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What is Zulily?

If you are a mom, I’m sure you’ve browsed the Zulily website. From fluffy tutus, to maternity wear, to home decor, to tons of toys, Zulily is one of the coolest shopping experiences for families. And everyday, there’s something new! It’s extra cool for our family because the Zulily headquarters is in Seattle, close to where we live!

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Zulily is a company launched in Seattle in 2010 and provides cool products to moms at a discounted price. What sets them apart is that in addition to popular brands like Little Tikes, Thomas the Train, Ergo, etc. they also find small, unique businesses with creative products.

Plus, you can save Up to 70% off of Kid’s Apparel!

What Do They Sell?

It’s one of the best places to find interesting birthday presents and holiday gifts. Oh, and party supplies! This past 4th of July, my friend hosted a BBQ. She saw a giant, inflatable bowling set and thought it would be fun for the party.

Photo of kids playing with inflatable bowling pins from Zulily #zulily #bowling #bbq #lawngames
Aren’t these inflatable bowling pins amazing? Photo credit: Lisa Predovich

The kids decided it was more fun to pick up the pins and chase each other around the yard! They had never seen anything like this before and they were fully occupied for at least 30 minutes. Even my toddler joined in on the fun!

Photo of kids playing with inflatable bowling set from Zulily at a 4th of July BBQ #zulily #bowlingpins #lawngames #inflatable
The kids played so well together! Photo credit: Lisa Predovich

Tour of Zulily Headquarters

Zulily invited my family to tour their Seattle headquarters earlier this month. I was beyond excited! I mean, I’ve shopped on Zulily for years and was curious to see what the Zulily office looked like.

It’s located in Seattle’s trendy Belltown neighborhood near the Seattle waterfront.

Photo of the Zulily Seattle Headquarters in Washington State #zulily #zulilyheadquarters #seattle #seattlewa #belltown
I can’t believe we got to visit the Zulily Headquarters in Seattle, WA! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We parked in the garage across the street and took the sky bridge directly to their office. As soon as we got to the front desk, my kids spotted a play area!

The staff member encouraged me to send the kids to play while I finished checking in and getting my visitor’s badge.

Photo of the waiting area at the Zulily HQ in Seattle, Washington #zulily #zulilyhq #belltown #playarea #waitingroom
This has got to be the coolest waiting room I’ve ever seen! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

The first thing I noticed was how clean and organized the play area was! We arrived at 12:30pm, so plenty of time for things to get messy, especially with Zulily child models going in and out. But, my kids loved climbing on the toys.

After a few minutes, Callie and Yli came to greet us. My boys were excited to meet them. They were so sweet and gave us a big bag of Zulily goodies, including some yummy snacks to eat on the car ride home!

Photo of the Zulily Headquarters cafeteria in Seattle, WA #zulily #zulilyhq #seattlewa
Isn’t this cafeteria so happy and cheery? Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Our first stop was seeing their cafeteria. No, they don’t get their meals for free, but they have a catering company that provides some really delicious and healthy options for breakfast and lunch.

What I noticed most was how bright and airy it was. That’s because it’s in an atrium! Such a smart way to get a bit of light, especially in Seattle!

I also got to check out their marketing department! They had just done a team building activity where they did a photo scavenger hunt around Seattle. The photos from that hanged on the walls and it looked like a fun place to be!

We also got to see the big storage area of all the toys, shoes, clothes, etc used for the photo shoots! It reminded me a ton of local consignment sales like Just Between Friends and Jack & Jill with the sheer quantity of items! My kids wanted to sit here and play with all the toys, but we had more things to do!

What Makes Zulily Unique?

So, one thing that makes Zulily different than its competitors is that they can offer wholesale prices for top name brands.

Basically, they do flash sales and you can get in on the discounted price. Then, they send in the order and ship it out once it’s been filled. They work directly with the brands.

Photo of a photo set at the Zulily headquarters in Seattle, WA #zulily #photoshoot #zulilyheadquarters #seattle #seattlewa #seattlebusiness
My 4 year old had fun looking for woodland creatures at the Zulily Headquarters in Seattle, WA. Photo credit: Zulily

And you can follow certain brands on Zulily and you’ll get an email alert or Facebook message when that brand is doing a sale with Zulily. It’s really helpful if you’re hoping to score particular items, but can’t check Zulily every day.

But, it’s not just kid stuff. They also have a full line of Women’s clothes (including maternity,) Men’s clothes, toys, home items, beauty products, event tickets, and more! And they launch tons of new products every day.

Zulily Photo Shoot

One of the stops on the tour I was most excited for was the Zulily photo shoot. What’s cool about Zulily is that they use regular, local Seattle kids and parents as their models. I got to briefly see their dressing rooms and hair and make-up stations.

Photo of a Zulily photo shoot in the Zulily HQ in Seattle, WA #zulily #zulilyhq #photoshoot #seattle
My son thought the binoculars were fun to play with! Photo credit: Zulily

They let my kids and I play around in a really cute woodland creatures set. We got to pretend that we were Zulily models! The first thing they did was crank up the Moana tunes!

Photo of kids playing with bubbles at a Zulily photo shoot in Seattle, WA #zulily #photoshoot #bubbles
It was fun to do this photo shoot with my kids! Photo credit: Zulily

My toddler wasn’t sure about taking photos, so one of the employees started blowing bubbles. Bubbles really do make problems go away! The boys and I had a lot of fun popping them!

Photo of a Zulily photoshoot at the Seattle, WA office. #zulily #seattle #zulilyhq
It’s all fun and games when the bubbles come out! Photo credit: Zulily

I’m really glad I got an insider look at the Zulily Headquarters in Seattle! I love supporting Seattle businesses and I finally understood what all goes into their massive business.

If you think that you or your kids would like to model for Zulily, fill out their Zulily Model Submission Form.

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Ever wonderered what the Zulily Headquarters looks like? Here's your chance to see insider the Zulily Seattle HQ. Click to read more or pin to save for later. #zulily #seattlewa #zulilyhq #momblog #momlife #womensclothing #toys Want to know how you can be a Zulily model? Find out what it's like to be inside the Zulily Headquarters in Seattle, WA. Click to read more or pin to save for later. #seattle #seattlemodel #kidmodel #mommodel #zulily #zulilyseattle #seattlebusiness #photoshoot Did you know Zulily's Seattle headquarters has multiple play areas, an atrium-style cafeteria, a huge warehouse of toys, and tons of photo sets? See what it's really like inside Zulily's HQ in Washington State. Click to read more or pin to save for later. #zulily #zulilyhq #seattle #seattlewa #seattlebusiness #kidsclothing #kidsfashion #momfashion #fashion #toys


Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. I live in Seattle but never been on Zulily! Didn’t know they sell other stuff like party supplies but good to know.

  2. What a fun place! They seem like they took excellent care of you guys! I love Zulily and that makes me like them even more!

  3. How fun to get to actually go behind the scenes at somewhere that you ACTUALLY shop! What a great tour and I’m loving how clean everything was, lol!!

  4. Sami Summers Reply

    Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! I adore Zulily and I bet it was a fantastic time touring their building. I’d love to see your boys on the website soon, they really are too cute!

  5. I didn’t know Zulily was from Seattle. I’ve shopped on their a few times to get the great deals.

    • Yep! They are headquartered here and have an office in Ohio. They have really good deals on products that usually don’t go on sale!

  6. Wow that looks like so much fun! Next time my niece comes to visit I will definitely want to take her there, I can already imagine just how much fun she’ll have! Those are some great photos, and looks like everyone had a great time.

  7. I’ve not heard of Zulily before so just been browsing on their site and I totally love everything on it! Their headquarters looks like a great and fun place for the kids too!

  8. How adorable and so kid friendly! Love the backdrop for your pictures 🙂

  9. I have never shopped at Zulily, I feel like I have been missing out, what a great concept on a way to save your customers money and provide a great product. Looks like so much fun to visit their headquarters too.

  10. I have always been really interested in them but I dont know anyone who has ordered from there so I am nervous about it From your photos and post it seems like they are indeed a real company with real products so I might have to do that!

  11. I was just in Seattle this spring and had no idea Zulily was headquartered there. I probably went right past their office without even knowing it! Going behind the scenes is always fun, and it’s nice that they did a photo shoot with you and your kids. I haven’t shopped Zulily yet, but I didn’t realize all that you could get there. That inflatable bowling set looks so fun!

  12. Your tour sounds fun. I love Zulily and I’m not even a mom. They really do have great deals

  13. I love Zulily! I actually have gotten a number of pieces from them in the past, including the shoes I’m wearing right now! I didn’t know that they had such a family-friendly business model. That makes me love them even more!

  14. I love Zulily! Their products are diverse and prices are so great! I’m also local to Seattle and they really are a great company that is a fabulous part of our community. So great that you got to tour the headquarters and share this part of our city with the rest of the world! Looks like your kids had a great time too!

  15. Gladys Parker Reply

    It sounds as though you and your had a great experience! I love the photo with the binoculars and the last one, although, they were all cute! I’ll have to check out Zulily soon.

  16. This is super fun for kids! The photoshoot is gorgeous though. Looks really professional. Would love to visit there in the future.

  17. Aduke Schulist Reply

    That looks like a super cool headquarters. I bet the kids of the parents who work there love it.

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