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An Exclusive Seattle Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour

An Exclusive Seattle Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour

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Recently, my family had the opportunity to do a private Seattle Aquarium behind the scenes tour. Let me tell you: It was fantastic and my kids are begging to go back!

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The Seattle Waterfront is one of my favorite places to spend time with my family!

We love riding on the Seattle Great Wheel and experiencing the Wings Over Washington.

And Miner’s Landing has yummy restaurants and a vintage carousel and carnival game area.

But, one of the centerpieces of the Seattle Waterfront is the Seattle Aquarium.

My husband and I had our second date here and we even did our engagement photos at the aquarium!

So, partnering with the Seattle Aquarium was a perfect match!

Seattle Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour

We had the pleasure of meeting up with Margaret, a Marine Science Interpreter who led us on a one-hour Seattle Aquarium tour.


Have you ever wondered how the divers get into the big 120,000-gallon Window on Washington Waters tank near the Seattle Aquarium entrance?

Visiting with a diver is just one of the stops on this Seattle Aquarium behind the scenes tour for families visiting Seattle attractions with kids. #seattleaquarium #diver #seattle #visitseattle

My toddler got a kick out of seeing the diver so close up! Photo credit: Lisa Predovich

It’s probably the most iconic spot at the aquarium and kids are immediately drawn in by the 20×40 feet floor to ceiling tank.

And it’s no surprise, especially since the tank is angled to make you feel like you are actually inside!

The kids had lots of questions about what was inside the tank, so I’m glad Margaret was able to point out the rockfish, sea stars, sea anemones and more!

As soon as we got there, Duncan (one of the divers) swam right up to the kids and waved!

That led to more questions about where he came from and if there was an “upstairs” where the divers jump into the tank. Even my 2 year old was asking Margaret if he could go upstairs.

Turns out, that was the next stop on our tour!


We took the elevator upstairs to the second floor and met Nicole, a Seattle Aquarium diver.

The kids loved asking a Seattle Aquarium diver lots of questions about scuba diving, sea animals, and all about her equipment. #diver #seattleaquarium

One of the coolest things we did was meet Nicole, a Seattle Aquarium diver. Photo credit: Lisa Predovich

She was in the work space at the top of the Window on Washington Waters tank, where they keeps all the diving equipment.

Nicole showed us a lot of what she uses when she’s in the water and what it’s like to be in the tank.

The kids were definitely curious about her mask. See, Nicole and the rest of the divers use special masks so they can talk to each other as well as interpreters outside the exhibit.

That’s how they are able to answer questions from the audience!

Nicole even let them push the button on her mask!

She also showed them her fins, the oxygen tank she wears like a backpack, her watch and other gadgets.

One of the most important things she uses is her dry suit! It can get really cold in the water (it was 41 degrees when we were there!) so the dry suit keeps her warm.

Having never seen a diver outside of the water, the kids thought this was pretty cool!

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After saying goodbye to Nicole, our guide Margaret walked us to the other side of the room where there were big refrigerators.

That’s where they keep the food. Not, not their lunches. It’s food for the fish and sea life!

On this Seattle Aquarium behind the scenes tour, kids can discover what sea animals like to eat. #seattleaquarium #visitseattle #marine #pugetsound

Margaret shows my son the different types of food in the refrigerator. Photo credit: Lisa Predovich

There were containers of lettuce, seaweed, fish, and other items sea creatures love to eat.

The coolest part was seeing the tub of krill. Apparently Blue Whales (the largest  animal on Earth) can eat up to 40 million krill each day!

Then Margaret asked the kids what color Salmon are inside. When they said “pink,” she explained it’s because they each so much pink krill!

The kids got a kick out of seeing the huge tubs of krill and talking about how “stinky” they were!

Then, Margaret grabbed a bowl of fresh seaweed and said she had a fun activity for us!


We headed back downstairs and walked over to the Life on the Edge tide pools exhibit area.

The kids loved going behind the scenes on this Seattle Aquarium tour where they got to feed sea urchins! #seaurchins #seattleaquarium #visitseattle

The kids got a kick out of watching the sea urchins eat the seaweed! Photo credit: Lisa Predovich

Here, families are encouraged to get their hands wet and explore sea life through touch!

We headed straight for the sea urchins and Margaret showed the kids how to tear a bit of seaweed and put it on their prickly spines so they can eat them.

The kids took turns feeding the sea urchins and even my toddler got the hang of it!


Our last stop was the Octopus Exhibit where we met CJ, an octopus currently living at the Seattle Aquarium.

What’s super cool is that Seattle Aquarium releases their octopi back into Puget Sound every 6 months or so.

Octopus Week

Join Seattle Aquarium February 16 – 24, 2019 for their annual Octopus Week!

Each day, there are hands-on kid activities and special events like Diving with an Octopus and an Octopus Weigh-in.

Plus, on February 16 and 23, you can witness an octopus release into Puget Sound!

See the full schedule here.


At this point, the official tour ended and we were encouraged to explore at our own pace.

There's a kids dress up area at the Seattle Aquarium where kids can try on real wet suits used by divers.

Don’t miss the scuba dress up area where kids can try on real wet suits! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

The kids were fully fascinated by the sea life and were excited to check out the rest of the space.

Some of the hits were looking at the jelly fish, playing dress up with the scuba gear, and watching them feed the seals.

What We Thought of the Seattle Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour

Our family loved it! There’s no better way engage kids in learning than surrounding them with people who are genuinely excited to share their passion!

It was clear that the staff at the Seattle Aquarium love what they do! And that made our kids much more interested in what they had to say!

Kids will love the hands on exhibits at Seattle Aquarium, the 9th largest aquarium in the United State #seaurchin #tidepool #seattleaquarium #thingstodoinSeattle

This was the first time my toddler ever touched sea urchin! Photo credit: Lisa Predovich

I’m really happy we did this tour because I was actually a bit anxious about the whole experience for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t want to deal with the whole Viaduct mess.
  2. My kids aren’t into animals.

Thankfully neither of these were actual issues!


So, if you live in Seattle, you’re probably freaking out about the whole Viaduct situation. I know it’s keeping a lot of families away from the Seattle Waterfront.

But, that’s good for you!

The construction doesn’t come near the Seattle Aquarium until sometime in March. And even then, no one knows how it will affect traffic.

I planned for heavy traffic but we ended up arriving 30 minutes before the Seattle Aquarium even opened! It was a breeze to get to.

Plus, there were tons of parking spots available in the garages across the street.

If you’re already in Downtown Seattle and don’t want to deal with parking, you can always take the free Seattle Waterfront Shuttle. It has a stop right in front of the aquarium.


We ended up inviting a friend to go to the Seattle Aquarium with us to turn it into a play date. That was a smart idea for our family because they kids were much more engaged.

And the staff running the behind the scenes tour of the Seattle Aquarium made the animals much more interesting to my kids and they were eager to explore the rest after the tour ended.

Plus, there was a lot of Paw Patrol talk that was actually relevant to what we were learning at the aquarium!

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5 Ways to Make Your Seattle Aquarium Trip Special

While this Seattle Aquarium behind the scenes tour isn’t readily available, there are plenty of ways to make sure your trip is special.

Bring the kids to story time at the Seattle Aquarium, a fun thing to do in Seattle with kids #seattleaquarium #storytime

The Seattle Aquarium offers story time on the weekends. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung


Make sure to hit up the Diver Show at least once during your visit. Families can sit on the benches in front of the huge tank and ask questions directly to the divers inside the tank.

The shows are at 10am, 11:30am, and 12:15pm. And if you are there on the weekend, there’s also a 3pm show.


Families with younger kids might enjoy sitting down an listening to an ocean-themed story read by Seattle Aquarium staff.

This happens on weekends at 11am at the Family Activity Center.


People bond over food. Why not bond with a marine animal while they enjoy a tasty treat?

Families can learn all about marine mammals through their daily talks and feedings at 11:30am, 2pm, and 5pm in the Marine Mammal Exhibit area.


Every day at Noon and 4pm, families can watch staff try to feed a giant Pacific octopus!


From October through February, families with toddlers and preschoolers can participate in this hands-on program during select mornings.

It’s free with your Seattle Aquarium admission. You can find the current schedule here.

Looking for a fun adventure in Seattle with kids? Find out 5 easy ways to engage your kids at the Seattle Aquarium in Washington State through their special programs and events. Plus, find out what you need to know before your trip. It's the ultimate Seattle rainy day play date! Click to read more or pin to save for later. #seattleaquarium #visitseattle #seattlewithkids #seattle

What You Might Not Know about Seattle Aquarium

I’ve been going to the Seattle Aquarium since elementary school. It’s a popular field trip spot.

But there’s so much I didn’t know about, here’s what I learnt during our Seattle Aquarium behind the scenes tour:


More than 27 million people have visited the Seattle Aquarium since opening in 1977. And staff have educated more than 2 million kids about marine conservation.

It’s also one of the top 5 paid visitor attractions around Puget Sound.


Up until 2010, the City of Seattle’s Parks and Recreation department ran the Seattle Aquarium.

Now, it’s managed by the Seattle Aquarium Society, a local Seattle nonprofit organization.


While the Seattle Aquarium has almost 100 staff members, they have more than 1000 volunteers.

These volunteers do everything from talking to families in the exhibit areas to feeding the animals.

And about 100 people are volunteer beach naturalists, who meet families at Puget Sound beaches to show them cool stuff like exploring tide pools!

Find a beach naturalist program near you.


High school students can apply to be Youth Ocean Advocates and earn volunteer hours by teaching visitors about marine life and conservation, plus creating social media content.


Their entire $12.6 million operating budget comes from tickets, concessions/gift shop sales, memberships, grants and private donations.

So, next time someone asks what your family would like as a gift, consider asking for a Seattle Aquarium membership or tickets for your family.

It’s guaranteed fun for your family and you’ll be supporting marine conservation. It’s a win-win!


Have a sea otter conceived and born in captivity. And it also lived to adulthood.

They now have a Sea Otter Conservation Program focusing on research, husbandry, education, and raising money through retail products.


Seattle Aquarium staff are able to nurse sea turtles who are stranded along the Pacific Northwest coastline back to health.

What’s Next for the Seattle Aquarium?

I’m pretty excited about what Seattle Aquarium is currently working on!

Their Ocean Pavilion project will connect an expanded Seattle Aquarium to Pike Place Market and Downtown Seattle through a waterfront park.

The expansion will add 48,000 square feet to accommodate an increase in visitors, more public open spaces, and reinvent the way families experience the Seattle Aquarium.

The Ocean Pavilion construction is set for 2021-2023.
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Planning Your Trip to the Seattle Aquarium

But, there’s so much to do and see before the future expansion. Let me help you plan your family trip to the Seattle Aquarium!

Seattle moms love heading to the Seattle Aquarium for play dates.

I always pack diapers, wipes, my camera and plenty of snacks in my diaper bag. Photo credit: Lisa Predovich


Anytime is a great time, but if you’re hoping for smaller crowds, you’ll have the best luck in the fall or winter (just not around the holidays.)

Or late afternoons in the spring and summer.

Their busiest times are spring and summer, weekends, and days around the holidays.

The Seattle Aquarium is open 9:30am–5pm daily, except Christmas Day and their annual fundraiser on June 7, 2019.


Yes, the whole aquarium is easy to navigate with a stroller.
They don’t rent strollers at the aquarium, so you will need to bring your own. And they are unable to store your stroller if you no longer want to use it at the aquarium.


Yes! You can totally bring in snacks or lunch. Just make sure you are eating in a designated area like the Life on the Edge exhibit or on a bench. Ask a staff member if you are unsure.

And Waterfront Park is another option if you’d like to eat outside. Just be sure to get your hand stamped if you want to come back to the Aquarium.

You can also purchase food in their Aquarium cafe.


It really depends on your family. My kids (ages 5 years old and 2 years old) are good after about two hours.

But, if your kids are really interested in sea life, they might want more time.

If you are spending the day on the Seattle Waterfront, get your hand stamped so you have the option of coming back to the Aquarium later in the day.


If you live in Seattle (or will be visiting more than once a year) consider a Seattle Aquarium membership. It’s pretty affordable and it pays for itself in less than two visits.

They also offer discounted tickets to senior citizens, people with disabilities, active military members and their dependents, and school groups.

And if you’ll be doing several Seattle attractions (like MoPOP or an Argosy Cruise), the CityPASS will save you money.

Finally, if you have a Seattle Public Library card, you can get free tickets through their Museum Pass program. Just know there are limited tickets available and you’ll need to request them weeks before your visit.

Thanks to the Seattle Aquarium for hosting us. All opinions are my own.

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David Seattle

Monday 28th of October 2019

My two school friends visited Seattle last week and they have enjoyed our beautiful city tour & food.


Monday 4th of November 2019

Yay! So glad to hear that!


Sunday 10th of March 2019

I have been wanting to take a weekend trip to Seattle for the longest time. My two boys would love this aquarium. Thank for sharing all the details.


Monday 11th of March 2019

Of course! It's a really fun way to spend a couple of hours. And the whole Seattle Waterfront is so cool!


Thursday 7th of February 2019

Oh my gosh I had no idea you could do so many fun things at the Seattle Aquarium! I'll have to tell my nieces and nephews that they can meet a diver at the Seattle Aquarium!


Thursday 7th of February 2019

It really brings the Aquarium to life! My kids were so engaged with everything!

M Benge

Thursday 7th of February 2019

looks like the kids had fun! I definitely want to go visit but I don't have kids - Oh well!


Thursday 7th of February 2019

Oh you can still visit the Seattle Aquarium without kids! My husband and I had our 2nd date there!

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