Turkey on the Table

Do you love the idea of a holiday mascot that doesn’t require you to concoct elaborately mischievous situations? Would you like your kids to understand the meaning of gratitude? Turkey on the Table might be your answer!

Turkey on the Table® is a book & activity that encourages the whole family to express and display their gratitude.  Their goal is to turn thankfulness into a daily routine.  They want to help you instill values in your children that help them understand and appreciate all of life’s blessings. Cultivating a grateful heart helps create a happy child!

Our family has a tradition of heading up to Vancouver, BC after Christmas each year to take advantage of Boxing Day sales and to celebrate our son’s birthday. We always see fun holiday-themed activities, but never seem to have time to participate. This year, we decided to add an extra weekend trip at the beginning of December to check them out. Here are our top 3 things to do in Vancouver BC for the Holidays.