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Outstanding Things to Do in Astoria, Oregon with Kids

Outstanding Things to Do in Astoria, Oregon with Kids

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Are you planning a trip to Oregon and want to see where The Goonies was filmed? Check out these awesome things to do in Astoria, Oregon!

One of Oregon’s most beloved coastal cities, Astoria, is known for its beautiful beach scenery and Greek neighborhoods. You may have even set eyes on Astoria before without realizing it.

The city made the map back in 1985 when the adventure comedy, The Goonies came to theaters.

You can still visit some of those filming locations today, along with several other neat things to see in Astoria, Oregon. Are you wondering if Astoria is a kid-friendly destination?

It has many great activities and things to do that children will enjoy! So if you’re planning on a future visit, these are some of the best things to do in Astoria, Oregon. 

Astoria Oregon Recreational Activities

Are you in need of a thrill or an awesome adventure? Before I mention some of the best places to visit and things to do in Astoria, I’d like to briefly share several of the recreational activities that you can do while you’re experiencing outdoor Astoria.

Canneries on the waterfront of Astoria, Oregon
The Astoria waterfront is really peaceful.

There are several miles of great hiking and biking trails to take advantage of. While sports fishing, sailing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and scuba diving are water activities that water-lovers can enjoy. 

Some visitors enjoy camping for a more intimate and close-to-nature experience. Are you thinking about taking your family hiking at some point during your visit?

The best hiking trails for families with children include the Cathedral Tree Trail (1.6 miles) and the Netul River Falls trail (2 miles) which takes you to a beautiful waterfall.   

Astoria Oregon Things to do

Being a smaller city, there are still a lot of places to see in Astoria, Oregon, so let’s get started! These are several of the best Astoria things to do while visiting. 

Astoria Column

Built back in 1926, the Astoria Column is a towering monument (164 steps) that shoots 600 feet above sea level and overlooks the Columbia River.

Image of a woman pointing to the Astoria Column
The Astoria Column is a top sight to see on the Oregon Coast. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

It has a unique history and interesting murals that have been painted all the way up it. While the tower is free to climb, keep in mind that there is a $5 parking fee when you get there. 

You’ll definitely want to head to the gift shop to purchase wood gliders (they are $1 each) to throw them from the top of the column and see how far they go. My kids LOVE doing this !

Astoria Riverwalk and Trolley

The Astoria Riverwalk and Trolley are where you can enjoy the Columbia River, where many locals like to jog or walk their dogs. You can also ride the trolley on the weekends. The trolley makes it one of the cutest small towns in Oregon.

Astoria Megler Bridge

You will also want to grab a camera and take a photograph of the Astoria-Megler Bridge, an impressive steel bridge that stretches 4.1 miles.

Beautiful view of the magnificent Astoria Megler Bridge crossing the Columbia River from Astoria, Oregon to Washington
The Astoria Megler Bridge is the most famous landmark.

It’s also the longest continuous truss bridge in all of North America. You really can’t miss it.

Columbia River Maritime Museum  

Another interesting location to learn about maritime history is at the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which has stories and collections of sailors from past and present. 

Check out Downtown Astoria

Be sure that at some point, you set out on foot by taking a stroll in Downtown Astoria. That’s where you will find local shops, restaurants, art galleries, and all forms of entertainment. If microbreweries and brewpubs are something you enjoy, you’re in luck!

Fort George Brewery and Buoy Beer Company

Probably the most popular is Fort George Brewery, but you’ll also enjoy Buoy Beer Company. Not only is the beer and grub delicious, but there’s also a neat glass section of floor in the brewpub where you can see sea lions beneath the pier.  

Astoria Attractions

Wondering what you’ll find as far as Tourist attractions in Astoria Oregon? A pretty good wide variety actually! These are several of the best Astoria Oregon attractions that you won’t want to miss. 

Fort Stevens State Park is a 4,300-acre park along the coast that has fabulous scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Peter Iredale shipwreck near Astoria Oregon taken near sunset.
The Peter Iredale shipwreck near Astoria Oregon.

Back in 1906, there was a sailing vessel that accidentally went ashore, and there it still resides (The Wreck of the Peter Iredale). You can actually walk right up to the remains during low tide.

Pay your respects at the Astoria Pioneer Cemetery, which is an old graveyard and home to some of the most notable pioneers of that region. 

We’ve all learned about these famous explorers from a textbook, but history comes alive and becomes much more interesting at the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. 

Goonies Attractions

Relive the Goonies by visiting 11 filming locations that are scattered all throughout Astoria. This is the largest and probably the most well-known tourist attraction in Astoria, Oregon.

Image of the Goonies House in Astoria Oregon
My husband geeked out at the Goonies house! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Unfortunately, the house where the movie was filmed is now private property. But, it was recently purchased by new owners and you can still respectfully walk up and take photos if you like. 

Image of a woman pointing at the Oregon Film Museum in Astoria Oregon
The Oregon Film Museum is quick stop but totally worth it! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

However, you’ll definitely want to check out the Oregon Film Museum. They have TONS of Goonies memorabilia and it’s such a fun stop.

Image of the exterior of the Flavel House Museum in Astoria Oregon
The Flavel House Museum is pretty interesting. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

There’s also the Flavel House Museum. This is where Mikey’s father worked as a curator and it’s featured (briefly) in the museum. We’ve toured inside and it’s actually a pretty fascinating look at what life was like during the cannery days.

Things to do near Astoria Oregon

The small city of Cannon Beach is less than a 45-minute drive away (26 miles), which is where you’ll find Haystack Rock, Oregon’s most recognizable geological formation.

Image of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.

There are several tidepools and plenty of different wildlife to spot while you’re there.

Young River Falls

Young River Falls is a short hiking trail (.3 miles) that’s about 10 miles away. Besides enjoying the waterfall, many visitors enjoy swimming there.  

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

While you may no longer be able to step foot inside the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, it’s a neat historic lighthouse to observe from afar.  It’s roughly a 27-mile drive to get there (50 min).

Kelly’s Brighton Marina

Last but not least, is Kelly’s Brighton Marina (48 miles away, with an hour and 15 min drive). There you have the opportunity to go crabbing or enjoy eating freshly caught crab.   

Where to Stay in Astoria

Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa

My favorite place to stay in Astoria is the Cannery Pier Hotel & Spa. It’s a gorgeous hotel right under the Astoria Megler Bridge. The rooms are bright and clean and the spa facilities are fabulous. Check the latest rates and availability.

Holiday Inn Express And Suites Astoria

There’s also a Holiday Inn Express that is popular with families. It has an indoor pool and free breakfast for the whole family. Check the latest rates and availability.

Comfort Suites Columbia River

The Comfort Suites Columbia River is another kid-friendly option. It features an indoor pool, free breakfast, and it’s walkable to a children’s museum. Check the latest rates and availability.

Astoria Oregon Attractions Wrap-Up

So, there you have it, some of the best things to do in Astoria, Oregon. Most of them are places that even families with children can enjoy.

When visiting this Oregon coastal city you’ll experience history, beauty, culture, really cool attractions, and great places to eat. What do you plan on doing or seeing when you pay a visit? 

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