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I begged Kirralee from Escape with Kids to write this guest post about Sydney with kids after reading about her adventures living in Australia with her family.

Insider’s Guide to Visiting Sydney with Kids


Visiting Sydney with kids is all about the water. It’s the glorious Sydney Harbour, sparkling in the sun, with the iconic Sydney Opera House sitting proudly beside it and the Sydney Harbour Bridge arching over it.

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When to Take a Babymoon

So, if you are a wanderlusting mama-to-be, you might be wondering when you should take your babymoon. The fact is, you can turn any vacation while pregnant into your babymoon. In fact, you can take several babymoons, if you like.

The main point of a babymoon is to enjoy one last vacation before adding another member to your family. It’s a great time to take some time to focus on your relationship while celebrating the new life you are bringing into this world. Plus, it’s an excuse to take a (probably) much-needed vacation!