Travel Toy


Last updated on March 14th, 2018 at 09:16 pm

I’m always on the hunt for travel-themed toys for my son. Not necessarily toys that are great for travel, but ones that inspire thoughts about travel and adventure. My son has a great interest in airplanes and airports. He likes to tell me where the airplanes are going and what they are going to do at the airport.

Diggin sent us their Boxset Airplanes to review. It arrived just in time for a play date, so we unboxed it and the kids immediately got to work unpacking the pieces and trying to build the runway.  Then, they immediately brought the pieces to me to put together before they rushed back to grab the airplanes. They were actually silent as they decided where to put the runway pieces and explore the box. The only argument they had was when one wanted to turn it back into box so he could carry it around while they other still wanted to play.