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My Genuine Stitch Fix Review as a Busy Mom

My Genuine Stitch Fix Review as a Busy Mom

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If you’ve found this Stitch Fix review post, chances are you’re wondering how Stitch Fix works and whether it’s worth paying for. Get these questions answered in my candid Stitch Fix review.

This Stitch Fix unboxing post was originally published December 2, 2018 and updated October 4, 2019 and may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

My Wardrobe Crisis

So, last week I had the opportunity to attend a Seattle blogging conference.

I was able to line up a sitter for my kids and I was stoked to get 8 hours of kid-free time where I could focus on learning how to grow Marcie in Mommyland while getting to know other people in my field.

One of my goals for 2018 has been to transition my blog from a “just for fun” project into a thriving small business.

I left my career in nonprofit development when I got pregnant with my oldest more than 5 years ago and through the years, I’ve donated most of my professional wardrobe.

Since I’m mostly at home with my toddler and preschooler, I tend to wear a lot of yoga pants, sweatshirts, and clothing from Costco. If I’m really getting fancy, I’ll add a pair of jeans to the mix.

When I need to dress up, I have a grey sweater I’ll throw on and that makes me feel a bit put together.

So, as I was getting ready for my conference, I started combing my closet for the sweater.

That’s when I remembered that I wore it recently to another event and it must be in the laundry.

I forgot to mention that my sweater is wool. When I (horrifyingly) found it in the dryer, it looked like it would fit my 4 year old! Yikes!

It was in that moment that I realized this one unfortunate incident shouldn’t have thrown me for such a loop. I needed more than one “nice” option.

That’s why I signed up for Stitch Fix.


[irp posts=”12369″ name=”Stitch Fix Unboxing & Try On: October 2019″]

Looking for a genuine Stitch Fix review? See if Stitch Fix is worth it and how Stitch Fix works. Click to read more or pin to save for later. #stitchfix #momfashion #subscriptionbox | Stitch Fix review featured by top Seattle life and style blogger, Marcie in MommylandStitch Fix is for Women, Men + Kids

It was actually another Seattle blogger, Jen from Thrifty NW Mom, who encouraged me to try out Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is one of the original subscription box companies and they send 5 curated pieces in each box. You pick how often you’d like to receive boxes (every month or every few months.)

I know a few Moms who have tried it out when heading back to work after maternity leave and it was such a stress reliever for them.

But, since I don’t work outside the home, I assumed it wasn’t meant for me.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, though! And they have expanded to include men and kids!

Update: I’ve been using Stitch Fix for almost a year! Read my Stitch Fix reviews here, here, here, and here.



They also have subscription boxes for men and I think that’s such a brilliant idea!

One of our friends lives in D.C. and I remember him telling me that he loves doing these kind of subscription boxes because someone else is picking out things they think will look good on him and he doesn’t have to spend a day trying on a million things.

For him, it’s all about outsourcing and that’s the big perk!


Another cool program they have is a kid-version of Stitch Fix.

They have items for boys and girls sizes 2T–14. Each box includes 8–12 unique pieces and it’s an awesome way to shop for your kids without dragging them to the store!

Update: My son tried out Stitch Fix Kids a few months ago and LOVED it! Read about it here.


I also have to mention that Stitch Fix has a maternity box available. I think this is so smart because it can be difficult to find maternity clothing that fits but is also cute.

This is an easy way to get stylish maternity clothes sent to your house with minimal effort.

And it’s not just for first time moms!

When I was pregnant with my youngest, I was surprised (and disappointed) that some of the clothes I bought when I was pregnant with my oldest were all stretched out and looked really sloppy when I tried them on.

It made me feel a bit stressed when I need to “look nice” and nothing I had made me feel put together.

I wish I would have signed up for Stitch Fix then so I would at least have had some maternity options.

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

The process is really simple.

Head to Stitch Fix and sign up for an account. They will ask you a lot of questions about your sizes and style and what types of clothing you like or don’t like.

How does Stitch Fix work? | Stitch Fix review featured by top Seattle life and style blogger, Marcie in Mommyland: image of Stitch Fix websiteI really like how they ask which areas you like to flaunt and which areas you’d rather have looser clothing!

You can select which type of items you want in your box as well as ones you don’t.

I specifically requested shirts, sweaters and cardigans. And I made sure they didn’t send me any shorts, earrings, scarves, or shoes.

Now here’s the fun part:

When you log into your account, you can click thumbs up or thumbs down on a carousel of clothing options. This information is sent directly to your stylist so he/she gets a better sense of what you like.

These pieces change everyday, so I highly encourage you to log on everyday and narrow down your style. I do this while I eat lunch and it’s like a mini shopping spree!

Then, you wait for your Stitch Fix box to arrive.

Once it arrives, you have 3 days to try everything on and decide which items you love and want to keep. Then, put the rest back in the box and ship it back to Stitch Fix.


Why is Stitch Fix Great for Moms

I love shopping. Like, that’s always my preferred activity. It’s how I relax and I just enjoy the entire experience of looking for something that brings me joy and makes me feel great!

However, shopping with my little boys is one of the most stressful experiences. My oldest is too big for the stroller and so he ends up wandering around telling me how bored he is.

And when I try to just go with my toddler, he ends up touching every item of clothing and trying to pull it off the hanger.

I spend most of my time trying to make sure we don’t leave the store a wreck.

And don’t get me started on trying on clothes in the dressing room with two little kids who want to crawl underneath the door and see who’s next door!

So, I love that Stitch Fix mails a curated box to my house where I can hide away in my bedroom and have my own personal shopping experience.

I get the excitement of discovering new items, the satisfaction of being able to feel the fabric, and the bonus of trying them on in my own house.

It’s so helpful to be able to bring the Stitch Fix clothes into my closet to see how they work with pieces I already own.

Click here to get $25 off your first Stitch Fix box.

Are you a busy Mom who needs new clothes and are wondering if Stitch Fix is worth the money? Find out at Click to read more or pin to save for later. #stitchfix #busymom #momlife | Stitch Fix review featured by top Seattle life and style blogger, Marcie in MommylandStitch Fix Review: What Was in My Stitch Fix Box?

When my box arrived, I was surprised it was smaller than boxes I’d seen in other Stitch Fix unboxing videos. However, I remembered that I specifically said I didn’t want shoes, which take up a lot of space!


The first thing I pulled out was this gorgeous mustard yellow cardigan! I’ve been wanting to add a pop of yellow into my wardrobe, but I haven’t been able to find the right piece.

Photo of a womens Staccato cardigan from Stitch Fix specifically pulled by a Stitch Fix stylist for me #stitchfix | Stitch Fix review featured by top Seattle life and style blogger, Marcie in Mommyland: image of Stitch Fix yellow cardiganThis was a total win in my book! It’s like my stylist read my mind!


The next thing was this black and white striped shirt with a pop of the same mustard yellow on the cuffs.

Photo of a striped Colette shirt that was in my Stitch Fix box, curated by a Stitch Fix stylist #stitchfix | | Stitch Fix review featured by top Seattle life and style blogger, Marcie in Mommyland: image of striped top received from Stitch FixAgain, totally something I’d like to add to my wardrobe!


This black sweater felt so soft and cozy, yet it could be dressed up or down.

Photo of the Bay Cross Front Detail Pullover Pink Clover sweater, one of the Stitch Fix brands in my latest box #stitchfixIt has a criss cross detail on the neckline, which makes it a little different than other black sweaters.


This was my one accessory item. It’s a gold necklace with 2 chains and 2 bars.

Photo of a Jill Michael necklace, one of the items in my Stitch Fix subscription box #stitchfix | Stitch Fix review featured by top Seattle life and style blogger, Marcie in Mommyland: image of jewelry received in the Stitch Fix boxDefinitely a simple necklace that’s pretty versatile.


This skinny jean is buttery soft and super comfortable.

Photo of Lila Ryan Louise Skinny Jean, one of the Stitch Fix brands I received in my latest Stitch Fix box #stitchfixThe color is totally on trend this season and can transition easily to next Spring.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

I found the entire process to be fun! People don’t usually give me gifts so I was actually excited to not know what was in my box.

After it arrived, I waited until the kids were out of the house before I opened it so the box would have my full attention.

Opening it really felt like unwrapping a gift from a stylish friend who has your best interests in mind!

Here are two items I'm keeping from my Stitch Fix subscription box #stitchfixI genuinely love the mustard yellow sweater and the striped shirt. These are items that I would have immediately grabbed in a store to try on.

And the pants fit me like a glove (which is difficult.) While the color just wasn’t me, I also would have tried them on in a store just to make sure they weren’t my style (especially since that color is so on trend this season.)

The black sweater and the gold necklace were just okay for me. Nothing was wrong with them and they were definitely in my style range. They just didn’t wow me.

Overall, this was a really positive experience. The items I’m keeping really do bring me joy and I know they will be in heavy rotation all Winter and Spring!

I’m excited to see what’s in my next box!


Do Stitch Fix prices match the quality of Stitch Fix brands? Find out at Click to read more or pin to save for later. #stitchfix #momfashion #womensfashion #subscriptionbox | | Stitch Fix review featured by top Seattle life and style blogger, Marcie in Mommyland: image of grey pullover received in the Stitch Fix box: image of Stitch Fix unboxing Are you a busy Mom? Find out why you need Stitch Fix in your life to cut the stress of shopping with kids. Click to read more or pin to save for later. #stitchfix #busymom #momlife #momhackMore Like This Stitch Fix Review:

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Jennifer Dotson

Thursday 6th of December 2018

So glad you had a good experience - you got some fun pieces! I have been doing Stitch Fix every month just because I love seeing the options that they would pick out for me & it gets me out of my comfort zone of what I would normally pick. So fun to see what comes in each box for others, too!


Thursday 6th of December 2018

Yes! I need to get out of my comfort zone so I'm excited to get dressed in the morning. I need all the encouragement to get ready for the day!


Thursday 6th of December 2018

Seems to be an interesting concept. Would love to try it out.


Thursday 6th of December 2018

It's been fun so far!


Tuesday 4th of December 2018

My mom is a HUGE fan of Stick Fix and I actually just signed up! Can't wait to get my first box!


Thursday 6th of December 2018

Oh yay! Hope you enjoy it too!

Amanda Martin

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

Great review!! I've always been curious about StitchFix. Personally I LOVE shopping so I don't think it would be right for me but myn mom on the other hand.....this could be perfect for her!


Thursday 6th of December 2018

I also LOVE shopping, which is why I didn't do it before. But, with my little kids, it's harder and harder to go so I like that I can bring the shopping experience home!


Tuesday 4th of December 2018

I have heard such great things about stitch fix! I’m also a busy mom and could really use this in my life!


Thursday 6th of December 2018

It's a great way to treat your self!

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