*Edited 5/2/17 to add that the TukTuk is 100% electric.

My husband and I love to tour cities through unique transportation. One of our favorite memories of Rome was cruising around on a golf cart to see historical sites. As soon as we decided to bring our kids Paris, I started Googling and was ecstatic to find Paris by TukTuk. We saw TukTuks while traveling in Asia so we were instantly intrigued. After perusing their website, I emailed them to see if we could tour around to see the “real” Paris.


Our driver, Arnaud, picked us up at our flat. This was really helpful because we didn’t have to try to meet him somewhere unfamiliar. It was a chilly April day that had been a bit rainy, so he put on the roof and plastic sides to keep us warm and dry. While it meant that our view was obstructed a bit, we were very thankful to keep our family warm.

Paris by TukTuk tour
Our family had plenty of room in the TukTuk and we could have easily fit our stroller in there if we needed.

The TukTuk can seat up to 6 people. I wore our baby in my Tula baby carrier and had our 3-year-old sit beside me and we faced the back of the TukTuk. My husband sat in the back of the TukTuk so he could get a better view for photos. We had plenty of space for our large backpack and to move around a bit.

We figured we could see the main tourist attractions on our own, so we requested a “Secret Paris Tour” that would show us some areas away from the main sites. If it had been our first time in Paris, we would have done one of their “Classical Tours” to see the major landmarks.

Our flat was near the Arc de Triomphe, so we headed that direction and saw the Bastille. We headed to the Northeast end of Paris and then the Eastside. We saw a lot of beautiful parks and historic buildings. Arnaud made sure to pull over every once in awhile to explain what we were looking at. We stayed close to the Seine for awhile and we looked out the windows in awe of Paris.

Our 3-year-old was mostly enchanted that we were in a real TukTuk. He waved at motorcyclists behind us and was thrilled when some waved back. Then he started waving at construction workers (who also waved back) and middle school students (who seemed too cool to wave at a preschooler.) It became a game for our son to see who would wave back. We got a lot of looks from pedestrians and many smiled at us and we scooted by.

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TukTuk in Paris tour
My husband showed our 3-year-old how to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower at a quiet location where our TukTuk stopped.

Arnaud showed us a back road that ended at an area that overlooked Paris and the Eiffel Tower. My husband asked if we could stop and get out for a moment. Arnaud was able to pull right up and park and help us out of the TukTuk. There were hardly any people around and we had plenty of time to take photos. In fact, our preschooler was so interested in watching my husband take photos that he wanted to learn himself.

TukTuk in Paris
Near the end of our tour, a large bus tried to turn around on a narrow street and got stuck, blocking the entire street and causing a traffic jam. Arnaud was able to drive the TukTuk on the sidewalk and we were on our way!

As we reached the end of our tour, my husband suggested we get dropped off in Saint Germaine so we could grab an early dinner. Arnaud was quick to pull into an adorable street lined with restaurant options. We bid farewell to Arnaud and our fabulous TukTuk.

Paris by TukTuk Verdict

On a warmer day, the view from the TukTuk would have been spectacular. It’s truly the best way to see Paris not on foot. It was a highlight of our trip.

There were a couple of know-before-you-go things. The TukTuk is 100% electric. However, my husband sat in the back seat and he could smell the exhaust from other vehicles. It was also a bit of a bumpy ride. But, I think both of those are to be expected with a TukTuk. I wore our baby in my Tula carrier and he felt very secure.

I highly recommend Paris by TukTuk to families with small children who need a break from walking. It’s also a great choice for families with older children who want the experience of riding in a TukTuk. Next time we are in Paris, we will try the “Night Tour.” Then, we can see the City of Lights truly lit up!

Paris by TukTuk

Paris by TukTuk offered us a complimentary tour in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. I will never make it to Paris with my kids, but my husband and I would love to get back there someday. We’d love to use the tuktuk when we go back 🙂

  2. First of all, wow to seeing Paris! That must have been amazing in itself. The Tuk Tuk is a great way to travel. I’ve never heard of them, but like that they’re small and private.

  3. Hello Marcie
    Thank you for your nice review Marcie!
    We try to put a human face in our aproach of tourism, it is why the families enjoy.
    And Paris has so much to offer that getting out of the main monuments is still a delight…but it requiers to know very well the town, which is the case of our drivers, like Arnaud.
    Just one precision Marcie, when you say that your husband has smelt the exhaust : it is not the exhaust of our tuktuks, forthey are 100% electric! 🙂 so no Co2 in the air, it is important for us who live in Paris, to be involved in the energetic transition.

    Marci, it was a pleasure to offer you that tour, and thanks very much for your report, we do our best to welcome our hosts and share with them the best of our town!
    Best regards, and see you soon!!

    • marciecheung Reply

      Nice clarification! I will edit my post. I thought they were 100% electric, so I think he must have been smelling other vehicles. I couldn’t smell anything from the front seat. We had SO MUCH fun on your TukTuk tour! I’ve been telling all my friends how great it is for families. Thank you so much for such a lovely afternoon!

      • I was so sorry not to be able to make the tour with you, but arnaud – like all our drivers- is, i know, friendly and helpfull..and he knows his town…Did you try some of my tips? Your idea to get out af the main monuments is the good one, espacially for kids, you may have seen all the little spaces, “squares” etc for kids, where, like in the space for kids in the jardin du Luxembourg, the children are so happy to make some friends!
        And for the electric energy, that was our first point : As a father, to participate to make the air cleaner in paris, is an evidence and a necessity, it is why we have choosen this electric tuktuk made in Holland, now for the fourth year. So choosing us is also participating to the eco friendly movement.
        last thing, we have special prices for the families ( check here : https://www.paris-by-tuktuk.com/a-fun-visit-of-paris-with-kids/?lang=en)

        Thanks again Marcie, and please come back, because still many things are to be seen here in Paris!
        Best regards to all your readers!

        Eric, from Paris (Allo tuktuk – paris by tuktuk)

  4. Mandy Carter Reply

    That definitely looks like a fun way to sightsee. My kids would love the experience.

  5. I actually never tried it! Every time I’m in Paris I usually walk around but next time I’m there I will try it!

    • marciecheung Reply

      We usually walk, too. But, our preschooler’s little legs were getting tired. This was an awesome way to cover a lot of ground while resting.

  6. How exciting! I’m sure they weren’t as scary as the ones in Asia! I couldn’t bring myself to try it in Thailand. What a great trip!

    • marciecheung Reply

      We didn’t do them in Thailand either! Too scary! But these were larger and felt a lot safer to me.

  7. First – I would just love to be in Paris! And what a great way to see the sites via the TukTuk. I think its great for kids (less walking helps, right?) and its a fun way to travel around! So much fun!

    • marciecheung Reply

      Paris is AMAZING and I already want to go back! We all enjoyed the break from walking 🙂

  8. What a fun and unique way to travel! I’ve never seen a TukTuk but I will definitely check them out when we hit Paris!

  9. What an interesting way to see Paris. The Tuktuk seems like a great alternative to walking especially if you are traversing a city with little ones.

  10. Wow! What a fun way to sight see! I bet that is a lasting memory your children will cherish <3

    • marciecheung Reply

      My oldest keeps asking when we can ride another TukTuk!

  11. I am very impressed how early on in parenthood you guys are traveling.
    The Tuk Tuk sounds like such an unique way to visit a city…looks like you guys had loads of fun.

    • marciecheung Reply

      We figure we’d start early! Now it’s not so overwhelming to travel with the kiddos!

  12. Now this a fun way of seeing Paris! I would love to experience the Tuk Tuk one day, sorry to hear that the weather wasn’t as warm on your trip. Going by the comments from Perrier eric, I would use their service, they seem to care about the visitor’s experience!

    • marciecheung Reply

      YES! Eric was amazing and we exchanged lots of emails before the trip. He was awesome at arranging a trip that provided us with an off-beat view of the city. I highly recommend working with him!

  13. This is an awesome way to see the city. I have never tried riding a Tuktuk before and I would love to especially in a city like Paris!

  14. I have never seen anything like this before. Granted I don’t travel. Going to Europe with two kiddos doesn’t actually sound fun to me. More like a lot of work and crying.

    • marciecheung Reply

      It all depends on the kids and the expectations of the trip, I think. Our kids are pretty game for anything, which makes it a lot of fun for us!

  15. I don’t have any kids but I would honestly love this! I have been wanting to visit France for a while, this would be the perfect way to sight see. SO fun!

  16. I have never been on a Tuk Tuk ride before. Sounds like a great way to see the sights without being crammed in a bus :).

    • marciecheung Reply

      Yes! Plus we weren’t crammed with other tourists, too!

  17. Oh I love this! I would never have thought to travel in this form but getting those personal touches would make any trip so much better! Love the photo of your husband and son taking a picture!

  18. What a fun tradition to have with your family! I’ve never been on a Tuk Tuk but curious to try one now. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I’ve never heard of these ! How fun ! I can’t wait to see Paris and hope I can bring my kiddo with when we finally do !

  20. What a unique way to tour a city! I can’t imagine I’ll ever be to Paris in my life, but I will be on the lookout for TukTuk’s whenever I’m in a new city!

    • marciecheung Reply

      I always like to find interesting ways to see a city. We did a golf cart tour in Rome that was top notch!

  21. maria criselda maquiling Reply

    Paris by tuktuk sounds like a wonderful option for tourists with kids. The whole excitement of riding an open vehicle will be enough to entertain them while the parents can focus on the sightseeing. How much does a full day cost?

    • marciecheung Reply

      A full day (8 hours) is 400-500 Euro depending on the number of people. And kids under 5 are always FREE!

  22. I’m dying to take my kids to Paris. I would absolutely love to spend time walking the streets and enjoying the city with people I love.

  23. Wish I would have know this when I was travelling to Paris!! Sounds like so much fun!! Surely will try it when I go back to Paris.

    • marciecheung Reply

      Yes, keep this in mind for a future trip! We will definitely be doing it again!

  24. I never even knew you could see Paris by Tuk Tuk! What a great idea and I bet kids loved it. Will have to try it when I go back!

  25. What a novel way to see a great city like Paris. It’s a shame it wasn’t warm enough to have to top down as that would have obviously been so much better and you would imagine that this gets far more business in summertime. Love the flexibility to go on footpaths! As always you guys take such good photos to accompany your write ups and I love seeing your family’s adventures.

  26. Oh I was not knowing that there are tuktuks in Paris also. I know tuktuks are in Asia only. But really a very helpful post as sightseeing in Paris with children is easier in tuktuks.

  27. Ahh this is cool! I wish I knew about this when we visited Paris when our son was 12 months old. We walked everywhere with the stroller, and it was pretty exhausting. The Metro stations were so difficult to get the stroller into. This tuk-tuk travel seems a great solution!

    • marciecheung Reply

      Yes, Paris is a gorgeous city to walk through, but it can get a bit old with the stroller. The TukTuk was a bit more fun than a bus tour!

  28. Absolutely love the idea of a tuktuk in Paris. Glad you had a driver because it must have been quite a different adventure driving yourself down there. Next time I am in Paris I would love to do this too. Thanks for sharing.

    • marciecheung Reply

      Hahaha! I’d be much too scared to drive a tuktuk on my own!

  29. This sounds like a lot of fun and the perfect way to see the city, especially if you’re travelling with kids! We’re heading to Paris in July and will definitely look into having a TukTuk tour. Hopefully the weather will be warm enough for us to have the top down!

    • marciecheung Reply

      I think the tour would be AMAZING in July! If we go during a summer month in the future, I’m totally doing another TukTuk tour to get the top-down experience!

  30. I live in Paris and I have never heard of TukTuk tours like this one! That’s a wonderful idea for people who are unable to walk long distances – which is often the case when visiting all the sights in Paris, since everything is kinda spread out. Bastille is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris, so I’m glad tuktuk-Arnaud took you there 🙂 You said you saw different parks. I hope you saw Jardin du Luxembourg. It’s my favorite 🙂

    • marciecheung Reply

      YES! We actually spent the rest of our day at Jardin du Luxembourg so we could rent the little toy boat! It’s one of my favorite memories of Paris!

  31. I have never thought of seeing Paris by TukTuk, that sounds like so much fun. And it is great that you can also do it with children, what a good idea. To be honest I never knew you could do and I have now added it to my list for next time I am there.

    • marciecheung Reply

      I was trying to find a golf cart tour of Paris when I ran across Paris by TukTuk. Such a fun time!

  32. I’ve never tried Tuktuk, but it seems really fun! This is an interesting way to see Paris surely! I visited Paris for 5 days in February, and would love to come back! I will try Tuktuk if I’m back there xD

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