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Maternity Style While Traveling

Maternity Style While Traveling

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Packing for any trip can be stressful. Add in the fact that you are pregnant and probably don’t fit into your go-to items, it can be overwhelming. And you may not feel super cute (depending on how pregnant you are) which just complicates things even more. I’ve made the mistake of packing clothes that were non-maternity and didn’t fit or maternity clothes that made me feel frumpy. Not a great way to start a vacation.

I’ve traveled a bit while being pregnant. I was able to do Vancouver, Italy, and Hawaii when I was pregnant with Owen (before I was put on bed rest.) I was able to explore Disneyland, Portland, Suncadia, Hawaii, Vancouver and Victoria while pregnant with #2. With each trip, I adjusted what items I brought with me as I pared down to just the essentials.

Maternity Style in Disneyland

I found this Minnie Mouse-style dress online and I just ordered it a size larger. The cut was perfect for 2nd trimester at Disneyland!

Maternity Style while Traveling

I’m wearing my big sun hat and a maternity dress over my maternity swim suit on a boat trip on Maui

PinkBlush Maternity dress on Babymoon in Victoria, BC

I’m wearing a maxi dress from PinkBlush Maternity with a large-brimmed straw hat on our babymoon in Victoria, BC

5 Must-Have Maternity Travel Items

  1. Maxi Dresses: I love how versatile they are. Just grab a light sweater and you are all set to explore cathedrals/temples or you can use as a beach coverup. They are perfect for day or night and usually an array of activities.
  2. Maternity Swimsuit and Coverup: We tend to travel places that either have a beach or a pool. I thought I could just wear one of my usual 2-piece swimsuits, but they did not look or feel right when I tried them on. Thankfully I found some tankini style swimsuits that were very comfortable and let me splash in the water. I also scored a free coverup in a BOGO sale at a maternity store and it’s so easy and stylish! I love not having to wrestle with maternity clothes while I’m at the beach or by the pool.
  3. Stretchy Skirts and Tops: I like the freedom of wearing skirts, especially when pregnant. I usually pack a few skirts and twice as many tops (t-shirts and tanks) and mix and match them throughout the trip.
  4. Study Slip On Sandals: I like to explore when I travel and that means I need shoes that won’t hurt my feet after touring around. I have some really solid slip on sandals that I can walk around in all day long and my feet don’t hurt. Bonus: water won’t damage them!
  5. Large-Brimmed Sun Hat and Sunscreen: My skin is always much more sensitive when I’m pregnant, so I have to be extra careful. I use SPF 50 just to make sure my skin is protected.

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