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25 Things to do on Maui with Kids

25 Things to do on Maui with Kids

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Are you planning a trip to Maui for 2024 and want to start working on your Hawaii itinerary? Check out these awesome things to do on Maui with kids!

Are you planning a trip to Maui with kids?

You’re in luck! This list of the best things to do on Maui with kids is just what you need. Keep scrolling for my top 25 things to do in Maui. I promise it will be worth your time!

We all know that traveling can be stressful when you have little ones. But it doesn’t have to be! I’m here today as your personal guide through all of these great places so that you can make memories while having fun too.

Whether you want to go snorkeling at Molokini Crater or go ziplining in Haleakala National Park, this list has something for everyone.

Keep scrolling for my top 25 things to do in Maui.

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Don’t have time to read a bunch of Hawaii blog posts and reviews? Here are some of our top picks for visiting Maui.

Popular Maui Tours/Activities

Favorite Maui Resorts/Hotels

  • Hyatt Regency Maui (this has a swim-up bar and tons of amazing amenities)
  • Andaz Maui (this is a luxury resort with the best luau on Maui)
  • Honua Kai Resort & Spa (this is one of our personal favorites because there are tons of pools and there are condo options)

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25 Must Do Things on Maui for Families

1. Hike I’ao Needle

One of my favorite things to do in Maui with toddlers is visiting I’ao Valley State Park.

The path is paved and there are a bunch of stairs, but kids will love this short hike up I’ao Needle.

Image of a pointy hill surrounded by greenery at I'ao Valley State Park on Maui.
View of I’ao Needle from the hiking trail.

There are gorgeous views along all parts of this path. I always enjoy taking my time here when we go on vacation because nothing feels better than being outdoors even just for a little bit before heading back to the resort.

Advance reservations to enter I’ao Valley State Monument are now available online. The parking fee is $10 per vehicle. The additional non-resident entrance fee is $5 per person with no charge for children under three years old.

Insider tip: Make sure you bring bug spray because it gets pretty buggy around here sometimes.

2. Attend a Hawaiian Luau

The Old Lahaina Luau is known for being the best luau in Maui for families. That’s because it’s been around for years and they have a good reputation.

Photo of the Feast at Lele in Lahaina, one of the best Maui luaus #feastatlele #lahaina #maui #luau
The Feast at Lele is a top luau in Lahaina, Maui. Photo credit: Feast at Lele

For families who have already done a traditional Hawaiian luau and are looking for something a little different, check out the Feast at Lele. It’s run by the same people as Old Lahaina Luau but they are two completely different experiences.

There are lots of other Maui luaus, so you’ll find the right one for your family. It’s one of the best things to do for kids in Maui who want to learn a bit about Hawaiian culture in a fun way.

3. Check out Haleakala National Park

I think one of the most unique things to do in Maui with kids is explore Haleakala National Park. Up at this crater, it’s chilly and looks like you’ve landed on Mars!

Image of a woman standing with outstretched arms on a rocky landscape on Maui.
Haleakala National Park on Maui.

There are tons of hiking trails if you’re looking for some fresh air or check out the visitor center while there too.

The most popular time to go is at sunrise (you’ll need reservations), but sunset is also a great option.

You can book a Haleakala sunrise tour from your resort or you can drive up on your own. Check out the latest prices and more details.

4. Snorkel at Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is a crescent-shaped crater located just off the coast of Maui and it’s home to some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii.

Image of a crescent shaped crater in the ocean with Maui island in the background.
Molokini Crater near Maui.

If you’re looking for a great family activity on the island of Maui, consider taking one of these snorkeling tours. You can also check out Four Winds Maui if you want to go snorkeling with your family.

You can find tons that go all throughout Turtle Town and even have an opportunity to see some amazing sea life at Molokini Crater before returning home!

5. Visit Maui Ocean Center

One of the best things to do on Maui with toddlers and preschoolers is visiting the Maui Ocean Center.

There are indoor and outdoor areas where you can see marine life up close, tidepools with great views for photographers, or just take a stroll through an immersion tube that feels like walking in water!

Photo of the Maui Ocean Center, a top attraction for families on Maui #familytravel #maui #mauioceancenter #mauiwithkids #travelwithkids
The Maui Ocean Center is a great half-day trip for families. Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Daeja Fallas

It’s one of the most popular Maui family activities.

The coolest part about this spot? They have plenty of cultural programs throughout each day which our family always looks forward to because there’s something new every time we go.

This last trip was all about hula implements (instrumental tools used while dancing). It really fascinated my kids since they’ve never seen anything like that before! Check the latest rates and more information.

6. Play at Baby Beach in Paia

One of the best kid-friendly beaches on Maui is Baby Beach in the north shore town of Paia.

With a protected lagoon for swimming and locals considering it in the top three of their favorite spots, you know this is going to be one happy beach day with your little ones!

The wind can get pretty strong here so make sure to bring along some pop-up tents if needed – they’ll help protect babies from getting sand blown into their eyes or ears while playing outside during those high winds.

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7. Get Pie at Leoda’s Kitchen

Leoda’s is a great place to eat with kids on Maui. They have tons of menu options, from freshly made sandwiches and burgers all the way down to mac & cheese or even pot pies!

Plus they also have some kid-friendly favorites like hot dogs.

But, the main reason to come here is for their amazing dessert pies! They are the perfect size to get a few to share with your family to try the different flavors.

8. Drive the Road to Hana (or at least part of it)

You might be wondering if the Road to Hana is a safe drive for kids. I’ve taken my 2-year old son back there and he never showed any signs of being uncomfortable or scared!

Photo of the Road to Hana on Maui, a top Maui attraction for families #maui #roadtohana #hana #hawaii #mauiwithkids #familytravel #visitmaui
The Road to Hana is windy, but the views are incredible! Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tommy Lundberg

Plus, you get tons of awesome stops along the way that will make your trip even more fun (my favorites include food)!

But, you can also just drive a few miles along the Hana Highway and see a gorgeous botanical garden and hike to a beautiful waterfall before calling it a day.

You can join a Road to Hana tour or drive it on your own.

9. Pet the Goats at Surfing Goat Dairy Farm

Visiting a goat farm in Hawaii is one of the most unusual things to do in Maui, but it’s a fun experience.

They have different tours available for families, such as the option to hang out with goats or help out on evening chores at their dairy production facility.

Photo of a girl feeding goats at the Surfing Goat Dairy in Kula, Maui in Hawaii #maui #surfinggoat #surfinggoatdairy #kula #hawaii #goat #farm
Kids will love making friends with goats on Maui. Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Daeja Fallas

They also sell delicious tasting cheeses that you can buy directly from the farm. And they have goat cheese truffles! It’s one of the most delicious kids’ activities in Maui.

It’s near Haleakala Crater, so it’s easy to pair the two for a full-day adventure.

10. Shop at Whaler’s Village

Whaler’s Village in Lahaina has everything you need for the perfect shopping trip.

They offer more than 80 different stores including Cariloha, Crocs, and Lululemon to find cute clothes with a beachy feel at Mahina, Billabong, or Honolua Surf Company.

Plus they have popular restaurants like Hula Grill, Leilani’s On The Beach, Monkeypod Kitchen (which has my favorite mai tai), and ONO Gelato!

This is also a good place to find free hula shows on Maui.

11. Go Kayaking on Maui

Kayaking is one of the top outdoor activities for kids in Maui.

You can book a clear kayak and snorkel adventure from Kihei that will surely wow your family. This is a great way for younger kids to see underwater animals without going into the water.

Families with older kids will love jumping into the water and snorkeling at some of the best places in Maui!

12. Relax at one of the Kamaole Beaches in Kihei

There are 3 beautiful beaches in Kihei that will delight any child. The Kamaole Beaches, commonly called Kam 1 through 3 offer what every kid needs. These are the best beaches in Kihei for families.

Image of green water and a golden sandy beach with condos in the background.
Kamaole Beach Park II in Kihei Maui.

There are fun activities like playing on the sand or shores with friends while also providing plenty of space for solo playtime too!

There’s no shortage when it comes to food options nearby either so you can take advantage both during your stay here as well after enjoying some locally grown produce at one of its many restaurants located nearby including Coconut’s Fish Cafe.

13. Eat at Coconut’s Fish Cafe

Coconut’s Fish Cafe is a local favorite in Maui. They have tasty seafood and other menu items, including 17 ingredient fish tacos! These are seriously the BEST fish tacos I’ve ever had (and I order them everywhere)!

They also have a really extensive menu for people who don’t like fish.

If you’re looking for something more kid-friendly they also offer some great choices on the kids’ menu as well that will keep your little one happy and energized to explore the island all day long.

14. Pick Flowers at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

Have you ever wanted to take a walk through lavender-scented fields? If so, then this is the place for your family.

Image of someone wearing a blue shirt holding a bouquet of lavender.
Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm on Maui.

The Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm has many events and activities that are perfect if toddlers or kids of all ages enjoy exploring nature alongside their grandparents! But, you can also just explore on your own.

One of the most popular things to do at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm with kids is their Families Day Out. Here, you’ll enjoy a walking tour of the farm and then make your own mini-bouquet to take with you.

This is one of the family activities in Maui that you can’t find on other islands.

15. Find Unique Souvenirs at the Maui Swap Meet

We always enjoy the Maui Swap Meet. It’s not a flea market, but it’s a super cool outdoor market featuring local small businesses.

It only happens on Saturdays in Kahului and it has everything from handcrafted items like body products, food items, ornaments, artwork to clothing stands from local boutiques selling accessories too!

It’s pretty small, but it’s definitely worth a stop!

16. Ride an Outrigger Canoe on Maui

There are many cool things to do in Maui for kids, but one of the best is to ride an outrigger canoe.

Not only will this give your child total Moana vibes as they set sail with you on your journey across open water; both adults and children alike can enjoy exploring snorkeling opportunities while out there too!

This activity would be perfect if it’s age 5 + since everyone must paddle. Plus, you’ll get a deeper understanding of what it was like to be an ancient Hawaiian wayfarer. Check the latest rates and more information.

17. Do a Maui Pineapple Tour

Maui is a paradise for those who love pineapple. The best way to enjoy this delicious fruit? Take the Maui Pineapple Tour!

Image of a bunch of Hawaiian pineapples.
Join a Maui pineapple tour.

You’ll get all sorts of helpful information and even get to sample lots of pineapple from the tour guides, who know their stuff about cultivation methods.

Kids as young as 2 years old can participate and everyone takes home an “airport-ready” pineapple! Check out the latest prices and more details.

18. Go Horseback Riding

Kids who go horseback riding in Maui find it to be one of the most memorable activities.

Not only does this let them explore new places, but they also get an opportunity for adventure and fun with fellow tourists from around Hawaii or abroad!

This looks like a super cool Maui horseback riding tour where you can see a waterfall! Check out the latest prices and more details.

19. Try Surfing on Maui

There are so many things to do in Maui and surfing is one of them. It’s one of the most popular things to do with kids on Maui.

Image of a family posing on a beach with a surfboard.
Learn to surf with kids on Maui.

Booking sessions for kids will allow them the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors how to get up (and stay) on their boards while getting individualized attention that’s perfect for any age group!

You can either go as a family or spend time watching your children enjoy this amazing new skill. Kids as young as 8 years old can join this Maui Surf School surfing lesson.

20. Check out a Maui Farmers Market

When you visit Maui, make sure to try some of the tasty fruit that they grow there.

The best place for this is at one of their many farmers markets which can be found all over the island and offer fresh produce from local growers.

You can usually taste lots of samples and try some new produce for less money than it would cost you at the grocery store.

Plus, they often have yummy baked goods (like banana bread) and fun drinks.

21. Walk Along the Wailea Beach Path

There’s a stroller-friendly path in Wailea Maui. This 3-mile paved route follows 5 beautiful beaches and goes past several resorts.

Image of a wooden plank pathway on a beach in Maui Hawaii.
Wailea Beach Path on Maui is great for families.

It’s really nice for pushing a stroller, going for a run, or doing a family walk in the morning. Or head there after dinner for a sunset stroll.

22. Take a Submarine Ride

If you have a young child who’s eager to explore the ocean but doesn’t want themself or other people wet, then I highly recommend taking him/her on an Atlantis Submarine Tour.

It’s one of our favorite things in Maui because it gives kids their first look at Hawaii underwater life without getting too messy!

This is one of the best Maui activities with toddlers or preschoolers. Plus, it’s right in Lahaina and you can walk to get shave ice or Dole Whip right after.

23. Do a Maui Ziplining Tour

The island of Maui is one-of-a-kind! There’s no better way to see it than by zipline.

The views from high in the sky are outstanding, and you get an exclusive look at all those gorgeous places that tourists miss out on when they’re only traveling by car.

Image of a boy ziplining through the jungle.
Going ziplining is one of the best Maui things to do with kids.

This Maui zipline tour is available for kids as young as 5 years old, making it one of the best Maui kids activities the whole family can enjoy!

Plus, there are obstacle challenges and a Camp Maui museum that’s worth checking out. That’s why it’s the best Maui zipline for kids. Check out the latest prices and more details.

24. Get Shave Ice

One of the best treats in Hawaii is shave ice. It’s a mound of finely shaven ice that is topped with syrup and sometimes fresh fruit, other toppings, and condensed milk.

Image of hands holding up Hawaiian shave ice in front of Ululani's Shave Ice sign on Maui.
Ululani’s Shave Ice on Maui.

The most famous shave ice in Maui is Ululani’s Shave Ice. They launched in 2008 with one little stand and have since expanded to 5 locations on Maui: Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, Hyatt Regency, and Maui Lani.

Once you taste it, you’ll probably want to stop every single day of your trip. Yes, it’s THAT good!

25. Visit a Honey Bee Sanctuary

Did you know that Maui has some of the tastiest honey in the world? That’s because of all the Hawaiian flowers!

Put on a protective bee suit and get an up-close look at Maui’s honeybees at work at this bee sanctuary. It’s one of the most unique Maui activities for kids and families.

It’s a great way for kids to learn more about beehives and the bee life cycle. Plus, you get to taste lots of local Maui honey! Find the best prices here.

Top Things to do on Maui FAQs

Why is Maui the best island for kids in Hawaii?

The island of Maui has a lot of amazing family resorts with impressive swimming pools and water slides. The resort areas have a great mix of restaurants and shops. There are also tons of Maui kid-friendly activities like ziplining, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and more.

What are some things to do in Maui with family?

Playing at the beach and hiking to waterfalls are some of the top things for kids to do in Maui. Maui is also a great place for scenic drives, doing an adventurous tour, or enjoying a pool day at your resort.

What are some cheap things to do in Maui?

A few free attractions in Maui include the Road to Hana, Nakalele Blowhole, and walking around Paia town. Families can also enjoy hula shows at shopping centers, renting snorkel gear, eating shave ice or poke bowls, and other things that are pretty affordable.

Best Things to do on Maui with Kids Wrap Up

Now you know what to do in Maui with kids of ages. There are so many Maui activities and attractions that are kid-friendly.

I hope you’ve found this list of the top 25 things to do with kids in Maui helpful and informative. There is something for everyone on this list, whether your family likes outdoor activities or a more relaxing vacation.

We also have other content related to Hawaii that may be worth checking out as well if you’re not just looking for ideas for what to do in Maui with children.

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