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New Zealand with Kids: The Ultimate 16 Day Itinerary

New Zealand with Kids: The Ultimate 16 Day Itinerary

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Heading to New Zealand with kids and want a New Zealand family holiday itinerary that’s totally manageable? This 16-day itinerary is packed with awesome things to do in New Zealand for kids!
This New Zealand with kids 16-day itinerary was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

One of my good friends recently traveled to New Zealand with her husband and 4-year-old son. They had such an epic trip that I begged them to write a guest post about New Zealand with kids for Marcie in Mommyland

Lucky for all of us, they agreed! Here is their family-friendly 16-day New Zealand itinerary.

I also added some information about fun things to do in New Zealand with kids. And you can also check out her 10 Essential Tips for New Zealand with Kids. Enjoy!

Guest post by Traci Wong

How We Chose New Zealand with Kids

“How about New Zealand? It’s only a 3-hour time difference before daylight savings begins.”

My husband threw this out there after we discovered Costa Rica requires extra vaccinations. And I didn’t want to subject our then 3-year-old to that if we could avoid it.

I know there are lots of places for family vacations in New Zealand. But we needed to consider that the seasons are flipped from what we’re used to in the U.S.

So, we started researching the best places to visit in New Zealand in March! And my husband came up with a detailed itinerary.

A couple months later, we were on our way for our first family trip to New Zealand!

The Perfect 16-Day New Zealand Family Itinerary

Sixteen days really is not enough time for all the amazing things to do with kids in New Zealand!

It was my husband’s third time to New Zealand, so I wanted him to do some things he hadn’t done before.

Below, you can read the itinerary we put together, which was adjusted for bad weather as well as traveling with a 4-year-old.

Sadly, we canceled the one thing we really wanted to do – cruise Milford Sound – due to the worst weather of our trip!

Our original itinerary had us in Queenstown for 3 days and then 3 days traveling to see the fjords. Instead, we ended up staying in Queenstown 3 more days than planned.

So, you’ll see that everything is just a broad overview, so you have room to make changes that fit your family’s needs.

But this itinerary worked so well so that we could see both North Island and South Island in one trip without feeling like we missed out on too much. Enjoy!

Day 1: Auckland

Settling In and Finding Food

After 23 hours of traveling, we arrived in Auckland on New Zealand’s South Island at 7 AM and walked around the waterfront and downtown Auckland.

Our main objective of our first day in New Zealand was to find good food and a grocery store!

We ended up at a little cafe close to our hotel and had some delicious food.  My son and I made a pact before departing Seattle to “try” foods we wouldn’t normally eat. 

So I had a poached egg!  It was delish on the toast, fried tomato and bacon.

Then, we found a Chinese bakery where I bought red bean bread for breakfast and chocolate cream buns for treats. 

Umm, red bean bread…why haven’t I had this before?  It’s yummy Chinese bread with a swirl of red bean in it.

Photo of Auckland, New Zealand during a New Zealand with kids 16 day itinerary. | new zealand itinerary with toddler or preschooler
The lovely view of the water in Auckland while visiting New Zealand with kids. Photo credit: Traci Wong

By now, our room was ready, and we all needed a nap.

When we got up, we walked to a nearby Thai restaurant with great reviews.

We were seated and I saw the price of pad Thai was $27 and told my husband we should find somewhere else.

Seriously, $27 for pad Thai?

We went with a Japanese place that had “average” reviews.  The food was so good and priced in a normal range.

Day 2: Auckland

After a quick ferry ride, we walked a bit in Devonport to see the shops. Then we headed to Mt Victoria, a very large hill we “hiked” up to get a 360 view of Auckland and the harbor.

This was a great way to get a feel for Auckland and get a feel for the area.

Ferry to Devonport

Devonport is one of Auckland’s oldest suburbs. It’s located across the harbor at the southern point of the North Shore.

The ferry ride is about 12 minutes long. Once you are in Devonport, you’ll be able to see the skyline from the top of a volcanic cone!

Photo of a boy riding the ferry to Devonport during a New Zealand family vacation. #newzealand #devonport #ferry #nz #auckland
There was so much to see on the ferry ride! Photo credit: Traci Wong

Drive to Piha Beach

Piha Beach is about a 50-minute drive West from Auckland. It’s a lovely black sand surfing beach on the rugged coast.

If your family is interested in learning how to surf in New Zealand, there are several companies that provide surfing lessons.

The waves can be rough, so it’s not a great beach for little kids to play in the water. And there aren’t very many amenities. But the scenery is stunning!

If you don’t have a car, this Piha Beach Day Trip with Shuttle might be a good option.

More Kid-Friendly Activities in Devonport

Visiting the Historic Village: Dating back to the mid-14th century, this village is one of the earliest Maori (native New Zealander) settlements.

There’s a commemorative stone memorial there. It was then settled in the 1840s by European merchants who realized it was a great spot to see ships arriving in Auckland harbor.

Exploring North Head: Kids will have fun running around the military tunnels, bunkers and gun emplacements here. For extra fun, bring along a flashlight.

Walking around Victoria Road: This main street is home to bookshops, cafes, restaurants, and other shops.

Playing at the beach: Cheltenham Beach is about a 20-minute walk from the ferry terminal and kids can swim in the calm water. There’s also Devonport Beach and Torpedo Bay which are closes to the ferry terminal.

If you’d like to do a bus tour of Devonport, try this 24 Hour Hop On Hop Off Pass that includes the Devonport Ferry. Plus, kids 4 and under ride free!

Day 3: Rotorua

Glenbrook Vintage Railroad

Touted as New Zealand’s premier steam train experience, the Glenbrook Vintage Railway lived up to the hype!

We were already planning on visiting because our preschooler loves trains.

In our New Zealand with kids research, we discovered that Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends would be there during our dates.

It was only an additional $5 to add this event to our tickets, so we did!

Photo of a boy riding a train at Glenbrook Vintage Railway in New Zealand. #newzealand #auckland #glenbrookvintagerailway #train
Scenic train ride at Glenbrook Vintage Railway in New Zealand. Photo credit: Traci Wong

The scenic train ride is 75-minutes long. It includes a stop at the station for guests to learn more about restoration projects and see various equipment.

While you are at Glenbrook Vintage Railway, be sure to take a ride on a Jigger. This motor trolley is one of the vehicles workers used to get to their work sites.

There is also a Hand Jigger where kids can help power this vehicle to move on the tracks!

Glenbrook Vintage Railway offers several kid-friendly events throughout the year, so check out their website to stay up to date.

Drive to Rotorua for the Night

Rotorua is almost a 3-hour drive from Auckland, so we decided to stay there overnight before returning to Auckland.

It’s a great place for families because it’s filled with forest and lakes with fascinating geothermal activity.

We had just enough time to walk around the lake when we arrived in Rotorua that afternoon.

Find out everything you need to know about driving in New Zealand for the first time.

Day 4: Rotorua & Auckland

We checked out of our hotel before 8 AM so we could get to Waiotapu, a geothermal park, before it opened. 

My husband wanted to avoid hordes of tour buses and beat the crowds that would block all the best photos.

Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland

Open every day of the year (including holidays) Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland is an awesome place!

Here, you can see New Zealand’s most colorful and unique geothermal elements created by thousands of years of volcanic activity.

This is where you’ll find New Zealand’s largest mud pool, which used to be a mud volcano! There are also the champagne pool, Artist’s Palette, Devil’s Bath, and Primrose Terrace.

Photo of Waiotapu geothermal park, one of the top attractions in Rotorua, New Zealand and a fun thing to do in New Zealand with kids #rotorua #auckland #newzealand #familytravel #waiotapu
Waiotapu geothermal park is one of the top attractions in Rotorua. Photo credit: Traci Wong

But the main attraction is the Lady Knox Geyser. Water shoots up 65 feet high at 10:15 AM every single day. Be sure to bring your camera!

The Waiotapu geothermal park is a must.  It’s like nothing I’ve seen before.

Insider tip:  You need to go to Waiotapu and buy your tickets for the park (includes Geyser) before you drive over to the Lady Knox Geyser.  To get a decent seat for the geyser, head over about 9:30 AM.

Whakarewarewa Forest

After the Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland, we headed to The Redwoods & Whakarewarewa Forest.

If you’re looking for free things to do in New Zealand with kids, this is a good choice. It’s a beautiful place to walk around, ride bikes, or go horseback riding.

Photo of a boy hugging a tree at the Redwoods & Whakarewarewa Forest in Rotorua, New Zealand near Auckland. #whakarewarewa #redwoods #auckland #newzealand
The Redwoods & Whakarewarewa Forest was quite impressive! Photo credit: Traci Wong

Families with older kids can pick up a worksheet from the The Redwoods Gift Shop & Visitor Centre.

This is a fun way for kids to learn while they explore Whakarewarewa Forest. You can also download them to a tablet or phone.

While you are there, head over to the Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua. Here, you’ll find 21 suspension bridges connecting 22 Californian coastal redwoods.

It’s a fantastic way to see Whakarewarewa Forest from above!

Then, we drove back to Auckland.

Another option is to explore a The Tamaki Maori Village and see the thermal lakes.

Read my full guide about the Redwoods Treewalk in Rotorua

Day 5: Dunedin

Fly to Dunedin

We said goodbye to Auckland and flew to Dunedin, which is on the South Island. It’s also the place to find the world’s rarest penguins.

Royal Albatross Centre

One of the coolest things we did here was see the penguins at the Royal Albatross Centre. You can get a Dunedin Little Blue Penguin Viewing Tour every evening at dusk.

This is when the penguins come ashore and head to their nests. You will walk around the viewing platform and interactive walkway.

The guides will also show you Korora, the world’s smallest penguin!

You can also opt for a 3.5 hours fully guided Little Blue Penguin Tiki Tour. Money raised from either tour is reinvested into the wildlife reserve to assist with the preservation and protection of Pilots Beach and its Little Blue Penguin colony.

If you’d like to make this a whole day tour, check out this Dunedin and Otago Peninsula Full-Day Nature Tour.

Day 6: Dunedin

Taieri Gorge Railway

Like I said earlier, we have a 4-year-old who loves trains. This Taieri Gorge train ride took us through some of New Zealand’s most iconic scenery.

We also went through tunnels, bridges and viaducts. The train slowed down at certain scenic points so we could take photos. And there are open air platforms.

Photo of a boy at Taieri Gorge Railway in New Zealand #newzealand #train #taieri #taierigorge #taierigorgerailway
Exploring the trains before our Taieri Gorge train ride. Photo credit: Traci Wong

Beach Time!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the beach. Dunedin has some of the most stunning beaches and coastal scenery in New Zealand.

Here’s a link to some of their popular Dunedin beach spots.

Day 7: Dunedin

Shopping in Dunedin

Dunedin is mostly known for their galleries and fashion. They also have a lot of vintage shops and unique jewelry.

But keep in mind that the prices of just about everything is more expensive in New Zealand than it is in the US!

Rest Day

After a week of trekking around New Zealand, my family was ready to lay low.

Day 8: Dunedin

This morning, we walked down to the Cadbury factory.

However, we decided to skip the tour and moved on to the Otago Settlers Museum which featured lots of vehicles for h to explore.  Plus, it was free!

Otago Settlers Museum

The Otago Settlers Museum is one of New Zealand’s newest and most innovative museum experiences.

It’s all about the first Dunedin settlers to the latest people to have called Dunedin their home. You can bring a stroller, there are changing tables, as well as parenting rooms available.

Photo of the Otago Settlers Museum in New Zealand. #newzealand #otagosettlersmuseum
Aren’t these old-time bicycles fun? Photo credit: Traci Wong

Dunedin is really charming, and they have some big changes underway.

The settler’s museum had models of what they have planned for the waterfront in the next decade. 

Hopefully we’ll be back one day to see it!

If you’re looking for a half day tour that includes the Otago Settlers Museum, this one is only 4 hours long.

Day 9: Queenstown

Drive to Queenstown

The drive from Dunedin to Queenstown is about 3.5 hours and is lovely. We saw lots of sheep, cows, birds, mountains and water.

While most of the roads in New Zealand were very twisty (I took Dramamine) this route only have a few sections like that. These areas have warning signs about the upcoming bends.

We arrived at our hotel before the room was ready, so we took a short walk into town.

Lake Wakatipu is spectacular, and I love how happy my son gets with the sight of water.  I checked out some shops while my husband and son watched the boats.

We walked along the water to get to a park where my son burned some energy and I chatted with a Brazilian expat about how the fjords will be in the rain.

People are really friendly, especially when they know you are from pretty far away.

Find out why you should consider driving from Queenstown to Christchurch!

Day 10: Queenstown

Skyline Queenstown

Skyline Queenstown is an easy 5-minute walk from central Queenstown.

Here, you can take a gondola ride up to the top of Bob’s Peak to see a stunning view of Coronet Peak, the Remarkables, and Queenstown.

It’s one of the best things to do in Queenstown with kids.

Photo of paraponting at Skyline Queenstown in New Zealand, a fun thing to do in Queenstown with kids #skylinequeenstown #paraponting #queenstown #newzealand #gondola
Paraponting at Skyline Queenstown. Photo credit: Traci Wong

The gondola ride is short and fast. The view from the top is definitely worth the price of the ride.

Then we walked around and took lots of photos. 

My son got to see parapenting, bungee jumping and luging up close.

At this point, my son was ready for a snack. We nabbed a table with a view and relaxed with fries, chocolate muffin and a milkshake.

My husband headed back out for more photos while we relaxed.

Photo of rock stacking in Queenstown, New Zealand #newzealand #queenstown #rocks #rockstacking
These rock stacks were fun to see! Photo credit: Traci Wong

After, we walked along the lake. Something cool we saw were neatly stacked rocks.

After a bit of research, it sounds like they are just something visitors do to leave their mark. And local artists have started doing rock balancing.

Day 11: Queenstown

Spirit of Queenstown Cruise & Farm Experience

We did a day trip to a farm to watch sheep shearing.

The Mt. Nicholas farm experience includes a ride on the Spirit of Queenstown across Lake Wakatipu.

The cruise portion of the day was smooth, and the views were, of course, gorgeous.

First stop on the farm was a ride to the top of the hill for photos. We saw lots of cows a couple horses and a few sheep along the way.

Photo of a mom and boy exploring Mt. Nicholas Farm in Queenstown, New Zealand, a fun thing to do in New Zealand with kids #newzealand #queenstown #farm #mtnicholas
Exploring Mt. Nicholas Farm in Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo credit: Jon Guljord

Back down at the farm, Lucky, the 4-month-old baby sheep, followed us around like a puppy! He gave lots of nuzzles.

Then, we saw a quick shearing demo, and a quick tutorial on the differences in wool. Then we took a walk to the sheep where we saw pigs.

The farm’s sheep dog is trained by sight. If orders were called out but she can’t see you, they were ignored.

But as soon as she saw the order being given, she raced off. It was cool watching her work and heard the sheep.

My son got to feed Lady and Lucky some horse pellets.  And since he was the youngest by far (at 4 years old) he also had the honor of bottle feeding Lucky.

Day 12: Queenstown

Fishing in Queenstown

My family enjoys fishing in Washington State, so we were curious about fishing in New Zealand.

Queenstown has a lot of fly-fishing opportunities.

There are lots of local fishing shops that can rent you gear and give you the inside scoop where to go.

Photo of a boy fishing in New Zealand, a fun thing to do in New Zealand with kids #newzealand #fishing #queenstown #nz #familytravel
Fishing in New Zealand with kids. Photo credit: Traci Wong

My 4-year-old got to wet his line, but he didn’t catch anything.

Then, we enjoyed exploring some of the parks along the lake. My son threw a ton of sticks and rocks into the lake so the “fish could see them.”

Even the rocks here were gorgeous!

Day 13: Wanaka & Queenstown

Drive to Wanaka

The drive to Wanaka from Queenstown is about an hour long. It goes over a mountain with lots of switchbacks and spectacular views.

Puzzling World

Once we got to Wanaka, we headed to Puzzling World, the wonderful world of weirdness.

There’s a room built at a 15-degree angle. There were some cool illusions which we tried to capture on video.

It kind of made me sick, even though I had Dramamine in me.

This is where we discovered that my 4-year-old has limitless patience with trying to solve a puzzle!

He spent 90 minutes trying and didn’t want to leave until I bought the puzzle for him. Once he took a nap, I worked on solving it myself!

Day 14: Queenstown

Lake Cruise on TSS Earnslaw

If you have a kid as obsessed with boats and trains as we do, a train and boat excursion are a must. 

My son fell in love with TSS Earnslaw (an old steamboat in Queenstown), so we added on an afternoon cruise on our last day there.

Photo of the TSS Earnslaw, a steamboat in Queenstown, New Zealand #tssearnslaw #earnslaw #queenstown #newzealand #steamship #steamboat
Riding on the TSS Earnslaw was the highlight for my 4 year old! Photo credit: Traci Wong

The ship has its own mini museum on board, and you can watch them shovel the coal that makes the ship go. 

It was a splurge but well worth it since it made him so happy!

If you’re staying longer, check out this 4 Week New Zealand South Island Itinerary that covers Nelson Lakes National Park, Mount Cook National Park, Milford Sound and more!

Day 15: Auckland

Fly to Auckland

We flew back to Auckland for one last day to explore before flying home to Seattle.

Takapuna Beach

While this is a nightlife hub, we went during the day to play at the beach.

More Kid-Friendly Activities in Auckland

Auckland Zoo: This is a gorgeous zoo with a wide range of species, including elephants, giraffes, lions, and kiwis. There are also great interactive experiences for younger kids.

Auckland Museum: This is a great place to take kids if you want to learn about New Zealand history and culture. There’s a fun children’s section called “Weird and Wonderful!”

Cornwall Park: Take the littles to run on sprawling lawns, climb playgrounds, and enjoy a picnic. There’s a farm here you can visit, as well as a creamery and cafe.

Day 16: Auckland


We spent our last day in Auckland at the Museum of Transportation and Technology, or MOTAT.

My preschooler loved all the old fire engines and tractors. They have interactive exhibits for the whole family.

Photo of the Museum of Transportation and Technology (MOTAT) in Auckland, New Zealand, a top Auckland attraction for families #auckland #motat #newzealand #museumoftransporatationandtechnology
MOTAT was an awesome transportation museum in Auckland. Photo credit: John Guljord

If your kids like airplanes, they have an Aviation Display Wing. And they even have a model railway! Definitely a fun way to end our New Zealand adventure!

If your kids like airplanes, they have an Aviation Display Wing. And they even have a model railway!

This was definitely a fun way to end our New Zealand adventure!

Fly Home

I’m typically ready to go home after 10 days on the road and my son asks for his big green house after 5 days.

Neither of us were ready to come home from New Zealand and he constantly asks, “When can we go back?”

New Zealand is a wonderful place to go and explore with a preschooler, especially since most things are free for kids under 5! 

Now that we know our son can do long flights, I can’t wait to start planning our next overseas adventure!

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