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Looking for the best luau in Oahu, Hawaii for your family? Keep scrolling for the ultimate list of Oahu luau experiences and find out about luau menus, what to wear to a luau, and how to get Oahu luau discounts!

This post about the best luau in Oahu was originally written July 9, 2018 and updated July 10, 2020 may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

How to Choose the Best Oahu Luaus

No trip to Oahu is complete without going to a Hawaiian luau. But, choosing the best Oahu luaus for your family really depends on what you want out of the experience.

For my family, we like the cultural component and are willing to travel a bit for a cooler experience.

Finding the best luau in Oahu for families really is a personal experience but here are some of our top Oahu luaus to help you choose.

13 Exciting Options for the Best Luau in Oahu for Families

These are my Top Picks for Best Luau Oahu Offers:


This is the newest luau on Oahu and they consider themselves the best “authentic” Hawaii family luau in Oahu.

I love it because it’s small, so it’s the perfect luau on Oahu for families who don’t like huge crowds and could be the most kid friendly luau Oahu offers.

Oh, and when you purchase a ticket to Toa Luau, you also get free admission to Waimea Valley, a cultural park where you can swim under a waterfall!

Samoan Princess dancing at Toa Luau at Waimea Valley on Oahu in Hawaii - the best Oahu luau #toaluau #luau #oahuluau #waimeavalley #samoan
We all marveled at this dancer’s impressive headdress and graceful motions. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

They have a lot of cool cultural activities before the luau.

My favorite is their Kava Ceremony, which is something you don’t see every day. Everyone sits in a circle and they explain why they do the ceremony and then all the guests have an opportunity to taste the drink.

There are lots of opportunities for kids to get involved in this authentic Polynesian experience. So, f you’re looking for the top luau in Oahu for kids, take a serious look at Toa Luau.

It really could be the best luau for families in Oahu, if not the best luau in Hawaii.

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The luau at Polynesian Cultural Center is fantastic! What makes this one of the best luaus on Oahu is that it includes admission to the entire cultural park.

You can visit lots of Polynesian “villages” to see dancing, sample food, and participate in activities.

And they have a cool canoe pageant where performers dance on canoes through the park.

The Polynesian Cultural Center has tons of fun things to do on Oahu, like hands on crafts, cultural demonstrations, and audience participation. Crafts like these make it one of the best Oahu luau #polynesianculturalcenter #pcc #oahu #oahuluau #luau #familytravel
The Polynesian Cultural Center has so many family activities on Oahu, like weaving lauhala to make a fish in the Tahitian Village. Photo credit: Marcie

We like to spend the whole day at PCC and then end with the luau and Ha: The Breath of Life.

This is a great option for families because you get the traditional luau PLUS a dramatic theatrical show that talks about voyaging to new islands.

If you have any Moana fans in your family, it’s a must do activity and the best luau Oahu has for them.

Note: They don’t serve alcohol, but that’s a good thing! My husband thinks when guests aren’t tipsy, the luau has to try harder to impress!

Because it’s an all-day Hawaiian excursions, it’s the best family luau on Oahu for people who really want to learn more about several Polynesian cultures with hands-on experiences.

This video gives a great overview:

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Best Luau in Waikiki for Families

If you are staying in Waikiki, you might not want to rent a car or hop on a shuttle to go to luaus in Oahu. That’s why it’s nice there are a few Waikiki luau you can either walk to or take an Uber.

If you’re looking for the best Waikiki luau deals, take a look below.


What’s cool about this luau is that it’s the only Farm to Table luau in Hawaii! Plus, it’s located at the Waikiki Aquarium and they give you free admission to explore before this Waikiki luau begins.

So, if you are bringing kids, you can make a whole afternoon of it. And if you are staying in Waikiki, you can easily walk or Uber there.

Seating is limited to 250 people, making it a fairly intimate experience. Children ages 3 and under are free.

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I admit, I’ve wanted to stay at the “Pink Palace” since I was a teen. This luau was recently completely revamped with new costumes and set and is now held on the sacred Coconut Grove at the historic Royal Hawaiian Resort in Waikiki.

The Royal Hawaiian luau experience sounds a lot like the Feast at Lele on Maui. It’s a gourmet, sit-down dinner with vignette performances throughout the evening.

Royal Hawaiian Resort hula dancers at a Waikiki, Oahu luau | luau waikiki | the aha aina luau at the royal hawaiian
I’m loving the new costumes and set! Photo credit: Royal Hawaiian Resort

It’s definitely on the pricier end and children of all ages need to purchase a ticket (albeit a greatly discounted price.) It sounds like a romantic date night in Waikiki and it’s currently on my Oahu bucket list!


This luau bills itself as Waikiki’s only five-night-a-week luau under the stars.  What’s unique about the Waikiki Starlight Luau is that it includes a fashion show!

It takes place at the Hilton Hawaiian Village (where many scenes from Hawaii Five-O are filmed.)

The show features dancing from Hawaii, Polynesia, and the Pacific. It also includes 4 acrobatic fire knife dancers. Children ages 3 and under are free.


This show is at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani hotel in the heart of Waikiki. It’s Waikiki’s newest indoor stage performance.

If you aren’t a fan of Hawaiian food, this luau offers prime rib and crab legs in addition to island cuisine.

There are also artists who will hand drawn temporary tattoos on your face or body, which is sure to be a hit with kids. Children 4 and younger are free.


So, this isn’t a traditional luau, but it includes Polynesian entertainment. The whole show features illusions, magic, vanishing acts in addition to hula and Tahitian dancing.

I saw their show on TV many years ago and it reminded me of a Vegas dinner show.

What’s cool is you can purchase tickets for just the show if you want to save a bit of money. Kids ages 3 and under are free.

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This will definitely remind you of a Las Vegas show. It’s at the Royal Hawaiian Center, which is easy to get to from anywhere in Waikiki.

It’s a mix of pop culture icons and Hawaiian entertainment. You’ll be able to see Elvis from Blue Hawaii! The show was revamped in 2017 and now includes a journey from the 1920s through today.

They have some vegan options and they have a detailed menu that shows all the diet/allergy info. Kids ages 2 and younger are free.

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Other Oahu Luau Options

If you are staying on the East Shore, North Shore or outside of Waikiki and are renting a car, you have even more options for Hawaiian luaus.


This is the only East Side Hawaiian luau. It takes place at Sea Life Park and your luau tickets get you admission to play at Sea Life Park before the luau, making it an affordable luau in Oahu for families.

Children can learn hula dancing, make leis, taste poi, play the ukulele and more before the show begins. Kids ages 3 and under are free.

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If you are staying at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, this is the most convenient luau since it’s right on property. But, it’s also open to people not staying there.

So, if you are curious about what Aulani is like, this is a great opportunity to check it out (plus you get 4 hours of free parking.)

Photo of the Ka Waa Aulani luau on Oahu, Hawaii, which is a Disney luau #disney #aulani #aulaniresort #disneyaulani #aulaniluau #disneyluau
Families staying at Aulani Resort will appreciate this on-property Aulani Luau. Photo credit: Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa

Even though it’s run by Disney, it’s strictly a Hawaiian luau. Moana, Mickey and Minnie make a brief appearance, but that’s it.

It’s a 3 hour experience from start to finish and kids ages 2 and under are free.


This is another popular luau on Oahu and you’ll see advertisements for it in all the tourism magazines.

What’s cool about this one is you can participate in a Hukilau and learn about ancient Hawaiian fishing before the show. There’s actually a lot of time before dinner to explore their Hawaiian village and see the demonstrations.

Kids ages 3 and under are free.

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So, this luau is located right at Wet N Wild, a Hawaii water park.

The luau is run by Chief Sielu, the original world champion fire-knife dancer and Polynesian comedian. He has 20 years of experience in the Samoan Village at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. 

He has appeared on Oprah Winfrey, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with David Letterman, Travel & Discovery Channels, BBC and MTV.

This luau also has a special needs menu featuring items that are dairy-free, vegetarian, gluten-free and peanut-free.

Kids ages 4 and under are free.

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Germaine’s Luau on Oahu is one of the most popular Hawaiian luau near Waikiki.

They even have shuttles from many Waikiki hotels. This is smart because when we were here about 5 years ago for a wedding rehearsal dinner, they offered a refillable cup for alcoholic drinks.

It’s not my favorite Honolulu luau. But, it’s right on the beach and children ages 3 and younger are free.

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Frequently Asked Questions


At most traditional Hawaiian luaus, you’ll find the following items:

Wondering what food you will find at a Hawaiian luau? Enjoy poi, kalua pig, lau lau, lomi lomi salmon and more. #hawaiianfood #luau #platelunch
Here’s a sampling of Hawaiian food you might find at a luau. Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Mark Kushimi

Kalua Pork

This is the most well-known Hawaiian luau food. It’s a whole pig that’s been roasted underground in an imu.

The pork is so tender that it falls right off the bone and shreds. Very flavorful!


So, at whatever luau you choose, they will probably make some sort of joke about poi tasting like wallpaper paste. That’s just to scare you away!

Poi is mashed up taro root that is fermented. It helps bring out the flavor of fish and meat, so be sure to combine them and use it more like a condiment!

Chicken Long Rice

If you have a picky eater in your family, chances are they will like Chicken Long Rice!

It’s long noodles with bits of chicken sprinkled in. It tastes a little like chicken soup, without the soup.

Huli Huli Chicken

If you like barbecue chicken with an island twist, you’ll love Huli Huli Chicken!

You’ll also see roadside stands selling Huli Huli Chicken or at fundraisers around Oahu.

Lau Lau

This is a super traditional Hawaiian food, but not all luau menus have it. It’s usually pork or fish wrapped up in ti leaves and steamed.

Lomi Lomi Salmon

This is very similar to ceviche, where it’s chopped up raw fish mixed diced tomatoes and onions.

Macaroni Salad

Yes, it’s just what it sounds like. Basically macaroni noodles with a lot of mayonnaise and usually some shredded carrots.

This is another option for picky eaters. Personally, I love mixing in a bit of Huli Huli Chicken when I eat it. So tasty!


These little white squares are like a creamy coconut jello. They are cold and make a refreshing palate cleanser! Plus kids usually enjoy eating it!


I know when people are packing for their trip to Oahu, they always ask about what to wear to a luau. So, here are my top picks for the best luau outfit:

Luau Dresses

Most luau will give you either a shell lei or a purple orchid lei as you arrive.

If you think you’ll be taking a lot of photos, you’ll want to keep in mind so the lei will stand out against your dress.

For fun, tropical dresses, my top picks are this one and this one. Putting on a Hawaiian dress always makes me feel happy and like I’m on vacation!

But, you don’t need to buy a new dress! Look in your closet for something brightly colored or a white dress always looks nice.

For shoes, I tend to always wear sandals. You probably won’t want to risk heels, especially if the luau is on grass or near the beach.

Aloha Shirts

Men often get a shell lei, purple orchid lei, or sometimes they get a black kukui nut lei.

While men can wear any type of shirt, a Hawaiian shirt is always more memorable! If you want to order ahead of time, this one and this one are fun picks!

Men can easily pair Aloha Shirts with khaki pants or shorts. Or linen pants or slacks of any kind.

Hawaiian Clothes for Kids

And don’t forget about your kids! While they can wear anything they like, it’s so much cuter if they wear Hawaiian print!

I love matching Aloha shirt and shorts sets like this for boys and adorable Hawaiian dresses like this for girls.

Hawaiian Matching Family Outfits

Another classic option of what to wear to a Hawaiian luau is matching family outfits! There are lots of places that sell clothes for your whole family in the same print.

You can buy them before your trip at Aloha Fun Wear, Hawaii Hangover, or Aloha Outlet.

Loved this post about the best luau for kids on Oahu? Check out my other Oahu travel resources on my Hawaii site Hawaii Travel with Kids!

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  1. I loved the luau in Maui. It was on the water and fun to watch the dancing and learn about the culture. The Polynesian cultural center sounds fantastic. I love those type of places to immerse yourself.

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    • Ack! Well, now you know for next time! That’s why I wrote this post, though! So many people kept telling me they didn’t know which one to pick so they didn’t do any.

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    • Oh awesome! I’m a hula dancer and I’ve danced at a lot of graduation luaus! So cool you got to go to one!

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