My Mom lives on Kauai, so when Owen was 9 months old, we made our first visit over there. Owen had been a great traveler when we flew to Thailand just a few months prior, so I wasn’t too worried. My husband had to work, so it was just Owen and me. He took two naps on the way over and smiled at the kids sitting behind us. I had the dream baby.

Owen LOVED Kauai! We stayed with my mom in her condo in Kapa`a. She had rented a Pack N Play and exersaucer from Kauai Baby Gear which was such a great move because it was there before we arrived! I loved not having to worry about finding stuff when I got there.

Fun things for babies on Kauai, HI

Here are some of our favorite things we did:

  1. SHAVE ICE We sampled shave ice from all over the island. We especially enjoyed the one at Ono Ono Shave Ice in Kapa`a Town. This shave ice is really delicious! They have an assortment of flavors and snow caps are free! Owen enjoyed tasting all the flavors and tried to grab it out of my hand at one point!
  2. BEACHES We had a blast with Owen at Anini Beach on the North Shore. It’s known for calm, shallow water. Plus, Owen was fascinated by the chickens and roosters that roam freely! He also enjoyed Salt Pond Beach Park in Hanapepe and Baby Beach in Poipu. He liked being in the water, but not at the shore.
  3. FOOD Owen and I know good food and we especially love Hawaiian food! Mark’s Place in Puhi is great for babies because they have outdoor seating or you can take your food straight to the beach. And they offer great plate lunches that feature rice and mac salad (which Owen gobbled up). Costco in Lihue also offers lots of Hawaiian food. Owen ate a decent portion of poi from Hanalei. And he couldn’t get enough of all the yummy fruit!
  4. PHOTOS The best thing we did was get professional photos taken by Michelle from Island Reflections Photography. She took the above photo and also the cover photo on this blog. She met us at Salt Pond Beach Park early in the morning and it was such a sweet and calming time. I now have really good photos to commemorate Owen’s first trip to Kauai!

Kauai, HI beaches for babiesFor those traveling to Kauai from the Seattle-area (like us) I highly recommend Alaska Airlines simply because it’s a direct flight and you get a free mai tai for surviving the flight with your child! Oh, Owen turned into the nightmare baby on our flight back home. He screamed about 85% of the time and I was actually sore from trying to keep him from clobbering the poor man sitting next to us. Well, I guess you can’t win them all!Fun Things for Babies on Kauai



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