I’ve spent the past month hearing my toddler ask me, “Are we doing the Santa Train today?” It’s my fault, really, for telling him as soon as we purchased tickets. It also prompted questions about Santa. I told my son that Santa goes to everyone’s house on Christmas Eve and brings them presents. My son’s eyes widened as he inquired, “Santa is coming to OUR house and bringing US presents?” And when I told him we’d be leaving cookies out for Santa because he gets hungry visiting so many houses, he almost couldn’t handle it. Oh, and this was all before Halloween.

My son Owen LOVES trains! Almost everyday, he asks me if we can “sit down in a train.” I usually have to tell him no, but today I got to tell him YES! The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad is located in Elbe, WA (about 15-20 minutes past Northwest Trek.) They recommend that passengers arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the train ride so that there is plenty of time to park, get tickets (and pay $4 for parking), and get in line for the train. We ended up getting there more than an hour early and we found plenty to do to pass the time. For starters, their gift shop is perfect for toddlers/preschoolers who love trains! Not only did they have a section of Thomas the Train books, but they had train conductor hats, small trains, big trains, sticker books and more.