We Love Trains

My toddler has a deep appreciation for trains. We’ve been fortunate to be able to explore opportunities to go on train rides here in the Pacific Northwest. Not only have I learned more than I ever thought I’d know about trains, but it’s been a fun learning experience for the whole family. This past summer, we got to experience the West Coast Railway Heritage Park up in Squamish, BC (just North of Vancouver, BC.) This was the coolest train museum we’d ever been to! When I heard they had a Polar Express train event, I was instantly intrigued and determined to head back up for it. I’m so glad we did!

My toddler Owen is obsessed with all types of vehicles. He likes to read about them, watch YouTube videos of them, and most of all he’d like to sit on them. Almost on a daily basis, he asks if we are going to sit down on a train today. I realized that in Seattle, we have several local train options and we could easily make a train excursion. So, we grabbed some friends and we decided to have a morning of Link Light Rail trains and then do lunch.