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PNW Weekend Getaway to Winthrop, WA: A Wild West Town

PNW Weekend Getaway to Winthrop, WA: A Wild West Town

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Are you looking for an amazing, kid-friendly PNW weekend getaway? Scroll to learn all about Winthrop, WA, a super cute, wild west town that you have to see to believe!
This list of things to do in Winthrop, WA was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

When I was little, we didn’t go on many vacations. But, one of the family vacations that sticks out is visiting Winthrop, WA. I remember our family driving into this quaint Western town and feeling like we had stepped back in time.

So, when I started planning our family travel for the summer, I knew I had to kick things off with a trip to Winthrop, Washington.

We decided to do a weekend trip to Winthrop, WA in June. We figured the weather would be sunny but not too hot. Keep scrolling to see exactly what we did and my tips for other Seattle families.

Where is Winthrop, WA?

Winthrop, WA is on the North Cascades Scenic Byway (HWY 20) in Washington’s magnificent Methow Valley. This small town is located in the north-central part of Washington State.

Photo of Winthrop, Washington, a wild west town located in Washington State about 4 hours from Seattle, making it an ideal PNW getaway #pnw #northcascades #easternwashington #winthrop #winthropwa #wildwest #wildwesttown
Winthrop, Washington is a Wild West town about 4 hours from Seattle, WA. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

The drive from Seattle to Winthrop is about 3.75 hours. From Vancouver, BC, the drive takes just over 4 hours. From our home in Renton, it took about 4 hours with a few potty breaks.

North Cascades Highway (HWY 20)

This is one of the most scenic drives in Washington State. It goes through the North Cascades National Park, which is one of the most beautiful national parks in Washington State.

I mean, we have a lot of gorgeous natural beauty, but my husband and I were blown away by the deep green water in Lake Diablo.

And you drive through the mountains, which still had snowy banks in June. This highway is closed in the winter, but it’s a stunning drive in the other months!

Winthrop, WA Hotels

So, there are several Winthrop, WA hotels and accommodations. It’s important to know what you are looking for in hotels in Winthrop, WA. Are you looking for a mountain resort? Do you want to be close to town?

Here are my top picks:

Sun Mountain Lodge

If you are looking for a luxurious mountain resort, Sun Mountain Lodge is it! Located 3,000 acres above the town of Winthrop, this lodge features a large range of summer and winter activities.

Plus, they have luxurious guest rooms, a full-service spa, an impressive wine collection, and a gourmet restaurant. It’s also a popular wedding location. Check the latest rates and availability.

Hotel Rio Vista

If you’d like to be right in town, Hotel Rio Vista is conveniently located on the end of the main street in downtown Winthrop. It features a hot tub and stunning views of the river.

Plus, there’s a kitchenette with a minifridge and a microwave. You can easily walk around town without needing a car. Check the latest rates and availability.

Mt. Gardner Inn

If you’d rather be a little further from the western-themed town of Winthrop, Mt. Gardner Inn is about half a mile from the main area.

So, it’s close enough to walk to for dinner, or you can walk 2 minutes to a pizza place. They offer an array of rooms at different price points. Check the latest rates and availability.

Our Stay at Hotel Rio Vista

We chose to stay at the Hotel Rio Vista because it’s so family friendly. The owners have little kids themselves and they are plugged into the family activities around town. And their staff are upbeat and friendly!

Photo of Hotel Rio Vista, a Winthrop WA lodging in town #winthrop #winthropwa #pnw #pacificnorthwest #hotelriovista
We decided to stay at Hotel Rio Vista for our Winthrop, WA lodging. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Hotel Rio Vista is located at the end of the main drag in Winthrop, WA.

This is awesome for families because we could just walk to awesome coffee shops, restaurants, an amazing bookstore, Shafer Museum, and basically anywhere in “downtown” Winthrop.

There’s even a park that’s within walking distance. Not having to get kids in and out of car seats is a HUGE plus for me.

Photo of Hotel Rio Vista in Winthrop, WA, a wild west town that's a great family-friendly vacation from Seattle #hotelriovista #winthrop #winthropwa #riverfront #wildwest #westerntown
We LOVED having a fridge in our room so we could have cold milk for our kids. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

And the rooms at Hotel Rio Vista are ideal for families. There was a large minifridge and microwave in the kitchenette.

Plus, they had a shelf with take-out utensils. This came in handy when we brought leftovers back to our room. The bathrooms are also quite spacious. I’m pleased to report they have a full bathtub!

Photo of a deer next to a river, which was the view from the Hotel Rio Vista in Winthrop, WA, a wild west town in Eastern Washington State #deer #winthrop #winthropwa #hotelriovista #easternwashington #weekendgetaway
This was our view from our riverfront balcony! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

But the best thing about staying at the Hotel Rio Vista is that you can walk out on your deck and see the incredible river view!

When we arrived, the front desk employee told us that a deer just had babies that morning. We could see the Mama deer and her babies from our room!

Camping in Winthrop, WA

Another popular place to stay in Winthrop is at a local campground. They have ones for tent camping as well as RV hookups. Here are a few awesome campgrounds to choose from:

Pearrygin Lake State Park

This 1,186-acre campground is a great place to camp if you like hiking. They have 6.5 miles of hiking trails right at the park. Plus, it’s on 11,000 feet of gorgeous waterfront at Pearrygin Lake.

The campground is open from May through October.

Big Twin Lake Campground

This campground is just 3 miles from Winthrop and it’s a great Methow Valley campground for families who love to fish. The lake is actually stocked with rainbow trout!

They have RV hookups, tent campsites, a children’s play area, swim dock, and you can even rent rowboats and paddleboats!

Pine Near RV Park

If you want to camp in Winthrop, it doesn’t get much closer than Pine Near RV Park. They are right next door to the Shafer Museum in town and have full hookups and pull-thru sites.

If you don’t have an RV, you can book one of their Tipis or Mining Shacks for an authentic Western experience. Or you can book one of their tent camping spots for just $20!

Winthrop KOA

Another great option for Winthrop, WA camping is with Winthrop KOA. It’s near town and they have all kinds of campsites. They have tent spots with river views, large grassy spots for big groups, RV pull-thru sites, and more.

They even have covered wagons you can stay in!

Plus, they have a heated pool that is open from mid-May to mid-October which is sure to be a hit with your kids!

wooden sidewalk with American flags and  sculptured silhouettes in Winthrop, Washington State, USA
Winthrop is a cute, small town in Washington that is great for walking around.

Things To Do in Winthrop WA in a Weekend

Wondering what to do in Winthrop WA? If you are outdoorsy, there are lots of active things to do in Winthrop and Methow Valley Washington. We saw a lot of families decked out in outdoor gear. Hiking and camping top the list.

There’s also biking, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, fishing, boating, and the list goes on and on.

However, my family is decidedly NOT into most outdoor activities. But, we were thrilled to have so many fun options for family adventures. We did enjoy some outdoor adventures, but we mostly had a nice, easy-paced weekend.

Here’s what we did on our weekend in Winthrop, WA:

Shafer Museum

When I researched things to do in Winthrop, WA Shafer Museum popped up. It’s an indoor/outdoor museum highlighting pioneer life. Lucky for us, it was across the street from our hotel.

Photo of the entrance to Shafer Museum in Winthrop, a mining town in Washington State #winthropwa #pnw #miningmuseum #goldrush #wildwest #ghosttown #washingtonstate
Just getting to Shafer Museum was half the fun! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We walked up the ramp and stairs to get to the museum. The first stop was the outdoor gold mining exhibit. It was basically rusty tools and machines used to mine for gold years ago.

They have several signs posted warning parents to keep an eye on their kids and make sure they don’t climb on any of the equipment.

After that, we headed to an area with lots of tiny buildings. These had indoor exhibits featuring a little schoolhouse, a mercantile, a general store, a living room, and more.

Photo of a vintage gumball machine at Shafer Museum in Winthrop, a wild west town in Washington State #gumballmachine #shafermuseum #pnw #winthropwa #wildwest
A volunteer showed my son how this gumball machine made of wood and a mason jar worked. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

My son’s favorite spot was the general store. They had lots of cool things on display like vintage toys and food canisters.

But, the coolest this is that they had a working gumball machine in the style of the 1800s made from a glass jar and wood. The docent showed my son how it worked and let him keep the gumball (which was NOT from the 1800s!)

This was one of the most surprisingly cool Winthrop things to do!

Walk Through Winthrop, WA

After Shafer Museum, we decided to grab our stroller and walk around the town. Winthrop is surprisingly stroller-friendly. Most of the walkways are wooden, so we had no problem with our Bob stroller.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing an umbrella stroller, though.

Photo of kids playing at a train table, which is a fun thing to do in Withrop with kids. #winthrop #winthropwa #pnw #bookstore #traintable
My kids played with BRIO trains at an independent bookstore in Winthrop, WA. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Our favorite stop was the bookstore. It’s huge! And they have an extensive children’s section complete with a train table, lots of toys, cool puzzles, and books of course!

And they have really comfy couches if you want to rest a bit while your kids play at the train table.

Three Fingered Jacks Saloon

One of my memories from my childhood trips to Winthrop was eating at Three Fingered Jacks. It’s the oldest (legal) saloon in Washington State.

My dad and brother visited Winthrop last year, so I knew they no longer sold those amazing milkshakes. But, we decided to stop in for an early dinner. And by early, I mean 4:30 pm!

Photo of Three Fingered Jacks Saloon, the oldest saloon in Washington State, which is a place to eat in Winthrop, WA #winthropwa #threefingeredjacks #threefingeredjackssaloon #winthropwarestaurant #pnw #burger #oldestsaloon #saloon
My burger was really flavorful and my 4-year-old loved his smiley-face fries! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

They mostly serve burgers and pizza. Half of the space is a legit saloon and the rest is a family-friendly restaurant.

Their children’s menu offered four entrees. The kids split an order of chicken nuggets and were delighted that they arrived in animal shapes! Plus, they got smiley face french fries!

Three Fingered Jacks has high chairs. Their booths have wooden seats sturdy enough for kids to stand on.

The children’s menus aren’t coloring sheets, so if your kids like that, bring your own. Straw cups were available for my toddler’s milk.

Sherri’s Sweet Shoppe

When we checked into Hotel Rio Vista, I asked the woman at the front desk about her favorite spots in Winthrop. She told us we absolutely HAD to head to Sherri’s Sweet Shoppe.

She recommended their version of a frappuccino made with real ice cream. And she said she loves to get the chocolate-covered gummy bears inside their candy shop.

So, after our dinner at Three Fingered Jacks, we headed to get ice cream and treats at Sherri’s Sweet Shoppe. Sherri’s is definitely a big hit for families.

They also have a bucket of chalk so kids can draw on the sidewalk. We loved the vintage fortune teller machine. Plus, they have putt putt golf downstairs.

Out of all the Winthrop activities, this one is a definitely hit with kids!

Photo outside Sherri's Sweet Shoppe, where guests can sit on saddles to eat ice cream cones in the Methow Valley, which is one of the things to do in Winthrop with kids #winthropwa #wildwest #westerntown #sherrissweetshoppe #methowvalley #pacificnorthwest #pnw
My husband and sons enjoyed ice cream cones while sitting on saddles overlooking the river. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

But, I think one of the coolest things about Sherri’s Sweet Shoppe is that customers can sit on real saddles to eat their treats!

My preschooler sat in about 4 different saddles while eating his ice cream cone. And my toddler begged to get out of the stroller so he could also sit on one.

Photo outside Sherri's Sweet Shoppe, an ice cream shop in Winthrop, WA which is a fun thing to do in Winthrop, WA with kids #icecreamshop #winthropwa #methowvalley #washingtonstate #smalltownwa
One of the many seating areas near Sherri’s Sweet Shoppe! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

And, you know I’m a sucker for a cute photo op! So, when I saw this wooden statue, I bribed my son to sit for a quick photo!

Since our toddler took a short nap on the drive to Winthrop from Seattle, we knew we were in the “countdown to beast mode” so we all headed back to our hotel to rest up for our Saturday adventures.

Horse Back Riding Near Winthrop, WA

One of the things my preschooler was most excited about during our Winthrop weekend getaway was getting to ride a horse.

He’d ridden on a pony 2 years ago at Remlinger Farms, but this was his first time on a big horse.

So, we headed to ThunderFoot Riding for a private one-hour lesson. If you’re visiting the Methow Valley with kids, this is definitely one of the most memorable things to do near Winthrop WA.

Photo of horseback riding at ThunderFoot Riding in Twisp, WA with is a fun thing to do near Winthrop, WA #twisp #winthrop #horsebackriding #horses #familytravel #washingtonstate
Bethann does an amazing job of teaching young kids how to safely ride horses. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Bethann greeted us warmly and talked about her life growing up on a ranch in the midwest. She had family on Whidbey Island and they used to drive through Winthrop every summer to visit them.

She told us that she remembered thinking “Wow! This is like a ghost town, but PEOPLE live here!” I think that’s the best way to describe Winthrop!

Anyway, she introduced my 4-year-old to Thunder, whose nickname is “Couch.” Apparently, he doesn’t like to move! He was the perfect horse for my first-time rider, as he was very gentle.

Photo of ThunderFoot Riding, LLC in Twisp, WA a horseback riding ranch in Eastern Washington #horse #horsebackriding #horsebacklessons #ridinglessons #twisp #winthropwa #methowvalley
The scenery was breathtaking at ThunderFoot Riding, LLC in Twisp, WA. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Then, she fitted my son for his helmet and told him all about horse safety. She showed him horseshoes and how they get attached to the hooves. She also taught him about the saddle and the safest way for him to ride.

My son rode the horse by himself while she walked next to him.

After a few quick walks to get comfortable, they were ready for their first trail ride! We put our toddler in our BOB stroller and followed along. As my son was riding, she explained how to steer a horse with the reins.

Once he got the hang of it, they played “follow the leader” and he steered the horse all by himself!

Photo of a kid-friendly horseback riding lesson in Twisp, WA near Winthrop, WA #horses #horseriding #winthrop #winthropwa #twisp #methowvalley #washingtonstate
Trotting was my son’s favorite part of learning how to ride a horse! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

When we got back to the stable, my son was ready to try trotting. He loves anything that goes fast, so he was really excited to trot along!

Then, he was ready to walk around the field. He kept warning Bethann about all the horse poop and he was so afraid she was going to step in it.

Apparently, that’s a really common worry among young riders, so she just laughed it off. She told him “That’s why I wear these boots!”

Photo of a kid learning to ride a horse in Twisp, WA near Winthrop in the Methow Valley #winthrop #twisp #methowvalley #horses #horsebackriding
My son loved having 1:1 time to learn how to ride a horse in Twisp, WA. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Our toddler kept a watchful eye on his brother. We tried putting our toddler on the horse for a minute, but he was very unhappy about it. So, he went back into the stroller to supervise.

My preschooler smiled the entire hour!

Mazama Store

After our horseback riding lesson, we figured the kids might nap in the car. So, we decided to take a drive to let them rest.

We attempted to find Falls Creek Falls, a local paved path that’s easy for families to walk. However, we got turned around with our GPS and couldn’t find it.

Photo of Mazama Store in Mazama, WA in the Methow Valley near Winthrop in Washington State #mazama #mazamastore #methowvalley #pacificnorthwest #washingtonstate
I was impressed with the toy section at Mazama Store. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

But, my friend had suggested that we stop at Mazama Store. Since the kids were sound asleep, we headed over there.

I’m so glad we did! This may be the coolest store in a small town! They had fresh sandwiches and a full coffee bar. Plus, a large selection of Methow Valley products.

They even had an extensive freezer section with local foods.

We actually went back on our way home and bought a frozen lasagna and a frozen shepherd’s pie. Both were very tasty and made for easy dinners after our weekend in Winthrop!

Next time, we’re going to stay longer and explore all the things to do in Mazama WA!

Cowboy Dinner at Sun Mountain Lodge

The Cowboy Dinner rounded out our weekend in Winthrop, WA. It’s a special activity that runs during the summer months at Sun Mountain Lodge, located about 20 minutes from downtown Winthrop.

The 3-hour event consists of a horseback ride and dinner.

Photo of a family riding in a covered wagon at Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, WA #northcascades #washingtonstate #winthrop #coveredwagon #wildwest #cowboydinner #sunmountainlodge
This was our first time riding in a covered wagon! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Since our kids were too young to ride horses, we loaded into the horse-pulled wagon along with other families. Mr. Bill welcomed everyone and then invited some of the kids to stand up front and help him steer the horses.

We started at Sun Mountain Lodge and rode about 45 minutes down to the camp on a trail with stunning views of Methow Valley WA.

Photo of a cowboy playing guitar at a campsite in Winthrop, WA as part of Sun Mountain Lodge's Cowboy Dinner #sunmountainlodge #cowboy #cowboydinner #campout #washington #methowvalley
Listening to a cowboy strum his guitar really set the mood! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

As we arrived, a cowboy was sitting by a fire strumming his guitar and singing a country song. Two horses roamed around the field available for rides for kids who didn’t get to ride a horse down to the Cowboy Dinner. And the air smelled wonderful!

Photo of the Cowbody Dinner at Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, WA in the Methow Valley #cowboydinner #methowvalley #washington #pnw #pacificnorthwest #wildwest #western
The food was prepared at an authentic wagon outside Sun Mountain Lodge. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

We hopped out of the wagon and made our way to the fire. It was nice to sit back and just soak up the ambiance. After a few minutes, a child rang the dinner bell and the staff invited us to grab a plate a dig in!

There was green salad, baked beans, watermelon, cornbread, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, and steak.

Plus, they had strawberry pie and apple crumble for dessert. And hot coffee, cold water, and lemonade.

It was BYOB and we saw a few small coolers of beer and a handful of wine bottles.

Throughout dinner, kids were running around the fields and trying to lasso a prop bull.

Photo of a family at the Cowboy Dinner hosted by Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, WA in Eastern Washington #cowboydinner #sunmountainlodge #winthrop #winthropwa #cowboy #western #wildwest
We loved eating outdoors and roasting marshmallows. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

The highlight of my son’s evening was getting to roast marshmallows to make s’mores! He’d been begging us to take him camping so he could roast marshmallows.

We compromised and make some on our BBQ a few months ago, but it’s just not the same. Even my toddler wanted in on the action!

Photo of a boy steering a horse drawn wagon at Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, WA #horses #wagon #coveredwagon #sunmountainlodge #winthropwa #pnw #pacificnorthwest #familytravel
Getting to steer the horses was the perfect way to end the Cowboy Dinner. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

After our bellies were full, we loaded back into the wagon. It was “golden hour” so we got spectacular views of the valley. My son got a turn holding the reins and he steered us back up to Sun Mountain Lodge.

Other Amazing Winthrop, WA Adventures for Next Time

My kids keep asking us when we are going back to Winthrop, WA because they had such a fun time. We’re already planning our next trip because there are plenty of things we didn’t have time to do.

And now that they are getting older, they can actually do a lot more things!

Winthrop, USA - September 15, 2018 : street view small town in north of Washington state touristic destination
Winthrop, WA Information Station

North Cascade Smokejumper Base

We had several local families tell us to visit the North Cascades Smokejumper Base, but we ran out of time. Apparently, the Methow Valley is where smoke jumping began.

If you haven’t heard of this before, smoke jumpers are specially trained firefighters who jump out of aircraft in order to reach remote wildfires.

It’s been around since 1939 and it’s a big hit with local kids as well as tourists.

Winthrop National Fish Hatchery

Another place that local families suggested we check out is the Winthrop National Fish Hatchery. This is a great place for kids to see Coho Salmon.

But, the big draw is their kids fishing days. It’s an easy way for kids to learn how to fish without being in a boat.

Methow Valley Farmers Market

We tried to make the Methow Valley Farmers Market on our trip to Winthrop, but it’s only open from 9 am-12 pm on Saturdays and it’s in Twisp. Next time, we’ll manage our time better so we can go.

There’s also the Winthrop Market on Sundays from 10 am-2 pm at Winthrop Park. This seems like it would be easy to walk through, especially while eating ice cream cones!

Watch a Movie at Barnyard Cinema

Our family loves loves loves movie nights! I just found out about this independent movie house and I know we’d get a kick out of going (depending on what film is showing.)

Visit Pearrygin Lake State Park

We always love exploring state parks when we travel. This one is one of the most popular state parks in Washington and it’s only 4 miles outside of Winthrop.

They have swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking. Plus, it’s a full-fledged campground.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

My youngest has been asking me when we’re going to ride in a hot air balloon (like it’s a thing most families do!) It’s actually been on my bucket list for years, and I think the Methow Valley would be a gorgeous spot to do it.

Colorful hot air balloons flying in the sky during Winthrop Balloon Festival in Washington state
Hot air balloons in Winthrop, WA

Morning Glory Balloon tours seem to be the best choice. They take kids ages 6 years old and older, so we have a few years before we can do this.

Hiking at Falls Creek Falls

We’re hoping to do this kid-friendly Methow Valley hike on our next trip to Winthrop. It’s just a quarter-mile to get to the first waterfall and it’s on a paved trail.

Then, if the kids are still on board, we can continue on to the scenic viewpoint where we can see the upper falls.

Winthrop Ice Rink

If we happen to visit Winthrop in winter, we’ll probably check out this award-winning ice rink in downtown Winthrop. It’s an outdoor ice skating rink and it sounds pretty magical in wintertime.

I’m actually not a huge fan of ice skating, but my kids love going at least once a year during the holidays.

Cool Events in Winthrop, WA

Winthrop Hot Air Balloon Festival

One of these years, we’re going to visit Winthrop in March so we can check out this 3-day hot air balloon festival. People travel from all over to fly their colorful hot air balloons around Winthrop and the North Cascades.

Winthrop Vintage Wheel Car Show

My youngest is obsessed with all kinds of vehicles and this sounds like the perfect event to take him to. It’s not just cars. People bring their vintage tractors, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pretty much anything that has wheels and is considered an antique!

Methow Valley Rodeos

If we head to Winthrop during Memorial Day weekend or Labor Day weekend, we’ll probably try to attend the rodeo! It’s something we’ve never done before, but it sure seems like the place to do it!

Winthrop Washington FAQs

What is Winthrop Washington known for?

Winthrop, Washington is known for its Old West-style downtown area, which has been meticulously restored to resemble a Western frontier town.

Is Winthrop WA a good place to live?

Winthrop is a great place to live for people who enjoy the outdoors. The town is also a popular destination for tourists, so there are plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from. However, Winthrop can be expensive to live in, and the winters can be cold and snowy.

What is the cowboy town in Washington State?

The cowboy town in Washington State is Winthrop. It is located in the Methow Valley, which is a popular destination for outdoor recreation.

What state is Winthrop in?

Washington State.

How far to drive from Winthrop to Wenatchee?

The driving distance from Winthrop to Wenatchee is 100 miles. The fastest route is via WA-153 S, which takes about 2 hours and 17 minutes to drive.

Things to do in Winthrop WA Wrap-Up

Winthrop, Washington is a hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest that offers visitors a range of exciting things to do and see.

From the Western-themed downtown area to the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding Cascade Mountains, Winthrop has something for everyone.

For those planning a trip to Winthrop, there are a variety of places to stay, from cozy Winthrop cabins and bed and breakfasts to luxurious resorts and hotels.

There are also plenty of great dining options, with restaurants serving up delicious local cuisine and regional specialties.

Whether you’re exploring the shops and galleries of downtown Winthrop, hitting the trails for a hike or bike ride, or simply relaxing in the natural beauty of the area, Winthrop is a destination that is sure to delight visitors of all ages and interests.

So why not plan your next vacation to Winthrop, Washington, and discover the unique charms and attractions of this delightful Pacific Northwest town?

Thanks to Hotel Rio Vista and Sun Mountain Lodge for hosting my family. All opinions are my own.

Looking for more PNW getaways? Check out our top Pacific Northwest family vacations, romantic getaways from Seattle, kid-friendly Vancouver itinerary, things to do in Portland with kids, and our guide to Seabrook WA!

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    Monday 15th of April 2019

    And while visiting Winthrop make sure to head to Twisp (10 minute drive) on a Saturday in the summer to check out the Farmers Market and stroll their Main Street. They have some cute shops and even a food truck!


    Monday 15th of April 2019

    Yes! We didn't get to go on our last trip but it's on my list for this summer!

    Tiffany Haywood

    Sunday 24th of June 2018

    What a unique and charming place to visit. I love finding the cities and tons that may not be the biggest but have their own character and charm.


    Sunday 24th of June 2018

    Winthrop definitely has a lot of personality!


    Thursday 21st of June 2018

    What a cute little place! This is definitely one of those destinations that my family would LOVE!


    Thursday 21st of June 2018

    They do such a nice job of preserving the historic components while keeping it fresh and modern!


    Thursday 21st of June 2018

    What a fabulous place to visit! It looks like loads of fun for the whole family!


    Thursday 21st of June 2018

    It's full of epic adventures!

    Sara Welch

    Thursday 21st of June 2018

    I need to make my way back up to WAS. It is such a beautiful state.


    Thursday 21st of June 2018

    YES! It's the most beautiful place in the world IMHO :)

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