to do for a bridal shower!

You could sip champagne and nibble on snacks while taking turns participating in the photo shoot.

I’m all for doing experiences with friends and family and this would definitely be a memorable bridal shower!

Photos with Bridesmaids

For those getting married on Kauai, it could be cool to do a group photo shoot with your bridesmaids.

You could do this as part of a bachelorette party or the day of your Kauai wedding.

All the bridesmaids could get in the tub with the bride or take turns. You could make it a bikini shoot, or do Hawaiian dresses.

Trash the Dress

I also thought this would be such a fun way to Trash the Dress after a destination wedding on Kauai!

I wore a bright pink dress in the tub and it was so fun with the monstera leaves. But, imagine how gorgeous it would be with a white dress floating around you in a tub filled with colorful flowers?

And you could get your new hubby in the tub, too!


Kauai is an awesome spot for a babymoon! It’s such a relaxing island with incredible food, secluded beaches, and fantastic resorts with spas.

Just think how gorgeous this tub would be for maternity photos! You could wear one of those flowy maternity dresses or a floral swimsuit!

Plus, it’s so much more unique than other Hawaiian maternity photos on the beach.


But, I really don’t think you need a reason to book a Kauai Jungle Tub photo shoot.

I think of this like a spa day. If you usually like to book yourself an afternoon of spa treatments on vacation to pamper yourself, you will love this Kauai photographer experience.

Meghan and Nicolette will make you feel like the most fascinating and beautiful person and that feeling will stay with you long after the shoot is over.

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Kauai Jungle Tub is a brand new photo company on Kauai that specializes in quirky photo shoots in an outdoor bathtub and is one of the most fun things to do on Kauai!
You’ll feel like a total rockstar at Kauai Jungle Tub. Photo credit: Kauai Jungle Tub

What to Bring for this Kauai Jungle Tub Photo Shoot

While you technically only need to bring yourself and clothing that can get wet, I’m all for maximizing experiences.

So, I’ve come up with a few items I’d recommend you bring in order to make the most out of your Kauai photo shoot.


You are going to want one of those Hawaiian flower crowns, called a haku lei.

They have been around for ages, however they are super trendy on Instagram right now and everyone seems to be wearing them in photos.

Everything looks better with a Haku Lei, a Hawaiian flower crown that's gorgeous of Kauai photography shoots.
Meghan adjusts my haku lei after doing my hair. Photo credit: Kauai Jungle Tub

I ordered mine from Kealoha Flowers a few days before the shoot. She has a fabulous Instagram account and I just messaged her with screenshots of the haku leis I liked.

Then, I was able to pick it up from her house in Kilauea right before our Kauai photo shoot. She had it in a cooler bag in her yard and it was all packaged up!

After the photo shoot, I kept it in a refrigerator and was able to wear it on and off for 4 more days. Talk about longevity!

I suggest keeping it covered in the fridge in a box or with a wet paper towel on top. And keep it in a cooler in your car if you plan on being out all day but want to wear it for some photos.


Bring at least one swimsuit, since you’ll be in a bath tub! There are a few local Kauai bikini designers that have some stunning options.

The newest Kauai photographer craze is the Kauai Jungle Tub photo shoot, located on private property in Kapaa, Kauai.
I love this one piece swimsuit I found at Target! Photo credit: Kauai Jungle Tub

Since I knew I’d be posting these photos on my blog and social media, I opted to stay modest because I knew that would make me most comfortable.

I ended up finding a couple of one piece swimsuits from Target as part of their new Kona Sol swimwear line. I’m seriously obsessed with all these cute suits!

The most important thing is to bring one (or two) that you feel fabulous wearing because it will come through in your photos!


They sell pareos (a Hawaiian sarong) all over Kauai. They are an easy way to change up your look.

Find one that looks good with your swimsuit and you can wear it for photos as you sit on the edge of the bathtub.

You can also learn how to tie your pareo to make a cute top or dress. This is a good resource on how to tie a pareo.


This Kauai Jungle Tub set is so versatile. You can take photos near the tub or inside it. Both options look great while wearing long dresses or skirts!

Choose bright colors for this Kauai photographer shoot because they will pop against the lush green background at the Kauai Jungle Tub.
I’m so glad I brought this yellow chiffon skirt to wear! Photo credit: Kauai Jungle Tub

Keep in mind that the tub is white and the background has a lot of lush, green leaves.

I ended up going with this bright yellow maxi skirt and this pink maxi dress. I love how the colors pop and add to the whole jungle color story!

How to Book a Kauai Jungle Tub Photo Shoot

Ok, have I finally convinced you to add this to your Kauai itinerary?

Booking this Kauai photographer is super easy.

  1. Follow @kauaijungletub on Instagram
  2. Send them a Direct Message mentioning that you read this blog post on Marcie in Mommyland and they will give you $100 off your photo shoot!
  3. Find a date/time that works for everyone.


I hope this helps convince you to invest in yourself for this one-of-a-kind Kauai Jungle Tub photo shoot for your next Kauai vacation!

Kauai Jungle Tub provided services in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I loved it and can’t wait to do it again!

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Thursday 4th of April 2019

This is the coolest thing! What an amazing photo shoot. you look absolutely radiant!


Monday 8th of April 2019

Thanks so much! It was definitely the coolest photo shoot I've done just for me!

AM Woods

Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

These tips are amazing! As a photographer myself these photos are so beautiful and I love all your ideas :)


Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

Oh I'm so glad you appreciate it!

Paula @ I'm Busy Being Awesome

Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

It looks like you had a lot of fun in Kauai!


Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

It was such a fun way to get some "me time" on vacation with kids!


Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

This sounds like an amazing experience!


Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

It was awesome!

jenna | the urben life

Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

Oh my gosh! This looks fabulous!! I'll have to remember this for our next trip out to Kauai


Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

Yes! Do it! You will be in heaven!

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