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23 Brilliant Things To Do in Barcelona With Kids

23 Brilliant Things To Do in Barcelona With Kids

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Are you planning a family trip to Spain and want to spend time in Barcelona? Check out these awesome things to do in Barcelona with kids!

Booked a family vacation to the Catalan capital city and want to know all the cool things to do in Barcelona with kids?

This city might be a popular spot for a couples’ break, but it’s also popular with young families too.

There are lots of fun things in Barcelona that naturally appeal to families. We’re talking about lots of parks, quirky landmarks they can explore, and lots of water activities to cool off in the heat.

Spain’s second city is a great place to visit whether you are traveling to Barcelona with teenagers, toddlers, and every age in between.

This guide is all you need for ideas and inspiration on what to do in Barcelona with kids so you have a super fun European trip!

Don’t have time to read a bunch of Barcelona blog posts and reviews? Here are some of our top picks for visiting Barcelona with kids.

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23 Things To Do in Barcelona With Kids

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Opening in 1868, Tibidabo Amusement Park has been one of the top things to do in Barcelona with kids for over 150 years. 

Image of Ferris wheel on Tibidabo amusement park Spain.
Don’t miss this giant ferris wheel at Tibidado Amusement Park!

Mount Tibidabo rests on the outskirts of the city and offers spectacular views across the sea. The amusement park is at the top of the mountain but you don’t have to worry about climbing it! There is a funicular or you can take the bus.

There are over 25 rides at the park for children of all ages. Picnic areas are scattered around so you can bring your own food or you can eat at one of the restaurants there.

This really is a can’t-miss Barcelona attraction when traveling with your kids!

Tour or Watch a Game at Camp Nou

You probably already know that the Spanish love soccer (or football, as they call it!) more than any other sport. They love it so much that you’ll even find the biggest soccer stadium in Europe right here in Barcelona.

Interior of the stadium stands and indoor spaces Camp Nou In Barcelona Spain
Go to a game or take a tour of Camp Nou.

Camp Nou is the home ground for Barcelona’s team and watching a game here is one of the best family things to do in Barcelona if your kids love sports.

If they’re too young to watch a live game or there aren’t any scheduled during your trip, you can still tour the field, trophy room, and museum.

Big Fun Museum

Barcelona’s Big Fun Museum is exactly what it says it is: big and fun!

This museum is right on Las Ramblas so it’s right in the heart of the city. It offers optical illusions, fun artwork, and interactive activities that will occupy your kids’ attention for ages.

It’s definitely one of the top indoor things to do in Barcelona if you’ve gotten unlucky with the weather and need somewhere to hide out for a while. Check the latest rates and availability.

Book a Family Photo Shoot

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Day Trip to Costa Brava

Definitely, a top reason to book a family vacation in this city is because there are so many great day trip opportunities close by.

Image of Old cannon in Fortress at Tossa de Mar. Costa Brava, Spain
Tossa de Mar is just one cool place to see in Costa Brava.

So, one of the best things to do in Barcelona, Spain with family is to head out of the city to Costa Brava for a day.

The Costa Brava is 37 miles/60 km of gorgeous, white sand coastlines and resort towns. Tossa de Mar and Cadaqués are two great towns to visit with family. Check out the latest Costa Brava day trip rates.

llafantasia Water Park

But if the sun is beaming down, one of the best Spain activities for kids is to hit up a water park. There are hundreds of them all over the country and the one closest to Barcelona is the Ilafantasia Water Park.

They welcome children of all ages to their huge complex with a wave pool, water games, slides, rapids, and other fun water activities.

Ride a Cable Car

Barcelona has lots of panoramic viewpoints and hills which means it has a couple of cable cars you can ride. These are some of the best things to do in Barcelona with family because you can ride them with kids of any age.

Image of Cablecar in Barcelona with the city in the Background
There are several Barcelona cable cars to ride.

There is the cable car at Port Vell, known as the Teleferic del Puerto, or the Montjuïc cable car.

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions is unlike any of the other Barcelona attractions for kids.

It uses local landmarks, like La Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, and Camp Nou, to make illusions so that it ties in with the culture of Barcelona. Check the latest rates and availability.

Magic Fountain at Montjuïc

Speaking of Montjuïc, one of the best free things to do in Barcelona whether you’re traveling with kids or not is to see the music and light display at Montjuïc fountain.

Image of night view of Magic Fountain light show in Barcelona, Spain
Don’t miss the light show at the Magic Fountain in Barcelona!

There is a huge, circular fountain at the top of Montjuïc where you’ll be able to watch a light and music display and it’s absolutely spectacular.

You can watch it every Thursday to Saturday starting from 8 pm at half-hour intervals during the summer months.

Park Güell

Antoni Gaudí is a famous Catalan architect who made his mark all over Barcelona. One of the best places to go in Barcelona is an estate he designed at the start of the 20th century.

Image of two toddlers at Park Guell in Barcleona, Spain
Park Guell is a popular Barcelona family attraction. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Park Güell was supposed to be a private residence, but today it’s a wonderland of mosaic structures, paths, and buildings. It’s colorful and there are lots of little nooks for kids to explore. 

It’s a little outside of the historic center but there are beautiful views across the city. Check the rates for skip-the-line tickets.

Aquàrium Barcelona

Located near Barceloneta Beach, Aquàrium Barcelona is one of the top things to do in Barcelona with toddlers and young kids. 

It’s a huge complex with lots of tropical fish and sea life in themed habitats. So big in fact, that you can even scuba dive with the sharks in the tanks there! Probably not with your toddlers, however. Check the rates for skip-the-line tickets.

Poble Espanyol

This one-hundred-year-old open-air museum is a blast from the past and provides an insight into what a typical Catalan town looked like in years gone by. 

Image of a street in Poble Espanyol in Barcelona Spain
Poble Espanyol is a cool place to visit in Barcelona Spain.

This model village is one of the top things to do with kids in Barcelona, particularly younger ones.

There are no cars and it’s all gated up so you don’t have to worry about them following their curiosity around the streets. Check the rates for skip-the-line tickets.

Barcelona Zoo

One of the top Barcelona attractions for families has to be Barcelona Zoo. Located near Barcelona port, the zoo has lots of exotic animals including lions, red pandas, and Komodo dragons.

Image of Asian tiger in Barcelona Zoo, Spain
Younger kids might have a blast at the Barcelona Zoo.

Just outside of the zoo is a sprawling park so you really could spend hours in this part of the city. Check the latest rates and availability.

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    Parc de la Ciutadella

    The park where you’ll find Barcelona Zoo is Parc de la Ciutadella. It’s 77 acres of lush grass, museums, ponds, manicured gardens, walking trails, and more.

    Image of View of beautiful fountain of Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona, Spain
    Don’t miss this gorgeous fountain in Parc de la Ciutadella.

    You’ll even find the Catalan parliament in this park!

    It’s a wonderful place to visit in Barcelona with toddlers, babies, or younger kids so you can let them out of their strollers or carriers and let them wander at their own pace. 

    Skip-the-Line Basílica La Sagrada Familia

    You just have to see La Sagrada Familia when you’re in the Catalan capital, right? It’s the top family attraction in Barcelona as family is literally in the name. 

    Image of Part of the facade of Sagrada Familia in summer, Barcelona, Spain
    Sagrada Familia is one of the most iconic Barcelona attractions.

    This famously unfinished church designed by Antoni Gaudí does attract long lines, though. Book a skip-the-line tour in advance so you can avoid your little ones getting cranky standing up in the baking sun.

    CosmoCaixa Science Museum

    Do your children love science and interactive museums? CosmoCaixa is a fantastic multi-disciplinary science museum in Barcelona for kids who are just fascinated by our planet and beyond.

    There’s a planetarium at CosmoCaixa as well as a living Amazonian rainforest.

    Museu de la Xocolata

    Or, do you have kids that just can’t get enough of eating chocolate? Yes, that’s probably every kid!

    Image of a white mug with thick hot chocolate
    The hot chocolate in Barcelona is divine!

    Museu de la Xocolata displays exhibits of famous artworks recreated in chocolate. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Barcelona for children because they can even attend workshops on how to make chocolate artwork themselves.

    Casa Batlló

    Another of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural creations is Casa Batlló, a cool dragon-scaled house.

    Image of Interior of Famous Casa Batllo in Barcelona-Detail of Elements in the Terrace, Spain.
    Casa Batllo is another great place to see Gaudi architecture.

    Inside is just as quirky and its wide open rooms make it one of the best family activities in Barcelona for curious kids that love color, shapes, and interesting textures. Check the latest rates and availability.

    Barceloneta Beach

    If you don’t have enough time on your vacation to take a day trip to Costa Brava, Barceloneta Beach is the next best thing!

    Image of Barcelona Beach, Spain
    Set aside time to play at the beach!

    With soft white sand, Wi-Fi, lounge chairs, and food vendors along the promenade of this beach in Barcelona, children won’t care that it’s entirely man-made. All they will care about is that the water is warm and the sand is perfect for making castles.

    Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour

    Bus tours can be a little touristy, but they’re perfect if you’re traveling to Barcelona with a toddler, baby, pre-schooler, or all of the above. 

    You can easily get around Barcelona’s top landmarks without having to walk too far and get on and off as you want. They also come with an audio guide so can learn more about the sites you’re seeing on the way. Check the latest rates and availability.

    Eat Tapas and Churros

    Of course, some of the top Barcelona children’s activities is eating all the awesome food. Barcelona is a great foodie destination but the two types of cuisine that will appeal to your kids are tapas and churros. 

    Image of Different types of traditional sweet spanish dessert churros with filling on the market or bakery showcase. Hot baked pastry dish
    You’ll definitely want to try churros in Barcelona!

    Okay, so tapas is more authentic to the south of Spain and churros is more authentic to Madrid… Close enough! Eat as many patatas bravas, croquettes, and churros dipped in hot chocolate as you like.

    Restaurante Cierzo is a great kid-friendly tapas place and La Granja Pallaresa is perfect for churros.

    Boat or Kayak Trip

    Traveling to Barcelona with older kids? Be active and book a boat or a sea kayaking trip from Barcelona harbor. 

    You’ll be able to explore the quieter coves on the coastline just north of the city and have a unique adventure.

    Labyrinth Park

    On the outskirts of the city is the Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola Nature Reserve, which is where you’ll find Labyrinth Park. It’s a cool cypress tree maze that you can spend hours walking around getting lost in (literally).

    Image of Labyrinth Park in Barcelona Spain
    Kids love exploring Labyrinth Park in Barcelona.

    It’s one of the best Barcelona kids’ activities if the crowds of the city are getting a little much and you want to be out in nature.

    Gaudí-Style Mosaiccos Workshop

    One of the most unique things to do in Barcelona with your kids is to book a mosaic art workshop! You’ll learn how to make Gaudí-style mosaics and you’ll even be able to take them home. Check the latest rates and availability.

    Things To Do in Barcelona With Kids FAQs

    Is Barcelona a good place to take children?

    Yes! Barcelona is a fantastic place to take children. With lots of pedestrianized lanes, heaps of amenities and attractions for tourists, and beautiful and exciting things to see on every corner, visiting Barcelona with kids is a great idea.

    Barcelona’s metro system is cheap and easy to navigate. With cable cars and an easy-to-follow grid street system, you won’t struggle to get around with your little ones.

    There are also lots of cafes where you can take breaks throughout the day and restaurants always greet children warmly.

    That’s not to say there aren’t some challenges with Barcelona family travel. 

    For example, while tap water is safe to drink, you might find the smell and taste a little different from what your kids are used to. Don’t be surprised if you have to spring for bottled water to keep them hydrated!

    Which area is best for kids in Barcelona?

    There’s really only one neighborhood you should consider staying in Barcelona with children, and that’s the Gothic Quarter. 

    The Gothic Quarter is close to Barcelona’s historic center and Las Ramblas, which is the main tourist street. From here, it’s easy to travel elsewhere in the city while being close to lots of restaurants, cafes, and top attractions like the Barcelona Cathedral.

    How many days do you need in Barcelona with kids?

    The capital of the Catalonia region is a huge, sprawling city and there are tons of places to visit in Barcelona with kids. You need to spend at least three days in Barcelona to do all the top family activities Barcelona has to offer.

    Keep in mind that there are lots of things to do in Spain with kids elsewhere too. If you want to take a day trip, you may need to plan four days in Barcelona. 

    Things To Do in Barcelona Wrap Up

    Those are all of the top things to do in Barcelona with kids that cater to a variety of ages and interests.

    As you can see, traveling to Barcelona with family is a great idea! You’ll never get bored.

    Along with the mild climate, the huge number of playgrounds, and the child-friendly cuisine, you can bet that your family trip to Barcelona will leave you with wonderful, unforgettable memories.

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