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KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya Mexico

KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya Mexico

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Do your kids want to be pop stars? Find out how your kids can do the KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Mexico, keep scrolling for all the info!

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When I told my friends I was heading to Mexico to cover the new KIDZ BOP Experience for my blog, the first question I got was, “Wait, isn’t that the group that made CDs when WE were kids?”

That’s when I realized that KIDZ BOP has been around for a very long time. Not that I’m old or anything, but I do remember watching their commercials growing up.

Ok, I was a teenager, but that still counts, right?

I always ended up humming along with the songs and they’d get stuck in my head for hours and hours after.

Now that I’m a mom, I alternate between playing Disney Pandora and KIDZ BOP music for my own kids while we’re driving to school and activities.

We’ve made it a game in the car where the kids have to guess the song title!

It’s kind of cool when something from my own childhood withstands the test of time and I’m able to experience it again with my kids.

So, when KIDZ BOP reached out to invite me to check out their brand new KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico, I immediately said yes.

Not only did I know my son would have a blast, but I knew this was the type of resort my readers would be interested in learning about.

So, let’s dive right in!

What is KIDZ BOP?

Now, before I really get started, I want to make sure everyone knows what KIDZ BOP is. If you don’t know, you’ll be super confused.

KIDZ BOP is a pop group made up of a rotating set of kids. They sing top 40 pop songs, but “clean” versions.

So, they replace any swear words or suggestive phrases with something much more kid-friendly.

They launched in 2001 and they have sold more than 16 million albums. Nowadays, they also have merchandise, music videos, and do world tours.

Check out the latest KIDZ BOP album.

What is the KIDZ BOP Experience?

The KIDZ BOP Experience is a stand-alone kids program that is located at both the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana and the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

The building is segmented into different activities for the kid to experience.

In the Pop Star Lounge, kids have the opportunity to use the KIDZ BOP closet to come up with their pop star looks.

They can also create a custom band name, learn dance moves, write their own songs, and design their next album cover.

Kids can also participate in KIDZ BOP Karaoke on stage.

Basically, it’s a kids club at these all-inclusive resorts.

Parents can drop off their kids for a few hours and enjoy some kid-free time. Kids get to live out their wildest rock star dreams. Total win-win!

There are set times and you do need to sign up ahead of time.

Keep scrolling to see exactly what happens during those few hours.

The KIDZ BOP Experience also extends into the hotel’s weekly programming with a series of ice cream socials, fun pool parties and pop-up events.

The KIDZ BOP Experience is located at the Hard Rock Hotels in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and Riviera Maya in Mexico.

What Happened at the KIDZ BOP Experience Opening?

Because we came specifically for the opening of the KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, we got to do a few extra fun things.


They invited us to special VIP opening party with snacks and treats.

The KIDZ BOP Kids came and answered a few questions about what they like to do on tour and the coolest places they’ve been (several answers were the Hard Rock Riviera Maya!)

The brand new KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya opened in August 2019

Three KIDZ BOP kids commemorated the grand opening of the KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. Photo credit: KIDZ BOP Experience

Then, we followed the KIDZ BOP Kids over to the new KIDZ BOP Experience building where they christened it by smashing guitars. Totally Hard Rock style!

Finally, we were invited inside to check out the new digs.


The next afternoon, we headed to the Hacienda Lobby for an ice cream social with special guests: The KIDZ BOP Kids!

They had a DJ spinning tunes and the kids all got to dance together (and wear off a little of the sugar!)


Finally, it was time to see what the KIDZ BOP Experience really entailed.

Because this was a media/VIP event, parents were invited to stay a bit to take photos and videos. Normally, this is a drop off program.

After we checked the kids in, they got their official name badges and headed to the Pop Star Closet to find their new look.

Then, the kids introduced themselves and a dance party broke out. And who do you think crashed the party? Yep, the KIDZ BOP Kids!

After showing off their dance skills, everyone climbed on stage for some group photos.

Next up was karaoke. They had laminated song menus where kids could team up or sign up as a solo artist to perform.

It was true karaoke because they had a screen set up for kids to read the lyrics as they sang.

Then, the kids learned choreography to a dance they were going to perform as the opening act of the KIDZ BOP concert the following night.

Finally, the kids got some “free time” to do what they like as parents came to pick up the kids.

My son chose to color a KIDZ BOP coloring sheet.


The next day, we got ready to experience the KIDZ BOP Pool Party at one of the many pools at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya.

Let’s just say, for a 5 year old, this pool party was EPIC.

The music was pumping and the KIDZ BOP Experience staff were fully energized as they introduced themselves by cannon-balling into the water!

Kids will love the KIDZ BOP Pool Parties at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, an all-inclusive resort in Mexico

The KIDZ BOP Pool Party was full of dancing and crazy pool floaties! Photo credit: KIDZ BOP Experience

They called all the kids up on stage to do the Cupid Shuffle and other dances as the parents beamed in the water.

Oh, and a giant foam machine blasted foamy bubbles all over the crowd!

And since we were there opening week, a few of the KIDZ BOP Kids came out to dance with the kids and keep the party upbeat and exciting.

I tried to capture as much as I could with video and photos, however I stopped myself (well my son stopped me) so I could stop filming and start participating.

That’s when they loaded the pool with oversized (and hilarious) pool floaties shaped like food items and wild animals.

And then, they tossed out tons of skinny balloons into the crowd.

The staff did a great job keeping the energy up and my son had a lot of fun trying to catch the foam in a cup and laughing with the other kids in the pool.


Because we did the KIDZ BOP Experience during opening week, the kids were invited to attend a dress rehearsal before the KIDZ BOP concert.

During the KIDZ BOP Experience the previous day, they learned choreography to “Can’t Stop This Feeling” and staff wanted to rehearse with them prior to the show.

It was awesome for parents because we got to drop our kids off and they promised to feed them and keep them occupied while we ate dinner kid-free.

I’m a total introvert and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed ordering room service to eat in bed as I soaked in the sweet, sweet sound of silence!


Ok, it was finally time for the MAIN EVENT. I talked with several families who came to the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya specifically for the KIDZ BOP concert. We were all excited!

There was a large section reserved for media and it was pretty swanky with comfy chairs, light up tables, and great views of the stage.

They even had buffet dinner, packaged snacks, face painting and temporary tattoos available in the back for everyone!

Kids who participated in the KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya got to perform at the KIDZ BOP concert!

The kids who participated in the KIDZ BOP Experience got to be the opening act before the concert! Photo credit: KIDZ BOP Experience

The show kicked off with the KIDZ BOP Experience participants performing to “Can’t Stop This Feeling” in waves. First, it was the older kids, then slightly younger kids, and then the youngest kids.

My son was in the final group and he just beamed as he danced next to one of the instructors!

When it was over, I checked out my son from the staff and he couldn’t wait to hear what I thought of his show!

There was a bit of a break before the KIDZ BOP kids came out, so we took advantage of the temporary tattoos and face painting.

Then, the show kicked off and it was full of energy!

The KIDZ BOP kids rocked the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya as part of their KIDZ BOP World Tour

There was so much energy and glitz at the KIDZ BOP concert at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. Photo credit: KIDZ BOP Experience

The kids were invited to come close to the stage and then three of the KIDZ BOP kids came into the audience to take photos with their fans!

There was a big finale with a confetti cannon! What a great first concert experience for so many kids!


Directly after the concert, they invited VIP pass-holders and members of the media to a special KIDZ BOP Meet and Greet.

After the KIDZ BOP concert, VIP guests did a meet and greet with the KIDZ BOP kids

My son was really stoked to stand next to his favorite KIDZ BOP kids! Photo credit: KIDZ BOP Experience

All of the KIDZ BOP kids came out to pose with kids/families and there was a photographer on hand to capture photos for digital download after the concert.

Plus, they handed out autographed photos of the kids!

And on their way out, kids got a KIDZ BOP backpack with some goodies!


For the final day of the KIDZ BOP Experience opening week, we had the Family Olympics!

This might have been the most entertaining part of the entire week!

It was held at Woodward, an indoor (and air conditioned) place for families to jump, balance, and parkour!

They split all the kids up into 3 teams (pink, yellow, and blue) and had KIDZ BOP kids as team captains.

Then, they played crazy games like creating letters using their bodies, who could throw a foam block closest to a line, and (my personal favorite) musical chairs!

Instead of using actual chairs, they played musical chairs with odd-shaped blocks that are part of the parkour area.

The kids were encouraged to dance as the music played and then dive onto the blocks when it stopped.

My son was one of the youngest participants and he spent most of his time chatting up KIDZ BOP kid Layla and copying all her sweet dance moves.

The entire event was fun for parents and the kids!


This was the final KIDZ BOP Experience event of the week and they sure went out with a bang!

Kids who participated in the KIDZ BOP Experience during the week were able to sign up to sing their favorite KIDZ BOP song on stage in the Hacienda Lobby.

They even were able to wear cool costumes from the KIDZ BOP closet!

Three of the KIDZ BOP kids were on stage to judge the contest and the kids all looked like true pop stars!

They ended it by inviting the kids to all perform their choreography to “Can’t Stop This Feeling” and it was such an upbeat way to conclude a fantastic week at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya!

Is the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Kid-Friendly?


I admit, I didn’t know the Hard Rock even had hotels until I was invited on this trip. And then, my first thought was that they would cater just to adults.

And that they would be blasting music everywhere we went.

I’m so glad I was mistaken!

There are two sides to the Hard Rock Riviera Maya: Heaven (adults only) and the Hacienda (kid-friendly.)

However, we found that restaurants on both sides offered kids menus and were totally family friendly.

The resort is surprisingly quiet and they have music playing softly as you walk around outside. The restaurants were a bit noisier, but not too bad.

And there are several kid-friendly pool areas to hang out.

Read my full Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya review.

So, is the KIDZ BOP Experience Worth It?

If your kids like to jam out in the car, dress up in crazy outfits, and enjoy being the center of attention, they will LOVE the KIDZ BOP Experience!

The KIDZ BOP Experience is a free drop off program for kids ages 6-12 at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya in Mexico

Between the singing, dancing, and dressing up, what’s not to love? Photo credit: KIDZ BOP Experience

KIDZ BOP Experience is geared for kids ages 6-12 years old. My son is a pretty outgoing 5.5 year old and he had a really fun time.

However, if your kids are shy or don’t like performing, this is probably not the best program for them.

I’d say it would be the most fun for your kids if they went with kids they knew.

So, if you were planning a group trip to the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya with friends or family with kids, the KIDZ BOP Experience would be EPIC!

These would be the memories they would talk about when they get older and reminisce about how cool their family vacations were.

Does the KIDZ BOP Experience Cost Money?

Nope. The KIDZ BOP Experience at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya is included in your stay.

Just remember to sign up ahead of time to secure your spot!

However, you can book upgrades like the Glam Squad Spa Experience or the Pop Star Cover Shoot for an additional fee.

How to Book The KIDZ BOP Experience

If you’ve gotten this far in my post and have decided your kids would be in awe of this experience, let’s get you all set up!

First, you’ll need to reserve your room at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

Then, learn more about how to sign up for the KIDZ BOP Experience here. You’ll be able to sign up when you get to the resort.

Thanks to the KIDZ BOP Experience for hosting us. All opinions are my own. It’s great for outgoing kids of all ages!

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Chaprie Robinson

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

We were there!! Like you, we traveled there simply for the Kidz Bop Kids concert. I had no idea all of the activities they had in store. And we participated in the VIP Experience and it was nothing short of AMAZING! My daughter was in the "Can't stop the feeling" showcase as well and this made her day. We also got a change to mingle with the Kidz Bop Kids and their families and my daughter couldn't have been happier. This vacation was a hit!


Monday 7th of October 2019

Wasn't it a blast? My son is still singing and dancing to that song! And that resort was incredible! We're hoping to plan another trip soon!


Wednesday 21st of August 2019

My nieces would love this! Such a cool opportunity!


Wednesday 21st of August 2019

It was so much cooler than I expected!

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