Why and Whale

Why and Whale is a monthly subscription package featuring handpicked apparel, toys, books and more for little trendsetters ages 6 months-6 years. According to their website, each box contains: two apparel items and three accessories/activities OR an apparel item, a large accessory, book and activities OR a large toy/game, book, plus modern room decor OR another variation valued over $59 per box as their list of over 200 brands grows!

LEGO Duplo sent us a Little Plane to test out. My 2.5 year-old son Owen was so excited to open it up once he saw it was an airplane! He’s very into airplanes right now. We opened the box and he dumped out all the pieces. Without any instructions, we were easily able to build the airplane and control tower. Owen loved that the pilot could sit down or stand up in the plane while he ran around “flying” the plane. He was also a fan of the control tower and kept saying “get ready for takeout,” which is from one of his favorite books.

LEGO Duplo Little Plane Review My toddler was very excited to open and assemble this LEGO Duplo Little Plane and accessories

When we found out we were pregnant with Baby #2, one of my first thoughts was how to make sure to have special one-on-one time with our toddler. I started combing the Internet to see what activities other parents did to make sure their toddler transitioned well. One of the things that kept coming up was reading books. I’m a fan of children’s books and our toddler Owen has quite the collection already. Many parents had told me that they always did story time with their toddler when they were feeding their baby. I thought that was a fabulous idea!