What is Warehouse 3540?

Located in Lawai on the island of Kauai, Warehouse 3540 features trendy shops, food trucks, and shave ice. As the name implies, it’s located in a warehouse and has a bit of a Portland hipster vibe. Had my Mom (who lives on Kauai) not told me about it, I wouldn’t have even known to stop.

As soon as I walked in, I felt like this was the ultimate spot on Kauai for millennial moms. With plenty of on-site parking, getting in and out of Warehouse 3540 with small children is a breeze. Plus there are tables and chairs set up outside in the shade or inside under the fans. And most of the boutiques offer clothing suitable for #momlife and tons of chic baby and toddler items. Not only can moms grab lunch and shop, but Warehouse 3540 also hosts special events like story times and a Friday Market!

Warehouse 3540 boutique shops on Kauai
I loved all the mommy and baby options at Ivy & Co. at Warehouse 3540 on Kauai.

The first shop that caught my eye was Ivy & Co. This shop had a cool mix of vintage Hawaiian prints and modern flourishes. Their current collection includes head bands, boho wraps, baby soft blocks, bunting, garland, rag ropes, burp-cloths, mini-wash cloths, coasters, custom furniture, clothes pins, tees and tank tops.

Boutique shopping at Warehouse 3540 on Kauai
Aren’t these the cutest swimsuits? Such adorable options at WORKSHOP!

WORKSHOP was also a shop that had me drooling. Mostly over the unique and flattering dresses of machinemachine. I was still nursing my youngest when I browsed Warehouse 3540, so I didn’t even want to tempt myself. But, I’m definitely hitting them up on my next trip to Kauai.

Boutique shop at Warehouse 3540 on Kauai
These Hoa Kai Turkish towels were so soft!

Salt + Sea was another boutique shop that I had to check out. They offer an extensive range of the hottest trends in ladies swimwear and accessories. I really loved that many of their products are made in Hawaii. I’m kind of obsessed with Aloha Collection right now, so it was awesome to see some of their products in person.


Kickshaws food truck at Warehouse 3540 on Kauai
Kickshaws is my new favorite food truck on Kauai!

The main reason for our stop at Warehouse 3540 is because my Mom kept telling me about Kickshaws. She had been hearing nothing but rave reviews from her friends about the food here and she wanted to check it out for herself. I’m always down to check out a food truck and I was really amazed with how many food trucks are on Kauai this year compared to the past few years.

Kickshaws food truck at Warehouse 3540 on Kauai
This burger from Kickshaws is the tastiest burger I’ve ever experienced!

When my Mom suggested we check out Kickshaws for lunch, I wasn’t sure I wanted to eat burgers on Kauai. I typically try to eat as much Hawaiian food or food I can’t find elsewhere. Then I tried the 100% Awesome Burger (yes, that’s the actual name.) Holy moly was it INCREDIBLE. It had bacon inside the patty and was topped with the ripest tomato. Plus it was topped with crispy bacon and a pineapple-black pepper-onion marmalade. My burger also came with charred Brussels sprouts (which were amazing) and chips.

We also got an order of Hot Totty for the boys. It’s tater tots smothered in house-made pepper jack cheese sauce. The pepper jack cheese had a bit too much kick for my boys, so I *had* to help them out a bit. It’s the perfect size to share with a whole table.

The Fresh Shave

The Fresh Shave at Warehouse 3540 on Kauai
We LOVED the fresh fruit on our artisan Fu Man Chu shave ice from The Fresh Shave.

The Fresh Shave was my initial reason for stopping at Warehouse 3540. My ideal trip to Hawaii involves partaking in shave ice every single day. I usually have to convince my Mom to stop and she usually will try a bite and call it good. She never really understood that obsession over shave ice. That is until she tried some of the new shave ice spots on Kauai!

The Fresh Shave at Warehouse 3540 on Kauai
My son is a self-proclaimed shave ice taste tester and he gobbled down his shave ice AND most of mine!

I had to stop eating my amazing burger in order to save room for shave ice. It was definitely worth it. We ordered the Fu Man Chu, which consisted of strawberry, banana and cream topped with fresh strawberry puree and banana. If you’ve ever had the bananas on Kauai, you know they are the most flavorful bananas ever.

We also ordered The Whiskers, which featured sweet mint and lime. My Mom had ordered this before and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It may have been the most refreshing shave ice I’d tasted and it was the perfect way to cleanse our palette after truly enjoying our meal!

Warehouse 3540 on Kauai