Tiny Prints


I am the memory-keeper of my family. It’s a role that I stepped into willingly. In fact, I think I dove in with both feet and a notepad! Now that we have two kids, I feel the need to keep track of everything in case they want to hear how awesome their childhood has been.

One of my obsessions is using travel photos to commemorate our family trips. I have made photo books for nearly every trip my family has done. In the past few years, I’ve branched out and created magnets, place mats, art prints, photo blankets and more. Any time I get an email from Tiny Prints, I feel the urge to check the website to see if they have any new or extra fun products that we “need” in order to highlight the fun photos my husband takes on our travels.

With the holidays fast approaching, I looked to see what holiday cards and items Tiny Prints has this year and quickly started creating memories!