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Tips for LEGOLAND California You NEED to Read

Tips for LEGOLAND California You NEED to Read

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Are you planning your first trip to LEGOLAND California? Keep scrolling for all my top LEGOLAND California tips, including where to find cheap LEGOLAND tickets!
This post about LEGOLAND California tips was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

I’ve been wanting to visit LEGOLAND California since before we had kids. I grew up playing with LEGOs and I was curious what a whole theme park dedicated to this revolutionary toy would be like.

So, when members of my PEPS group suggested we do a big group trip down to Southern California to experience LEGOLAND California together, I jumped at the opportunity!

Some members flew directly to San Diego while others made it a stop on a California road trip.

Don’t have time to read a bunch of LEGOLAND blog posts and reviews? Here are some of our top picks for visiting LEGOLAND with kids.

Where to Stay at LEGOLAND California

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What better way to play in San Diego with 4 other families with toddlers and preschoolers than at LEGOLAND California?

I did a ton of research before our trip, but I had a hard time finding the information I was looking for.

So, after consulting with my friends on the trip (thanks Traci, Christine, Kathryn, and Karen!), I came up with my top LEGOLAND tips for people planning their first trip to LEGOLAND with kids ages 5 and younger.

Is LEGOLAND California Right for Your Family?

Before you start planning your trip, think about your family and what they like to do. If they love LEGOs and theme parks, you’re golden and can skip to the next section!

Are Your Kids Old Enough?

This really depends on whether or not you’re planning to come back. If this is your only trip, I’d wait until your kids are 4 years old to get the most out of your trip.

But, if you think you’ll be back, most of the rides require kids to be at least 34 inches tall. My just-turned 2-year-old was 35 inches tall and he could ride just about everything he wanted.

So, if your child isn’t quite 34 inches and you think they will want to do rides, wait until they reach that height.

There are several rides that 4-year-old kids can do on their own, like jousting and the Junior Driving Academy.

If your child is a thrill seeker and if this will be your only trip to LEGOLAND, wait until they are 42 inches tall to ensure they can ride ALL the rides.

They are pretty strict about measuring. It’s always hard when your child isn’t tall enough to ride something they really want to ride.

What if Your Kids Aren’t Into LEGOs?

First and foremost, this is a theme park. There are roller coasters, a carousel, boat rides, water activities, etc that would be the same with or without the LEGO decor.

They don’t really need to know the Ninjago or LEGO Friends characters to have fun with the rides.

While there are opportunities to play with LEGOs and DUPLOs and there are incredible LEGO builds all over the park, there are tons of rides that appeal to kids of all ages.

[irp posts=”8903″ name=”LEGOLAND for Toddlers: Guide to Rides, Activities + Hotels”]

When Should You Go?

My friend lives in Southern California and this was her third trip to LEGOLAND. Her biggest tip for LEGOLAND is to go Monday-Thursday for minimal crowds.

Like most family destinations, major school breaks (winter break, spring break, and summer vacation) will be more crowded.

We went on a Thursday during the Arizona school’s fall break (mid-October) and it wasn’t very crowded. We were able to ride almost every ride twice with minimal wait times.

The next day (Friday) was at least 2-3 times as crowded and several rides had 45 minute wait times.

Check the Online Calendar

If you are going during the off-season, check their online calendar to find out if the park is closed for refurbishment.

This is also important if you want to go to the LEGOLAND water parks, as they are only open on certain days.

How Many Days Should You Spend?

This depends on your agenda. While you probably could do LEGOLAND in one day, it would be at a quick pace.

They have shorter hours than Disneyland (it was 10 am-5 pm when we went.)

My biggest LEGOLAND California tip is to plan for at least 2 days for your first trip. And if the water parks are open, add one more day.

We were able to leisurely enjoy the park and the LEGOLAND Aquarium during those 2 days. We rode every ride we wanted to (sometimes twice,) sat down to eat lunch, explored MINILAND, USA,  enjoyed the playground equipment.

For your second trip, 2 days would probably suffice. That way you can do one day at the LEGOLAND park and the next day at the water parks.

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What Should You Bring Into the Park?

I know every parent reading this is wondering what’s allowed inside LEGOLAND California.

The good news is that you can bring your own water and small snacks. Actually, you can bring in a little cooler, as long as it’s smaller than 12″ x 10″ to keep food cold.

I’d also suggest bringing an extra set of clothes in case you get wet. Our friends’ son got soaked on the Wave Racer because he was so close to the water. It took a while for him to dry off.

Sunglasses, a hat, or sunscreen is also a good idea. And I’d recommend comfortable shoes for everyone since you’ll be walking a lot.

And don’t forget to bring a Minifigure to trade at the park. This was definitely a novelty for all the kids!

Find an employee wearing a badge or stop by a stand in the park to trade Minifigures.

Should You Bring a Stroller to LEGOLAND?

If you have kids ages 4 and under, I’d definitely use a stroller or wagon. They will be walking a lot and no one wants to carry tired kids back to the hotel.

We didn’t want to bring a stroller from home, so we immediately headed to the stroller rental area inside LEGOLAND and got a double stroller for $17. Single strollers are $15.

For our family, it was totally worth it because we were able to easily move around the park and it gave our kids an opportunity to rest.

Are There Water Refill Stations?

So, remember how you can bring water into the park? Bring a refillable water bottle because there are refill stations at the restaurants. This is the water bottle we bring on all our theme park vacations.

The soda machines also have ice and water.

Being from Seattle, we’re a bit picky about the taste of our water. We drank ice water from the refill stations throughout the trip and had no problem.

5 Ways to Beat the Heat at LEGOLAND California

It can get really hot in Southern California. If you need a break from the heat, you have a few options:


LEGO Ninjago The Ride and Lost Kingdom Adventure are both indoors and air-conditioned.

There are also places, like Safari Trek, that have shaded areas while waiting in line.

2. Indoor Activities

There are also places to explore that have air conditioning or shelter from the sun, like Adventurer’s Club, LEGO Factory Tour, or the LEGO Life Zone.

3. Get Wet

Aquazone Wave Racer, Heartlake Fountain, Pirate Reef, Splash Battle, and Swabbies Deck are great places to cool off in the water!

4. Head to the LEGOLAND Aquarium

The whole SEA LIFE California Aquarium is inside and a great spot to recharge after hanging out in the heat. They also have a great cafe!

5. Go Shopping

Yes, you may get distracted and purchase a bunch of LEGO stuff, but at least you’ll be cool!

Where You Should Eat in LEGOLAND

The thing that surprised me the most about LEGOLAND is that the food inside the park is really good!

Ocean Journey Cafe

The first day, we ate at Ocean Journey Cafe. It’s located inside the LEGOLAND Aquarium, but you can eat there even if you don’t have an aquarium ticket.

The food was great! My friend ordered the large mac & cheese and it fed 3 kids PLUS leftovers! The large fries were also enough to share with your whole table.

They have made-to-order items. My friend and I split a hot turkey sandwich with little apple slices inside and it was mighty tasty!

I especially liked that they sold puffs for babies/toddlers, Honest Kids juice pouches, fresh fruit cups, and a whole kids menu.

And, there’s a cool fish tank to keep kids occupied when they are done eating.

Knights’ Smokehouse BBQ

The Dads on our trip smelled the brisket while walking around the first day, so we had to stop there for lunch on our second day!

We went right at lunchtime and I was impressed with how quickly the line moved. We grabbed a table outside with a sun umbrella.

The brisket was really flavorful! There are several BBQ sauces on the table and rolls of paper towels. Definitely worth a repeat visit next trip!

Insider tip: Get your food to go and bring it to the nearby play structure. That way, adults can eat lunch while kids play!

Granny’s Apple Fries

My LEGOLAND tip is to stop at Granny’s Apple Fries! I think they were $6 and worth every penny! We ordered them both days because they hit the spot!

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Should You Go to the LEGOLAND Aquarium?

My kids aren’t always into aquariums, so originally, we weren’t going to go. But, I’m glad that our friends convinced us!

The SEA LIFE California Aquarium was so much cooler than I expected!

There’s a great mix of LEGOs along with impressive sea exhibits, several interactive sections, and tons of fun facts.

My favorite thing was that it’s accessible to kids of all ages. My 2-year-old didn’t have to be lifted up to see anything. The vibe was very relaxing and it was perfect to reset after lunch.

One thing to know is that you can’t bring strollers into SEA LIFE Aquarium unless LEGOLAND Park is closed.

Insider tip: You can do the whole aquarium in about an hour but there are lots to see if your kids are interested in sea life!

Does LEGOLAND Have Photographers?

One thing that I had a hard time figuring out was the whole Photo Pass system.

When we go to Disneyland, we always buy their PhotoPass because I love getting photos of our family on vacation. But, I didn’t see this option while we were at LEGOLAND.

I remember people asking us to buy photos after certain rides, but that was it. In fact, one of my friends was really put off by the sales pitch because she wasn’t sure about the cost upfront. (Diazepam)

And there was a Photo Pass photographer at one of the character meet & greets we went to. Otherwise, I didn’t see them throughout the Park.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized we could have bought a LEGOLAND Single Day Photo Pass for $29.99. It’s a wristband that gets you unlimited digital photo downloads for the whole day.

For our next trip, we’ll be getting the wristband and we’ll go in with the thinking that we’ll do all the photos.

Is There a FastPass Option?

Another thing I didn’t understand before our trip was their Reserve ‘N’ Ride option.

Here’s the lowdown:

Reserve ‘N’ Ride

This is an electronic system where you can reserve your spot in line for the rides you want via a handheld device or your phone.

You’ll get an alert when it’s time to head to the special Reserve ‘N’ Ride entrance, reducing the time you’ll spend waiting in line.

Express: For $35/person, you can reduce your wait time by up to 25%.

Deluxe: For $55/person, you can reduce your wait time by up to 50%.

Ultimate: For $100/person, you can reduce your wait time by up to 95%.

If you are short on time or are going during peak season, my LEGOLAND tip is to invest in the Reserve ‘N’ Ride options.

Since you are going to spend all that money on a LEGOLAND California trip, this is a great way to maximize your time having fun in the Park and minimize your time waiting.

But, if you are going during the week or during the off-season, you probably won’t need it.

What about Shopping at LEGOLAND?

There are plenty of shopping opportunities! In fact, many rides (like Coastersaurus, LEGO NINJAGO The Ride, LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure, and The LEGO Technic coaster) end at a themed gift shop. So, be prepared for your kids to ask you for stuff after each ride!

We thought the gift shop at the end of the LEGO Factory Tour was pretty cool. You can get all kinds of bulk bricks and make your own minifigures.

But, our favorite spot was The Big Shop. We found all kinds of LEGO sets, apparel, ornaments, etc. And the best part is that it’s right at the entrance/exit so you don’t have to lug your purchases all over the Park!

Cheap LEGOLAND Tickets

There are a few ways to cut the costs of a LEGOLAND California vacation:

Kids Free October

For free LEGOLAND tickets, take advantage of San Diego’s Kids Free program. For the month of October, kids get in free with a paying adult. That saves $105 on a park hopper ticket per kid!

Get Away Today

For discount LEGOLAND tickets, Get Away Today has some good options. Plus, they have deals for tickets to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, etc. Check their latest rates HERE.

San Diego Pass

Several of my friends purchased this San Diego Go Pass. It’s great savings if you are just doing LEGOLAND, but it’s incredible savings if you also want to hit up Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

Insider tip: Print it out before you go so it’s easier for staff to get your tickets processed (rather than using the app on your phone.) They will print a souvenir ticket for you!

LEGOLAND Annual Pass

For $159 per person, you can get unlimited access to LEGOLAND California for a whole year. This is a great option if you plan to go more than 2 days in the year, as tickets are regularly $95.

And if you also want access to the LEGOLAND Aquarium and water parks (plus free parking) it’s $199 per person. This is a great option if you plan to go more than 4 days in the year, as 2-day hoppers start at $105.


Did you know there’s a LEGOLAND California App? It’s a great way to check wait times for the rides.

It also provides you with a map of the park, so it’s easy to navigate.

Insider tip: Bring a portable phone charger (like this) as the app will drain your battery quickly!)

What My Family Did at LEGOLAND on Day 1:

If you are looking to get an idea of what you could do with one day at LEGOLAND California, here’s what our family did.

We went at a very leisurely pace with a 2-year-old and almost 5 year old on a Thursday in October. We spent some of the time walking as a group of 16, so again, leisurely pace.

Since we stayed at the LEGOLAND Hotel, we got into the Park at 9:30 am, but we used that extra 30 minutes to sort out our tickets and to rent a double stroller. Then we talked to a few families who frequent LEGOLAND to get their tips.

We really started our day at 10 am with our friends starting at LEGO CITY: Deep Sea Adventure.

Here’s our actual itinerary of what we did:

  • LEGO City: Deep Sea Adventure (2x)
  • The Dragon Coaster (2x)
  • The Royal Joust (2x)
  • Walked through Miniland USA (New York, Vegas, New Orleans)
  • Coast Cruise
  • Ocean Journey Cafe for Lunch (inside Sea Life Aquarium)
  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • Attempted Coastersaurus (closed right as we got there due to tree branch)
  • Junior Driving School
  • Sky Patrol (2x)
  • Played at LEGO car area
  • Fun Town Police and Fire Academy (Hubby took toddler back to hotel to nap)
  • Captain Cranky’s Challenge
  • LEGO City: Deep Sea Adventure
  • Sat and ate Apple Fries
  • Played at The Hideaways
  • Walked back to LEGOLAND Hotel

Coming Up With YOUR Perfect Schedule

Theme park vacations vary so much from family to family. What we did might not be what you want to do.

My LEGOLAND California tip is to pick out the ride your family wants to do the most and ride it a few times. One family did the LEGO CITY Deep Sea Adventure 7 times because he was able to get right back in line after the ride!

If you have early park access, head to the LEFT when you enter the park and there are a few rides available during this early time.

On our second day, we did all the rides we missed the first day and then went back and rode a few of our favorites again!

Where to Eat in Carlsbad, CA

The easiest place to eat is at the LEGOLAND Hotel. They have a character dinner that looks really cool. Or you can grab Park food to go. Or call Uber Eats to deliver something to your hotel.

But, if you have the energy to drive somewhere, there’s a lot of restaurants within a 5-10 minute drive. This includes an In-N-Out right at the exit!

Where to Stay at LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND is located about 40 minutes away from the San Diego airport in Carlsbad, CA.

If you are planning on exploring San Diego or are just doing a day trip to LEGOLAND, it probably makes the most sense to stay close to San Diego.

However, if you want the full LEGOLAND experience, it’s best to stay close to the Park.

Here are my top hotel picks:


My family loved staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel (and you can read all about it here.)

It’s just a few steps away from the Park entrance and they have a really cool lobby for both parents and adults. Check the latest rates and availability.

Kids will love their own private sleeping area, a bin of LEGOs to play with, and tons of Hotel activities and events! Plus, they can search for clues to open up a Treasure Chest with LEGO surprises inside!

And the complimentary breakfast is really nice. The kitchen area is more of an open concept design with a kid section where the food is kid height and they can serve themselves.


My friend stayed here (after staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel in past trips.) It’s the newest LEGOLAND hotel and features a huge outdoor play area. Check the latest rates and more information.

She reported back that they also do the infamous Treasure Chest scavenger hunt! That was the highlight of her son’s stay! And they had a built-in LEGO play section on the wall of their hotel room.

She thought the lobby play area felt smaller than LEGOLAND Hotel and the breakfast buffet layout was different.

But, she loved the kids sleeping area in their room!


Several of our friends stayed here and liked it. It has its own entrance to the park near the LEGO CITY: Undersea Adventure ride (at the complete opposite end from the LEGOLAND hotels.)

Find Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa deals here.

LEGOLAND California Tips Wrap Up

We hope you feel fully prepared for your LEGOLAND California trip!

Whether you’re looking to plan out a 2-day itinerary or want some insider tips on where to eat, shop, and stay, we’ve got everything covered.

If this is your first time visiting the park with young kids – especially if they are toddlers – be sure to check out our article about what not to miss at LEGOLAND California that includes information like height restrictions, toddler activities, and more.

And don’t forget to take advantage of one of the many fun extras offered by staying at one of the LEGOLAND Hotels while in Southern California. You can read our full review of the LEGOLAND Hotel here.

Thanks to LEGOLAND California for the press tickets and media rate for the LEGOLAND Hotel. All opinions are my own.

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    Amanda Martin

    Saturday 27th of October 2018

    I’d love to visit if/when I have kids!


    Thursday 17th of October 2019

    Please note that during kids free months. Legoland does not honor third party purchases like San Diego Go pass. Still had to purchase kids ticket.


    Sunday 28th of October 2018

    I hope you visit! It's a lot of fun!

    Aditi Wardhan Singh

    Friday 26th of October 2018

    Your guide is so awesome .And I love how you have broken down the rides aspect. Also, the heat beating ideas are truly great. This is a great resource for someone on their maiden trip to LEGOLAND.


    Friday 26th of October 2018

    Thanks! Yes, so many of us aren't used to so much sunshine!


    Friday 26th of October 2018

    These are fabulous tips! I'll have to pass them on to people with kids young enough to enjoy LegoLand!


    Friday 26th of October 2018

    Thanks! It's such a fun place to go with little ones!

    Heather Gilbert

    Friday 26th of October 2018

    My little cousins would love to go to Legoland! Adding this to the list.


    Friday 26th of October 2018

    Yay! It's a really cool place to play!


    Friday 26th of October 2018

    My youngest has been begging me to take her to Legoland. I think she saw it on youtube lol.


    Friday 26th of October 2018

    Haha! YouTube has EVERYTHING!

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