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Babymoon Date Night at Roy’s on Maui

Babymoon Date Night at Roy’s on Maui

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While vacationing on Maui, my Mom popped over from her home on Kauai to visit with us for a few days. She offered to watch our toddler, Owen, so we could have a date night. When someone offers to watch your toddler, the answer is always YES. After scrolling through several “Best Restaurants on Maui” listings online, cruising Front Street in Lahaina, and debating driving to Kihei, we decided to see if we could get in at Roy’s in Ka`anapali. Roy’s is a chain of Hawaiian fusion restaurants that are located on several islands. I’d only been to the one on Kauai before and the food was really tasty. Since we get so few date nights, we figured we’d go with something almost guaranteed to be a good experience.

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Luckily, we were able to get seated within a few minutes at a quiet table in the back of the restaurant with a great view of the Ka`anapali Golf Course. The hostess noticed that I was pregnant and asked excitedly if we were celebrating our babymoon. We told her that we were and that our toddler was back at the condo and this was a special date night. She came back with little streamers to decorate the table! It was a very nice touch!

Ni`ihau Lamb Leg at Roy's Ka`anapali, Maui

The Ni`ihau Lamb Leg was juicy and flavorful
Our server came and took our drink orders and gave us some edamame to start us off. After perusing the menu and all the options, we decided to forgo appetizers in order to make sure we had room for dessert. That is the most important part of a meal anyway, right? My husband, Darren, ordered the Ni`ihau Lamb Leg and I went with the Macadamia Crusted Monchong (mostly because I saw that Monchong was served at all the fancy restaurants and I had no idea what it was.) We told our server that we wanted to save room for dessert so he brought us out a dessert menu so we could pre-order. They had several options that required 20 minutes, so we decided to try their Chocolate Souffle and their Key Lime Lilikoi Pie.

Macadamia Nut Crusted Monchong at Roy's Ka`anapali, Maui

The Macadamia Nut Crusted Monchong was flaky and delectable
The food was spectacular! I discovered that Monchong is a flaky, white fish whose flavor came to life with the accompanying lobster sauce. It made me think that we should be encrusting the fish we make at home with macadamia nuts. Darren loved the darker flavors of his lamb and the sauce. I don’t really eat lamb, so it’s always a treat for him when we dine out. As we ate dinner, we saw the gorgeous sunset behind the golf course!

Lilikoi Key Lime Pie at Roy's Ka`anapali, Maui

Lilikoi Key Lime Pie at Roy’s Ka`anapali on Maui
After we were done enjoying the flavors of our entree, it was time for dessert! The Chocolate Souffle was piping hot and had the right mix of a firm chocolate cake and the ooey, gooey molten chocolate center. Sometimes Chocolate Souffles come out as undercooked brownies, but this one was not! I especially enjoyed the Key Lime Lilikoi Pie. I’m a sucker for anything lilikoi, but this was extra yummy and light. It had a creamy filling with a graham cracker crust, so it was set up for success! Not only did they bring us the ones we ordered, but they also brought us a special Chocolate Banana Cake with “Congratulations” written in Hawaiian! It was a very sweet way to end our night!

Chocolate Souffle at Roy's Ka`anapali, Maui

Chocolate Souffle at Roy’s Ka`anapali, Maui
Babymoon Date Night at Roy's Ka`anapali

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