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One of the trickiest things about traveling with kids is keeping everyone’s moods in check. We’ve all been there. It just takes one cranky person to put a damper on an otherwise amazing trip. That’s why I like to set ourselves up for success. I want to let you in on a secret: I like to pack Mariani Probiotic Pitted Prunes. Not only is it a healthy snack choice, but it’s that little bit of sweetness that keeps us (and our bellies) happy!

Let’s Talk About Prunes

My kids LOVE snacking on dried fruit. We call it a “treat” in our house and it makes them want it even more. I usually pack them with us on our adventures because I don’t have to worry about keeping them cold and they can stay in my bag for a few days and still taste fresh.

But, not all dried fruit has the same health benefits. Prunes are just dried plums. But, the Ganeden BC30 probiotic in Mariani Probiotic Prunes is unique. They are designed by nature to survive and thrive in conditions other probiotics cannot.

By surviving, Ganeden BC30 delivers active probiotics ten times more effectively than the probiotics in yogurt. Crazy, right?

Photo of Mariani Probiotic Pitted Prunes, which help with digestive health and keep your gut healthy. #marianisuperprunes #probiotic #healthysnacks #toddlersnacks
These Mariani Probiotic Pitted Prunes are tasty and good for your gut! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

These Probiotic Prunes from Mariani are made using California grown prunes. Mariani prunes are a prebiotic, which the probiotic needs to feed off of. Prunes also have additional vitamins that are great for your health & wellness. You can watch a video about all the prune probiotic benefits here.

I actually learned about the benefits of prunes during pregnancy. One of the health benefits of dried prunes is that they can relieve pregnancy constipation. Rather than taking a bunch of pills, I just snacked on a few prunes and they helped immensely!

How My Family Eats Prunes

Personally, I like to grab a few to eat while I’m running around the kitchen in the morning getting lunches ready. Then, I eat a couple as I’m checking my email. And then, I grab a couple more to eat in the car as we head off to our daily adventures.

Photo of chopped up prunes, which is an easy way to add probiotics to your diet for a healthy snack idea #marianisuperprunes #prunes #driedfruit
We like to chop up our pitted prunes to mix into food or eat on their own. Photo credit: Marcie in Mommyland

My kids like it when I chop them up. Then, they have an excuse to use their training chopsticks. I love this because it turns eating prunes into an fine motor skill activity! Educational and nutritious!

Photo of a boy eating dried prunes as his daily probiotic, which is good for digestion and healthy gut #marianipittedprunes #probiotic #healthyeats #healthysnack #driedfruit #prunes
My son loves using his chopsticks to eat his pitted prunes. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

My oldest also likes to build with his pitted prunes before he gobbles them up! Since they are a little sticky, they make excellent building materials and he likes to see how high he can stack them. So far, his record is 8 pitted prunes high!

Where We Pack Our Prunes

Summer has hit Seattle and we are exploring the Pacific Northwest! We recently went to Winthrop, WA on a mini road trip where we packed snacks for the car ride and our hotel room.

But, when our family travels, we notice that our digestive system gets out of whack. That’s where these pitted prunes come in. They are a great source of fiber. And I love that we don’t need to take pills. We just grab a few Mariani Prunes and we’re back on track!

So, What Can You Do With Prunes?

My family likes to just eat them from the bag. But, they can also be used as an ingredient. Just be sure not to cook them, as that will diminish the probiotic benefits.

Photo of Mariani Probiotic Prunes, which is a healthy treat for your whole family #marianisuperprunes #prunes #probiotics #healthysnacks
I love feeding my family Mariani Pitted Probiotic Prunes as a healthy treat! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung


I love adding a sweet element to my salads. So, why not chop up some Mariani Probiotic Prunes to sprinkle on top of a green salad? Actually, this also works for winter salads, too!


As a Mom, making smoothies is a great way to get my kids to eat more fruits and veggies. And then I make one for myself and boost my own intake.

But, have you ever added dried fruit to a smoothie? Throw in a few prunes and add a probiotic to your summer smoothie.


I don’t really enjoy cooking. So, no bake prune energy bars and energy balls are more my speed. They make a convenient on-the-go breakfast and pack well for a mid-morning snack.


We’ve been eating a lot of trail mix this summer. But, I like to buy pre-made trail mix and then add some chopped Mariani Probiotic Pitted Prunes. It’s a great way to get that sweet and salty combo!

Did you know that 70% of your body’s immune system is in your intestinal tract? Mariani Probiotic Prunes support overall wellness and digestive health, so you can feel better and be your best! Supercharge your immune system and improve your gut health with a purchase of Probiotic Prunes at Albertson’s and other stores near you.

Do you have digestive issues when you travel? Find out how Mariani Probiotic Prunes can help keep your digestive system healthy and improve your immune system. Click to read more or pin to read for later. #marianisuperprunes #pmedia #ad #immunesystem #healthysnacks #probiotics


Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. I’m no cook either, so I think I’d like these prunes in the form of energy balls. Also, I need some training chopsticks in my life, lol.

    • Haha! The training chopsticks are amazing! We get them at our local Asian grocery store and they sell them on Amazon!

  2. Prunes are awesome! I used to give prune juice to my babies when they had stopped up tummies and it really helped!

  3. I love prunes! lol I totally use them with my daughter when she needs to be more regular because her toddler eating habits can be crazy! We also give her probiotics so these could be great for killing two birds with one stone! I’ve never heard of them before!

  4. I love prunes and I love adding them to our national dish called ‘bigos’. I even didn’t know that they may be so healthy. It’s a great idea to teach your kids to eat such healthy snacks as early as it’s possible. Good job! P.S. Where can I buy such chopsticks for dummies? 😀

  5. Prunes are da bomb! My kids and I love dried fruits and I cut ours up like you do to mix with nuts and other dried fruits for snacks on the go! I also like to mix them into baked goods!

    • I usually love adding other dried fruit to baked goods. These prunes lose their probiotic value when cooked.

  6. oh I would totally love these! I am huge fan of getting al my probiotics in. I’m dairy free so I cant eat yogurt so I should totally try these.

  7. I love that you have encouraged your family to see prunes in a positive light. I know when I was growing up,, they were that one thing that us kids didn’t want to eat because they would “send you to the bathroom”. But the truth is, as you stated, they are very healthy and beneficial to your digestive system! I’m definitely going to try to incorporate them more into my own diet, as well as my son’s.

  8. I also really like prunes. I like to put them in homemade granola/energy bars

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