My kids have been lucky enough to see a bit of the world first-hand. This is an unbelievable opportunity for them. However, like most families, we aren’t able to spend all our days traveling the world. This is where books come to play. I’m really excited to get to tell you about a new board book series focusing on toddler wanderlust called My Little Cities. It’s written by BabyLit author Jennifer Adams and illustrated by kidlit extraordinaire Greg Pizzoli. The series also expands to a New York City Skyline Playset and Travel Matching Game. (Post contains affiliate links.)

My Little Cities board book series for babies and toddlers
This series of board books is perfect for families who love to travel!

As you may have guessed from my post Baby + Toddler Travel Books to Inspire Wanderlust, I love board books! They are sturdy enough for my baby to gnaw on and roughly flip the pages. Yet, my preschooler can use the imagery to create his own story about the people and places featured. What’s extra cool is that my preschooler can “read” the books to his little brother.

My Little Cities: Paris

My Little Cities: Paris toddler board book
This was one of our favorite pages because we got to see the Eiffel Tower in person!

My Little Cities: Paris has been my preschooler’s favorite book of the series since we recently spent 3 days in Paris. He likes to proudly point out the Eiffel Tower and talk about how we chose not to climb up it because the line was too long. I also point out the glass pyramid and try to explain how the Louvre is home to world-famous art. Mostly, we look at the pictures and reminisce about our own trip. And we practice a little bit of French. And we talk about the yummy food we ate.

My Little Cities: New York

My Little Cities: New York board book for babies and toddlers

My Little Cities: New York features the only city in this series I haven’t been to. I’m hoping to remedy that soon! So, I find this book extra exciting because neither my kids nor I have experienced this place. We talk a bit about familiar things like taxis and busy streets. But, we also get to wonder aloud what it would be like to see the Statue of Liberty in person. I like being just as curious as my preschooler about places!

My Little Cities: San Francisco

My Little Cities: San Francisco baby board book
My oldest loves bridges, so we talk a lot about the “big, red bridge in San Francisco!”

San Francisco is the first and only road trip I have taken to date. Back in college, my best friend and I drove from Seattle to San Francisco to see the sights. It was an incredible trip filled with special memories. Because of that trip, San Francisco represents freedom and “big city” life. We took my oldest to San Fransisco briefly when he was really little. My grand plan is to take my kids on a road trip down to San Fransisco and I tell them my plan each time we look at My Little Cities: San Francisco.

My Little Cities: London

My Little Cities: London travel board book for kids
This is our favorite page of the book because we can re-enact what the changing of the guard looks like!

London is probably our next big family trip. I’ve heard that the public transportation makes it easy to get around the city with little kids. Plus they have a transportation museum that my kids would enjoy. I like to use My Little Cities: London to familiarize them with the city so they will recognize places when we actually visit.

Final Thoughts about My Little Cities Board Books

My Little Cities travel board book series for babies and toddlers
My favorite part about the My Little Cities series is how my oldest was able to “read” the books to his little brother.

The text on each page is large and succinct. This makes them great first books for early readers. The back pages of these books give a bit of background about each of the sights. I haven’t been back to London since I was 18 years old. I’m glad I didn’t have to make up answers to my preschooler’s questions. It’s like having a cheat sheet! These are fast becoming our go-to books outside of nap time and bedtime.

Travel Board Books for BabiesChronicle Books sent me review copies of the My Little Cities series. All opinions are my own.

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