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How to Do a Bridgerton Photo Shoot in London

How to Do a Bridgerton Photo Shoot in London

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Planning a trip to London and want to pretend like you’re a Bridgerton character? Keep scrolling to find out how to book a Bridgerton photography session at an affordable price!
This post about how to book an epic Bridgerton-themed photography session was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

I’m a HUGE Bridgerton fan.

I’ve seen every season multiple times and I even watched part 1 of Season 3 three times before part 2 aired. And of course, I watched part 2 the day it premiered on Netflix.

So, when I heard that Flytographer was launching a Bridgerton-themed photo shoot in London just a few days before we were going to visit, I knew I had to book it asap!

So, keep scrolling to check it out!

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Image of Marcie Cheung and her husband dressed in Regency clothing in London
Photo credit: Emily in London for Flytographer

Where is the Bridgeton-themed Photo Shoot in London?

If you want to do the Bridgerton route through Flytographer, it starts at the Ranger House in Greenwich Park. This is the Bridgerton family house in the show.

It took us about 45 minutes to get there by black cab from Covent Garden. It would have taken us about an hour to get there by the tube.

Our Bridgeton Photography Session Review

We’ve done a LOT of Flytographer sessions over the years (I think I’m up to 20), but this was the first time we’ve ever done a themed shoot. It was EPIC!

I was a bit worried when we got to the Ranger House and I saw that not only was it closed that day, but the gates were locked. I had originally been thinking that we’d pose in the doorway.

However, it actually worked out brilliantly! There were no pesky people in the background, and the gates gave it a more regal air than if they had been open.

Image of Marcie Cheung and her husband dressed in Regency clothing at the Ranger House
Photo credit: Emily in London for Flytographer

Our photographer Emily was fantastic! She was full of ideas on how we could pose and she even brought copies of Lady Whistledown for us to use in our shoot! I’m seriously kicking myself that I didn’t think of that myself!

We did a ton of photos in front of the house and it was so fun to try to get into character.

Then, we walked down to the Queen’s House (featured a lot on season 1) and took photos in the back and a few in the front.

We felt like we were promenading a bit and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

It was also fun because a lot of people smiled at us and could tell we were Bridgerton fans!

How to Book Affordable London Photographers

While we’ve used a lot of different vacation photographers throughout the years, some of my most memorable experiences have been through Flytographer.

Basically, it’s a concierge vacation photography website where you can find photographers almost anywhere in the world, including London. Find the best prices here.

Image of Marcie Cheung and husband dressed in Regency clothing at the Queen's house
Photo credit: Emily in London for Flytographer

Flytographer makes it really simple to pick the perfect London photographer. You can find out all about their photography style and secret places to take photos, and even scroll through their online portfolio before you book your shoot!

Flytographer’s booking process is simple and quick—just pick your preferred dates with a click of a button.

They will then check availability for you so that there’s no stress involved in selecting an available date or time slot when they get back to you with additional information on what works best for them!

What I love most about Flytographer is that they are FAST! We sometimes receive our photos before the end of our trip! I love looking at them on our flight home.

What to Wear for a Bridgerton Photo Shoot

We opted to dress in period costumes to really highlight that this was a Bridgerton-inspired photo shoot. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Regency-Era Ideas for Women

You’ll definitely want to don a pretty dress. How dressy you get is totally up to you. I went with a fancier dress I got on Etsy (this one) and paired it with gloves, statement jewelry, a sparkly headband, and a fan.

Image of Marcie Cheung dressed in Regency clothing at the Bridgerton House
Photo credit: Emily in London for Flytographer

But you could also go for a more casual morning dress. Or you could dress as your favorite character, like Daphne, Edwina, Penelope, or Kate. I tried finding something for Cressida but none of the sleeves were big enough 🙂

I just wore my everyday sandals, which I always wear in Europe. You could get creative and wear fancier shoes. But you’ll want walking shoes to get you from the Ranger House to the Queen’s House.

Regency-Era Ideas for Men

This was actually harder than I expected. There are a lot of Halloween costumes online, but I didn’t think they would photograph well.

Image of a man dressed in Regency costume at the Ranger House in London
Photo credit: Emily in London for Flytographer

So I ended up getting this Colin Bridgerton coat from Etsy and paired it with a flouncy shirt, a brocade vest, and a cravat I found on Amazon.

My husband wore his everyday brown leather shoes and navy slacks he already had.

Renting Costumes in London

If you don’t want to buy costumes, a great option is to rent costumes in London. I looked into doing this first, but wasn’t sure about spending the time to get fitted and borrow/return costumes in our short time in London.

But if you’d like to do it, I found great options at Costume Boutique and Mad World Fancy Dress.

Modern Clothing Ideas

If you want something that just has a nod to the Regency-era, I’ve found a lot of great options. I’m currently drooling over this dress because it’s just so pretty and full of tulle.

I own a version of this dress (with different sleeves) that would be super cute for Bridgerton photos and you could easily wear it for the rest of your trip to London.

And this one screams updated Regency. I’d recommend trying it on first since the fit is everything.

5 Tips for Getting Awesome Bridgerton Pictures


It would be awesome if you could schedule your photos for early in the morning. This way, you can do your hair and makeup at your hotel and feel rested. But that’s not always possible.

I know it can be tricky to look your best after a day of trekking around London, but it really helps if you can take a few moments to “clean up.”

If you have an evening shoot, I’d recommend going back to your hotel so you can properly do your hair and make-up.

If you like to be a bit “extra”, I found this video of easy Bridgerton hairstyles to be super helpful!


While Flytographer is great for helping you with poses, it can be really helpful to also watch some videos.

Image of Marcie Cheung and her husband dancing in Regency costumes at Bridgerton House
Photo credit: Emily in London for Flytographer

That way, you’ll have a few solid “go-to” poses you can try out when you need to change things up.

Watching how-to pose videos has helped me figure out what to do with my hands, where to look, and how many ways there are for flattering your body.


This is a fun way to sort of get into character and notice some of the mannerisms, expressions and poses that might be fun to emulate.

I watched all of season 3 just a few days before our shoot and it was great to have the music in my head and the visuals easy to picture.


One of the most important things that you can do for your London photographer is to make it clear about what you envision for the shoot. This includes the photography style and any group combinations.

Image of Marcie Cheung and her husband dressed in Regency costumes at Queen's House
Photo credit: Emily in London for Flytographer

This is mostly helpful if you have multiple people in your shoot. For our photoshoot, it was just myself and my husband. But, this would be essential if you’re doing a bunch of friends.

Flytographer asks a lot of great questions before your shoot to get you thinking about what you’re looking for so that way your photographer will be on the same page as you.

If you’re a visual person, it can help to scroll Instagram and create a folder of your favorite photos of OTHER people doing Bridgerton photo shoots (or even the actors themselves) so your photographer can help you replicate some of the ideas.


One last tip for getting the best Bridgerton-inspired photos is to include props.

I brought a fan because that seems to be the most-used prop in the show. It was nice to have something to hold so I didn’t feel awkward with my hands.

Image of Marcie Cheung and her husband reading Lady Whistledown
Photo credit: Emily in London for Flytographer

Our photographer, Emily, also brought copies of Lady Whistledown, which was SUCH a smart idea!

I almost bought a parasol and I’m still sort of regretting that I didn’t! It would be perfect for promenading.

I also think a shawl or wrap of some sort would be great for chillier days. Plus, it could add some extra movement to your photos.

And a little purse could be super cute. Plus it could hold your phone, hotel key, wallet, etc.

You might also want to have a bouquet of flowers (specifically wisteria) to add a pop of color.

And for men, you might consider a pocket watch. I forgot to ask my husband to pack his!

Bridgerton Photography in London Wrap-Up

Get your Bridgerton photos taken by one of the best photographers in London.

Check out our list of recommended photographers in London and book a shoot with them today!

Remember to wear something you feel confident in so you can have an awesome photo session in London. Follow these tips to get perfect pictures, too!

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