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Moms’ Weekend Getaway

Have you found your village? You know, the people you can turn to for strength during a tough time. The people you text late at night because you remember something funny you forgot to tell them. The friends who know to pack extra snacks in case your kids want some, too. The ladies you want to hang with at a Moms’ weekend getaway.

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I’m lucky enough to have several villages. One of my most important villages has been my PEPS group.

We met when our first-born babies were just a few months old and we had no idea what we were doing. Now, we’re parents of preschoolers and I honestly don’t know how I would have managed without this group of incredible women.

During the past two years, we’ve managed to coordinate three Moms’ weekend getaways. The first one was in Wenatchee, WA and the second was in Portland, OR.

While those were awesome trips, we realized that we spent a lot of time driving to those destinations. Precious hours that could have been spent drinking, eating or napping.

So, we decided that Bellevue, WA would be the ultimate spot for our third Moms’ weekend getaway.

Swanky Digs

W Bellevue

The W Bellevue opened in July 2017 at the New Lincoln Square. It has an ultra-modern vibe and features Bellevue’s hippest speakeasy, Civility and Unrest.

W Bellevue
This little nod to Bellevue is one of the many artistic features we loved about W Bellevue. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

They also have a DJ who plays in the Living Room Bar, next to the lobby. And James Beard Award Winner Chef Jason Wilson has his farmhouse restaurant The Lakehouse at W Bellevue.

Bar area of W Bellevue
I love the design of the Living Room Bar at W Bellevue. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

The design of this hotel is really beautiful. There are lots of pockets of places for people just to hang out and relax. Our favorite area was The Library. They have couches and tons of books/games. It was a great place to chat before figuring out where to eat. Plus they had awesome chairs!

What we loved
W Bellevue hotel at the new Lincoln Square
This Cozy room was quite spacious! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We were able to get adjoining Cozy rooms that each had 2 queen beds. We propped the adjoining doors open and it felt like we were in a luxury suite! Definitely the perfect set-up for a Moms’ weekend getaway.

Bathroom at W Bellevue
This may be my favorite hotel bathroom wallpaper! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

The wallpaper in the bathroom was bold and super fun! There were super comfy window seats/couches, that were perfect for hanging out and chatting. There was plenty of room for our luggage and winter coats. The shower is HUGE! And there’s a Nespresso machine.

Emergency Bowtie at W Bellevue
I couldn’t get over how awesome this mini-bar item was! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

And the fact that we could walk to great restaurants and shopping is a major perk of the W Bellevue. It made it easy for us to run up leftover food and shopping bags to our room before continuing on to other activities. It also allowed us to rest and relax while contemplating our next move.

What we didn’t love

The W Bellevue is a bit tricky to find. The lobby is on the second floor, almost hidden around the corner from the elevator. Thankfully, there were tons of staff members eager to direct us.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not pop up on GPS (as of Nov 5, 2017.) That means we had to meet our Uber driver at Wild Ginger (next to the W Hotel) in order for him to find us.

We also tried to get pizza delivered, but had to cancel when they couldn’t figure out where we were located (even with the correct address.) I’m guessing this is a temporary problem, but it’s a problem none-the-less.

Bathroom at the W Bellevue at the new Lincoln Square
The shower is mere feet away from the bed, almost in the center of the room. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

There were also a few “quirky” things about our hotel room. While we loved the large size of the rooms, it felt a bit like the shower was in the middle of the room. That was a bit awkward for a Mom’s weekend getaway set-up.

There were large wood doors to give privacy while someone was showering, however someone could open the room door and anyone walking in the hallway would be able to see someone showering. And there was a giant 3-panel mirror facing the shower.



Dinner and drinks at Cantinetta in Bellevue, WA
We kicked off our weekend with an Italian pasta dinner and drinks at Cantinetta. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We kicked off our Moms’ weekend getaway by dining out at Cantinetta in Old Bellevue. Holy moly this ambiance here is lovely! There are little white lights on the street and inside has candles. We felt like we were in a movie!

Cantinetta specializes in hand-made pasta, so that’s what we ordered. The noodles were light and springy and we all ate more than we expected. The menu changes seasonally. They also have two locations in Seattle.

Wild Ginger

Most of us had dined at Wild Ginger in Seattle many times. They cater the food at The Triple Door and they are known for their Asian-fusion food. I usually order seafood and it’s pretty tasty.

We tried out Wild Ginger‘s new weekend dim sum brunch. We ordered one of everything. Most items came with two or three pieces, which we cut up to share. Definitely not my favorite dim sum place.

My family does dim sum every once-in-awhile from Chinese restaurants. This was definitely a different version of dim sum than I’m used to. The flavors and textures didn’t hit the mark for me.

But, the stand-out dish was the chow fun with house-made noodles. The flavors were on-point!

Cyprus Lounge & Wine Bar

We did a late evening appetizer dinner at Cyprus Lounge & Wine Bar at the Westin Bellevue. The quality of the food was much better than we expected for a hotel lounge. The garlic fries and aioli were super tasty and easy to share. We tried several items and they were all great!

Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory is part of The Shops at the Bravern located near The Bellevue Collection. It just opened a few months ago and we were eager to try it out for brunch as our last meal of Moms’ weekend getaway.

After experiencing it, we realized it’s mostly for people to go and Instagram or Snapchat their insanely decadent drink.

Instead, I recommend people check out Din Tai Fung, the almost-open Taylor Shellfish Farms, or Mariposa at Neiman Marcus.

Girls’ Weekend Activities

The Bellevue Collection

It’s kind of a tradition on our Moms’ Weekend to go shopping when do weekend getaways.

One of the main reasons we chose to stay at the W Hotel was because it’s part of The Bellevue Collection. The Bellevue Collection consists of several blocks of shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment.

One of the highlights for half our group was getting fitted for bras at Nordstrom. And after finding our correct size and brands that fit, we were able to find additional bras at the new Nordstrom Rack on clearance!

Full disclosure: we may have visited Nordstrom Rack 3 times during our 2-night stay since it was right next to our hotel!

Starbucks at The Lodge

As Moms, we can’t get enough coffee. The Starbucks at The Lodge was recently renovated and they feature several drink options only available at a handful of stores.

Starbucks at The Lodge in Bellevue, WA
This Starbucks barista was beyond amazing and guided us through the whole tasting process! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We opted to try their cold brew flights. Since there were 6 of us, we shared 2 flights. Each flight came with 4 drink samples.

Our barista was so friendly and she took the time to explain each cold brew option to us.

After trying all of them, the clear winner for us was the Bellevue Chai. It was frothy and creamy, like a dirty chai milkshake. It’s the kind of drink you won’t stop thinking about.

Truce Spa

I’ve been a fan of Truce Spa at the Westin Bellevue for years. It’s next door to the W Bellevue and it’s one of the most relaxing spas I’ve experienced. It was a nice way to start our morning.

I recommend calling them a week or two prior so they can confirm your appointment. They sometimes have limited staffing.

Cinemark Reserve

We were really excited to check out the new Cinemark Reserve at Bellevue Square. This is not to be confused with the Cinemark at Lincoln Square, also in Downtown Bellevue.

The Cinemark Reserve is a 21+ theater with reserved seating and dining options.

A Bad Moms Christmas
Cinemark Reserve at the new Lincoln Square was the ultimate way to experience this movie! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Since we were on a Moms’ weekend getaway, it was only fitting that we watch A Bad Mom’s Christmas! We were able to order our tickets and choose our seats easily online. Then, I just typed in my confirmation number and printed the tickets at the theater.

Inside, we loved the reclined chairs and foot rests. They also are heated! We were able to order drinks and snacks quickly during the previews. Since it’s a new theater, everything felt pretty clean and we’re excited to go back again.

Moms' Weekend Getaway at W BellevueThanks to W Bellevue for the media rate. All opinions are my own.


Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. Looks like you had the best time! I love the bow tie emergency thing so cute and different! It’s so weird that the hotel was had to find, I have a b&b and position is the most important part :/ I still have to watch bad mums, dind’t know there was a sequel 😀 xx

    • marciecheung Reply

      Watch the first one! It’s a great movie to watch while drinking with friends

  2. That looks and sounds like a great weekend with some special friends. The hotel looked amazing from here and your itinerary looked like so much fun.

  3. Sounds like a really amazing time! Love the look of the hotel rooms and actually like the fact that it is hard to find. I can’t think of anything on your trip that I wouldn’t love to do with my girlfriends.

    • marciecheung Reply

      Hahaha! Yes, I guess the tricky location does make it feel a bit hidden in a good way!

  4. Sounds like you girls had a really fun weekend away. I have never gone away with just the moms, but I would love to – it sounds like a blast.

    • marciecheung Reply

      It’s a whole other level of awesome when you get away with Mom friends! You all really appreciate eating a nice meal while it’s hot, leisurely enjoying coffee, and just lounging in bed!

    • marciecheung Reply

      The new W Bellevue is such a modern hotel! Loved all the art and personal photos around the halls!

    • marciecheung Reply

      We had such a nice time catching up without our kids interrupting us!

  5. That looks like a great place to stay! Loved the pictures and the fun stuff you did nearby.

    • marciecheung Reply

      It was really an ideal location and the staff was super friendly!

  6. I love W hotels. They have such a great modern vibe without being pretentious. So could use a Mom getaway right now.

    • marciecheung Reply

      Is it weird that I am already thinking about doing another Mom getaway? It was my first time at a W hotel and now I totally get it!

  7. can I come next time?!?!?! Despire the weird hotel/shower layout (I stayed in a Kimpton like that once) and the failed pizza delivery, this sounds awesome! Food, friends, shopping, movies w a 21+ crowd and a spa?!?!? Sign me up!

    • marciecheung Reply

      Totes! It was definitely everything we needed for an amazing weekend sans kiddos!

  8. Girls weekends are my favorite and yours sounds awesome! The shower is definitely a little weird of a setup for a room for double occupancy and that’s too bad the hotel wasn’t on GPS, that’s a weird problem to have. Sounds like a great weekend though.

    • marciecheung Reply

      The hotel is super new in a newly constructed part of a very established area. I just think it’s bizarre that a pizza place in the same location wouldn’t be able to deliver a pizza to the next building over!

  9. The hotel looks so swanky! I love how you had a girls weekend. I am still trying to find a weekend that all my mom friends can join!

    • marciecheung Reply

      Find the weekend and block off your calendar!

  10. SOunds like a great weekend. I have to laugh at the shower. My son and I had a similar experience in a super resort in Mexico. Very elegant but not a lot of privacy. We managed by averting our gaze when necessary.

    • marciecheung Reply

      Hahaha! There were sliding doors to shield the shower from the bed, but it would have been awkward had anyone opened the door if one of us was showering!

  11. Oh my gosh that hotel is gorgeous!! I’m not a mom but now I want a mom’s weekend away right here! Sounds like you had a blast, and a bit of relaxing too!

  12. Shoshana Sue Reply

    That bathroom wallpaper has got be the boldest I have ever seen my whole life! I can’t stop laughing at how awkward that shower seems lol. It sounds like a must see and must experience kind of hotel.

    • marciecheung Reply

      The wallpaper is definitely bold! I love when hotels make bold design choices!

  13. Lindsey Mozgai Reply

    I love ladies getaway weekends! Whenever I get the chance to get away from all the craziness of home, I would really love to get away again soon.

    • marciecheung Reply

      There is no such thing as too many ladies getaways!

  14. What an unconventional hotel, I love it!! It sounds like you and your friends had an amazing weekend together!

    • marciecheung Reply

      It was an amazing time! I highly recommend a ladies weekend!

  15. This looks like such a fun time! I would love to go on a weekend getaway with some girlfriends and this looks like a must go destination!

    • marciecheung Reply

      It was super convenient because we could walk everywhere quickly.

  16. Marquita@lovethelaniers Reply

    What an amazing way to recharge and be ready for the holiday season. Time with the girlfriends is like food for the soul. Having a weekend getaway seems like an absolute dream. So glad you had a great time!

    • marciecheung Reply

      It was definitely a dream! We all felt super recharged after!

  17. It is always great to take time for yourself or girls trips!! I love your pictures!!! I am inspired to rally my friends for a weekend getaway!

  18. The shower in the middle of the room reminds of a The Hudson Hotel in NYC. I stayed there once for work and had my friend come crash with me because she was dying to see the hotel. The bathroom was completely see-through, with the exception of a curtain. It was a bit strange. I prefer my bathroom time to be private time.

  19. This is my kind of mom’s weekend or really any kind of weekend. W’s are one of my favorite hotels because they really go out of their way to create a unique experience. No hotel is ever the same.

  20. This looks like such a fun girls weekend!!! What a fun place to stay!!

  21. Oooh! The W definitely meets all requirements for a Swanky hotel. It sounds (and looks) like you had an awesome mom’s weekend. I need to have one of those myself soon.

  22. This looks fabulous! I’d love to go on a moms weekend getaway without children! I honestly don’t even know what I would do with all that adult time – it would be AMAZING. This hotel looks incredible!

    • marciecheung Reply

      We filled it with lots of chatting, eating, drinking and laughing!

  23. I am so jealous! Every mom needs a mom weekend every now and then! This hotel looks so cool and fun! I wish I was there!

    • marciecheung Reply

      It’s a really nice hotel in an awesome location for just hanging out and shopping/eating!

  24. This looks like so much fun! I havent had a girls night out in years!

  25. I do love the look of this hotel, and indeed the bathroom wallpaper is bold and beautiful! The room looks huge and the quirky design from the lobby give the hotel personality. Definitely a great stay!

    • marciecheung Reply

      The carpet is super fun! We kept talking about it!

  26. Aduke Schulist Reply

    Okay, that wallpaper behind that toilet is a bit much for me, but holy heck I love the rest of this style. I want it in my house!!

    • marciecheung Reply

      Hahaha! The design of everything was quirky and I loved it!

  27. How cool that it is decorated so creatively. I do love the industrial look of the bedroom. – A group of mams from my neighborhood are going to see Bad Moms tomorrow night!

    • marciecheung Reply

      The movie is especially funny if you can drink a cocktail during it 🙂

  28. Jessica Terry Reply

    I totally love the look of this hotel! Even the carpet was captivating!

    • marciecheung Reply

      They did a great job creating a unique design!

  29. Seriously, you used the BEST WORD to describe this hotel – SWANKY AF!! hahaha! I am glad you had a good weekend away! 🙂

  30. What a great place to have a Moms Weekend. I will agree the shower part had to be odd, but otherwise it looks very nice. I can’t wait to see Bad Moms Christmas, that theater sounds comfy.

    • marciecheung Reply

      The theater was really new, clean and so comfortable!

  31. Everything I’ve ever heard about the W is good! I love how luxurious everything seems to be from the bathroom to the bed! Looks like an awesome stay!

    • marciecheung Reply

      It was fantastic and now I’m curious what other W hotels are like!

  32. Omg sounds like you had a blast! I love Bellevue as well, my husband lived there for a while and I loved it there when I visited. While I didn’t stay in the hotels, that wallpaper in the restroom is so beautiful! Hope you enjoyed your time, I can’t wait to go back.

    • marciecheung Reply

      Bellevue is quickly becoming on par with Seattle!

  33. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love the interior of the room, really cool!

    • marciecheung Reply

      It’s such a fun hotel! We can’t wait to go back!

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