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Celebrate Family Travel This Holiday Season

Celebrate Family Travel This Holiday Season

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I am the memory-keeper of my family. It’s a role that I stepped into willingly. In fact, I think I dove in with both feet and a notepad! Now that we have two kids, I feel the need to keep track of everything in case they want to hear how awesome their childhood has been.

One of my obsessions is using travel photos to commemorate our family trips. I have made photo books for nearly every trip my family has done. In the past few years, I’ve branched out and created magnets, place mats, art prints, photo blankets and more. Any time I get an email from Tiny Prints, I feel the urge to check the website to see if they have any new or extra fun products that we “need” in order to highlight the fun photos my husband takes on our travels.

With the holidays fast approaching, I looked to see what holiday cards and items Tiny Prints has this year and quickly started creating memories!

Tiny Prints New Years Cards

I love this Happy New Year design because it gives me additional time to mail them out to family and friends!

Year in Review Cards

While I’m a big fan of sharing things on social media to let friends and family know what’s going on in our lives, I’m an even bigger fan of sending Tiny Prints Christmas Cards. However, I find myself handwriting a lot of bonus info on the backs of the holiday cards to each recipient because I’m naturally a chatty person. I really like the Year in Review concept because I’m able to add more details about our year.

This year, my family moved, went to Disneyland, Portland, Vancouver, and Maui and had another baby. I started my Marcie in Mommyland blog and my husband got a promotion at work. Our toddler grew leaps and bounds this past year. The Year in Review holiday card was needed to update our friends and family!

I really liked the selection from Tiny Prints and was able to find a format that fit our personality. I enjoyed looking through all the photos I had for this year and relived some of our top moments, especially introducing our newest family member! As a Mom of a baby and a toddler, my free time is quite limited. I loved that I was able to put together this holiday card in about 20 minutes. Most of the time was just scrolling through photos and picking my favorites.

Tiny Prints Holiday Tree Ornaments

These holiday ornaments would also make great gifts!

Holiday Ornaments

The most magical day of the year in our family is Black Friday. That’s when we start decorating for Christmas. Our tree has always had a global theme. When our oldest was born almost 3 years ago, we packed away all our beautiful (but extremely breakable) glass ornaments and started collecting non-breakable ones. Those can be tricky to find. We use our tree to celebrate the fun we’ve had as a family. It’s only natural that we’d include photos of our family adventures.

Tiny Prints does a great job of offering a ton of ornament choices that are easily personalized. This year, I wanted to celebrate the birth of our second son (and create a matching ornament for my older son) as well as highlighting some of the new and exciting adventures we had in 2016.

When they arrived, I was impressed that each one came in it’s own bag, making them an easy holiday gift for friends and family! My toddler grabbed the bags and I’m sure they are filled with some of his treasures already.

I’m already looking forward to next holiday season because I know our cards will be filled with ever more adventures and we’ll get to add a few new ornaments to our tree!


 I was given free products from Tiny Prints. All opinions are my own.
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.