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Why Families Love Mt. Rainier Cabins at Stone Creek Lodge

Why Families Love Mt. Rainier Cabins at Stone Creek Lodge

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Did you know you can stay in a cabin just steps away from the entrance to Mount Rainier National Park? Keep scrolling for my full review of the Mt. Rainier cabins at Stone Creek Lodge!
This post about the Mt. Rainier cabins at Stone Creek Lodge was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.
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Have you ever visited a place that immediately felt special? I’ve gotten that feeling a few times in the past few years, especially when we visited Mt. Rainier Cabins at Stone Creek Lodge.

When I first visited my son’s preschool, I instantly knew it was the right fit. And when we first stepped into our newest house, it felt like it was meant to be.

Well, I got that same feeling when we visited Stone Creek Lodge this past weekend. It had all the cozy vibes families look for when staying at Mt. Rainier cabins in the woods.

From the moment we parked, we felt welcomed and like someone was looking after us in this cozy cabin with easy access to the main entrance. It’s one of those places that has all the intangible amenities you don’t know you’re looking for until you find it.

To be honest, I almost didn’t write this post because I selfishly don’t want the peaceful accommodations to be booked next time we want to go!

Why Families Love Mt. Rainier Cabins at Stone Creek Lodge

FAQ about Lodging Near Mt. Rainier

What are the best hotels near Mount Rainier?

If you want to stay in a hotel, there’s the Alta Crystal Resort or Nisqually Lodge. But, I highly recommend booking a cabin for the full Mount Rainier experience.

Where can I stay inside Mount Rainier National Park?

If you’re looking for places to stay in Mt Rainier National Park, you have a few options. There’s the National Park Inn or Paradise Inn. Otherwise, there are places to camp in a tent or RV.

Which are the best cabins near Mt Rainier?

We think Stone Creek Lodge is the best cabin near Mount Rainier. They have lots of cabin sizes for couples or families and it’s super close to the park entrance. Other options include Deep Forest Cabins or Betsy’s Cabins.

Where is Stone Creek Lodge?

Stone Creek Lodge is located just outside Mount Rainier National Park in Ashford, Washington. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive there from Seattle.

It’s the second closest place to stay from the Mount Rainier National Park entrance.

Why You Should Stay in Mt Rainier Cabins vs Hotel

When you think about heading to the mountains for a weekend getaway, you’re probably picturing a log cabin with a cozy fireplace, right?

For those of us who aren’t into camping, staying at a Mount Rainier cabin is the closest thing to getting that outdoor experience without it being too outdoorsy.

You’ll still have comfy beds to sleep in and a bathroom, but you’ll also get a kitchen area, more space, and super close parking.

And for families, not only does staying in cabins near Mt. Rainier feel like a novelty, but it’s also more practical than a hotel.

Kids can stomp around on the floor without bothering other guests. Plus, you can easily make your own meals in these Mt. Rainier cabin rentals and save a little money.

What was our Mount Rainier Cabin Like?

I have to say, this is one of the cutest places we’ve ever stayed. I’m a huge fan of feeling immersed in our destination when we travel, and this definitely feels like a cabin near Mount Rainier!

We stayed in the Vine Maple cabin. Read more about it HERE.

This is the interior of our Mt Rainier cabins at Stone Creek Lodge. It featured bunk beds, a queen bed, a kitchenette, and dining area.
Interior of the Vine Maple cabin.

It was one open room with a queen-size bed and one of those bunk beds with a larger mattress on the bottom. The bunk beds came with bedding, but you could also have kids sleep in sleeping bags on top if they liked.

There was a kitchenette with a mini fridge/freezer, a cooktop, and a table with four chairs, which made it easy to eat meals in the cabin.

Kitchenette area of this Mt. Rainier cabins at Stone Creek Lodge.
Kitchenette area of the Vine Maple cabin.

Plus, there was a bathroom area with a shower, toilet, and sink.

The cabin decor was also on point! There were lots of cute touches throughout the space to remind us that we were on a National Park trip!

Plus, there was an adorable porch area where we could sit and drink coffee while looking out at wildlife.

Their Mountain Cabin and Cascade Cabin both have access to a shared outdoor hot tub, which is easily one of the best cabin features for anybody who stays there.

It doesn’t get much better than these Mount Rainier cabin rentals!

Room Accommodations in Stone Creek Lodge

Stone Creek Lodge offers a variety of peaceful accommodations that cater to different family needs. The cabins offer a cozy and rustic atmosphere, while the suites provide more space and amenities. All of the accommodations are well-maintained and offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Vine Maple Cabin

The Vine Maple Cabin is ideal for small families or couples. It features one queen-size bed, a gas log fireplace, and a private balcony with views of the forest. The cabin also has a kitchenette with a microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker.

Mountain Cabin

The Mountain Cabin is perfect for a romantic getaway. It features a queen-size bed, a gas log fireplace, and a private balcony with views of the mountains. The cabin also has a private hot tub.

Cascade Cabin

The Cascade Cabin is a great choice for families with young children. It features two bedrooms, one with a queen-size bed and the other with two twin beds. The cabin also has a full kitchen, a gas log fireplace, and a private deck with views of the forest.

Double Queen Suite

The Double Queen Suite is perfect for larger families or groups. It features two queen-size beds, a full kitchen, a gas log fireplace, and a private balcony with views of the mountains.

Family Suite

The Family Suite is the largest accommodation at Stone Creek Lodge. It features two bedrooms, a loft with two twin beds, a full kitchen, a gas log fireplace, and a private balcony with views of the mountains.

All of the accommodations at Stone Creek Lodge offer the following amenities:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Custom-made log furniture
  • Gas log fireplace (in some rooms)
  • Air conditioning (in some rooms)
  • Private balcony or deck
  • Picnic table
  • Easy access to the main entrance and the entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park
  • Hiking trails
  • Restaurant onsite

Stone Creek Lodge is a great choice for families and couples seeking a peaceful retreat in the Pacific Northwest. The cabins and suites offer comfortable accommodations, stunning views, and easy access to hiking trails and other outdoor activities.

Mt. Rainier Cabins at Stone Creek Lodge
These units sleep 1-2 people.

Why Families LOVE Stone Creek Lodge

I think Stone Creek Lodge is set up really well for multigenerational travel or for families traveling together.

They offer several cabins for couples (perfect for grandparents), and they also have cabins that sleep up to 4 people.

I got to check out a couple of their newest family cabins, which are in the final stages of renovation. They look amazing!

All of the cabins on the property are set up around the fire pit area, making it easy for friends and families to gather throughout their stay.

What Sets Stone Creek Lodge Apart from other Mount Rainier Cabins

Remember when I talked about Stone Creek Lodge feeling special? That’s because it is.

The owners, Bob and Joe, have created an amazing, genuine sense of community that doesn’t feel forced.

Bon Fires

They do these cool bonfires in the middle of the property, where they invite guests to gather in the evenings around the outdoor fire pit. It’s kind of a casual hangout where people talk about what they did during the day.

Image of a dad and two boys roasting marshmallows at a bonfire at Stone Creek Lodge at Mt Rainier cabins.
Community bonfire at Stone Creek Lodge.

We brought supplies to make s’mores around the campfire, which was a huge hit with our kids. Usually, the owners provide all the s’mores fixing during normal times.

One of the Closest Cabins Near Mount Rainier

I also want to point out that you can see the entrance to Mount Rainier National Park from Stone Creek Lodge. It only takes a few minutes to walk there and seconds to drive there.

Image of a family posing in front of the Mount Rainier National Park sign near Stone Creek Lodge at Mt. Rainier Cabins.
Stone Creek Lodge is just steps away from Mount Rainier National Park.

Personally, I liked how close we were to the entrance because it was like the best of both worlds. We got to have the National Park experience without feeling like we had to stay inside the park the entire time.

Stone Creek Lodge is also just minutes away from several restaurants and has really tasty food! Plus, it was easy to get to lots of activities.

Rustic Yet Newly Renovated

If you’re someone who is on the fence about staying in a Mount Rainier cabin because you’re worried it will still feel like “roughing it,” don’t worry.

Stone Creek Lodge has the cutest Mt Rainier cabins for families. Image of a queen size bed and nightstands inside a Mt Rainier cabins.
We loved this renovated cabin!

The owners purchased the property about 6 years ago, and they have been renovating each unit.

Our cabin felt impeccably clean, and all the furniture was gorgeous and sturdy. It definitely felt more luxurious than I was expecting, and it was really easy to get comfortable.

How to Book Your Stay at Stone Creek Lodge

It’s easiest to book directly through Stone Creek Lodge by visiting their website HERE.

You can also read TripAdvisor reviews HERE.

Image of two boys posing in front of the Stone Creek Lodge sign. This is one of the best Mt Rainier cabins for families.
Our kids LOVED Stone Creek Lodge near Mount Rainier National Park.

Things to do at Mount Rainier with Kids

Now that you know where to stay, let’s talk about some fun things you can do inside Mount Rainier National Park as well as the area around it.

Read about our weekend trip to Mount Rainier National Park.

Kid-Friendly Mount Rainier Hikes

There are several hikes that are perfect for kids of all ages. We really enjoyed doing the Trail of the Shadows because it was fairly flat, short, and there were cool things to see along the way.

There’s also the Grove of the Patriarchs that’s an interpretive trail. We haven’t done it yet, but we’ve heard it’s super kid friendly.

Mount Rainier Train Ride

Located in Elbe, the Mt. Rainier Railroad & Logging Museum is always a hit with families. A short train ride takes you to the town of Mineral, where you can explore the logging museum.

We’ve done the Mount Rainier train ride several times. They offer them throughout the year, but we love the Polar Express Santa Train!

If you want to do the Polar Express, make sure to book well in advance. Also, book your stay at Stone Creek Lodge so you can get the full Mount Rainier experience!

Northwest Trek

Another family-friendly Mt. Rainier activity is Northwest Trek. It’s located in Eatonville and is always a blast!

We did the Wild Drive last summer, where we got to drive through the park and see all kinds of cool animals.

They usually have a tram ride that my kids have always loved. Plus, they have paved walking paths to explore the rest of the park.

And they have one of the coolest play areas ever! It’s called Kids Trek, and you will have to drag your kids away because it’s just that fun.

Recycled Spirits of Iron Sculpture Park

Another cool thing to do near Mount Rainier is to visit the sculpture park in Ashford.

Recycled Spirits of Iron is one of those roadside attractions that is totally worth a quick stop.

I mean, where else can you visit a life-size giraffe made completely out of repurposed iron?

Horseback Riding Near Mount Rainier

Families might also be interested in knowing where to go horseback riding near Mount Rainier.

EZ Times is a great option in Elbe where you can ride through pretty nature trails.

Mt. Rainier Cabins at Stone Creek Lodge Wrap-Up

By now, you shouldn’t need any more convincing that you should check out these cabins for rent near Mt Rainier.

While I’d highly recommend them for a summer getaway from Seattle, they would also be perfect for a PNW fall getaway. The weather in September and October is quite lovely.

Looking for more PNW getaways? Check out our posts about Mt. Rainier in Summer, Semiahmoo Resort & Spa, Winthrop Washington, and Alderbrook Resort & Spa!

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