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Top 28 Best Travel Diaper Bags for Traveling with Babies + Toddlers in 2024

Top 28 Best Travel Diaper Bags for Traveling with Babies + Toddlers in 2024

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Planning a trip with babies or toddlers? Choosing the right carry-on bag can make all the difference. Keep scrolling to find out the best travel diaper bags for flying with kids.
This best travel diaper bags post was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

As a mom who has traveled since the beginning, I’ve done tons of research on the best travel diaper bags. Now you can benefit from what I’ve learned!

Traveling with littles in tow is never easy. In fact, sometimes getting out the front door is a feat in itself.

Before you leave, make sure that your diaper bag is packed with all of the necessities that your little love will need. But first, you’ll want just the right diaper bag to hold your gear.

Take a look at my list of the best travel diaper bags that are out there!


What to Look for in the Best Diaper Bag for Travel

Not all of the best diaper bags for travel are equal. It’s important to know what features to look for so you get the best diaper bag to travel with that suits your personal needs.

Here are the top features you need to consider before spending.

Type of Diaper Bag

There are a few different types of diaper bags on the market – shoulder bags, backpack style or multifunctional.

If you have any form of back or shoulder issues or get back pain easily, I’d recommend staying away from the shoulder bag style.

As we all know, diaper bags get super heavy and all that weight unevenly distributed on one side can really cause problems.

We’ve found that, for traveling, backpack diaper bags are the most convenient. They are usually really spacious, and they distribute the weight evenly across your back and shoulders.

Many backpack styles also come with added stroller clips so they can still easily attach to the pram.

If you want to be able to use your diaper bag in a variety of different situations, there are plenty of multifunctional choices nowadays. They easily change from shoulder bag to backpack, usually just be pulling the straps down or out.


Let’s face it, nobody wants to carry around a worn and scruffy looking diaper bag! Choosing something made from a durable material, that can stand up to being hauled around everywhere, is vital!

Don’t forget about the internal material either, it’s important for a diaper bag to have a waterproof inner lining in case of leaks and spillages.

Number of Pockets

As every mom knows, babies and toddlers come with a lot of “stuff”. The best diaper bag for travel is one with plenty of pockets to store all those essential items.

Look for something with insulated pockets, wet pockets, zip pockets, and elasticated pockets so you have something to suit everything.

Best Travel Diaper Backpacks & Bags Reviewed

1. Fawn Design Diaper Backpack

If you are looking for a super trendy diaper bag, the Fawn Design diaper backpack should top your list.

best travel diaper bags

It’s made of premium faux leather, and it looks like a high-end bag that you can use for years and years.

It can be worn different ways so it’s not only one of the best baby travel backpacks but also makes a great shoulder bag. It comes in a lot of cute colors (including pink, grey, and brown).

My friend used this bag at Disneyland and she looked super fashionable and on-trend! Check the latest prices.

2. BabbleRoo Backpack Diaper Bag

We love a backpack diaper bag. Plus, this one by BabbleRoo features a stylish stitch pattern and comes a so many fabulous colors!

I love the different compartments added onto this stylish diaper bag. It’s perfect for staying organized. There’s even the most adorable pacifier holder! Check the latest prices.

3. huhu Everyday Diaper Backpack

Even with diaper bags, sometimes you definitely get what you pay for. The Everyday Diaper Backpack by huhu is worth the heftier price tag!

This bag feels like it was meticulously designed. The clamshell opening for the main compartment is ideal for finding what you need fast.

And as much as you can fit in here, you’ll wonder where it all went! I love how this diaper bag backpack is compact and sleek. Check the latest prices.

4. Soho Designs Tote

If you want the best travel nappy bag but prefer tote-style diaper bags this Soho Designs diaper bag is right up your alley.


This roomy bag has plenty of space for both mama and baby’s items.

And if you happy to stuff if full of baby gear, it comes with additional, matching bags, like an insulated bottle bag, and two accessory holders. Check the latest prices.

5. HaloVa Diaper Bag

The HaloVa backpack style diaper bag is a great choice because it has a wide opening at the top, for easier access in and out of the bag.

It also has a separate zippered, storage pouch on the back that is roomy enough for a can of formula, because who wants to store that in the same pocket as the diaper rash cream and wipes? Check the latest prices.

6. Kah&Kee Faux-Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

Kah&Kee makes a diaper bag backpack that is perfect for techie parents who bring their laptop/tablet along during their travels.

It has a slim pocket on the back made just for that purpose, while still allowing ample room in the other pockets for all of the baby goods! Check the latest prices.

7. Detachable Stroller Organizer

The TOPDesign Universal Baby Stroller Organizer is wonderful because it has stroller straps that are positioned in just the right place to keep your stroller from tipping over. And this can happen a LOT!

It easily converts to a shoulder bag for a compact way to keep everything baby (and mom!) needs at your fingertips.

This bag features pockets for your phone, cups or bottles, keys, etc. There’s even a detachable clutch. They thought of everything! Check the latest prices.

8. JuJuBe Nature BabeBackpack

JuJuBe is known for having some of the best travel backpacks.

The Nature Babe backpack is certainly not a letdown and comes at a more affordable price!

Jujube Baby Travel Diaper Bag

This backpack has just enough space for the necessities, including a laptop or tablet, and even comes with it’s own removable changing pad. Check the latest prices.

9. Multifunction Waterproof Backpack

When it comes to diaper bags there is no such thing as too many compartments. Afterall, no one wants soiled clothing to be in the same pocket as snacks, teething toys or clean diapers!

Not only does this multifunction waterproof backpack come with numerous pockets, including insulated bottle/snack pockets, it even has stroller straps.

Why lug around a heavy diaper bag on your back, when you can let the stroller easily carry it around for you? Check the latest prices.

10. Landuo Travel Backpack

The Landuo travel backpack is similar to the other wide-opening backpacks. However, it also has a wonderful waterproof pocket on the back, to separate wet clothes and diapers.

I’m really impressed with the organizational pockets and how easy it is to access everything in the bag. Check the latest prices.

11. Jiefeike Backpack

If you are looking for a diaper bag that looks nothing like a diaper bag, the Jiefeike backpack is the one for you!

It has all of the normal storage compartments as your average diaper bag, but the style reminds me more of a regular backpack! Check the latest prices.

12. Kaome Floral Diaper Bag

Bold floral is in right now, so if you are looking for something cute, this Kaome floral diaper bag is it!

It comes with detachable, padded stroller straps, and a matching bottle bag. Check the latest prices.

13. Skip Hop Weekender

Are you traveling with your own luggage, too? If so, you are going to love the luggage strap feature on this Skip Hop Weekender diaper bag!

Skip Hop Weekender Travel Diaper Bag

The strap was specifically designed to allow you to place the weekender on top of your rolling luggage, without having to carry it on your back or shoulders.

Another great feature about this bag is that it comes with two zippered packing cubes, to help keep your items separated inside the bag.

It’s one of my top picks for best diaper bags for long travel! Check the latest prices.

14. Diaper Bag Tote

This gorgeous diaper bag is like a purse and backpack, all in one!

The bag has 14 useful pockets, and even comes with a matching changing pad. Check the latest prices.

15. Lekebaby Tote

If you are tired of constantly dealing with zippers just to get your keys out, you are going to love the magnetic closures on the mommy pocket of the Lekebaby diaper bag tote!

Plus, everything is still easy access and convenient to put away. They have separate pockets for not only diapers, nursing cover, and wipes, but also for your wallet, keys, sunglasses, your phone, etc. Check the latest prices.

16. Omanmoli Vegan Leather Diaper Bag

What a nice sturdy yet sleek look to this Omanmoli Vegan Leather diaper bag!

This is an awesome, inexpensive diaper bag because it’s super easy to wipe down if your child spills (or spews) something on it.

Plus, it’s large enough to carry a breast pump, laptop, or anything else you might need in addition to regular baby travel items. Check the latest prices.

17. Mokaloo Diaper Bag Backpack

This Mokaloo diaper bag backpack is perfect for parents who are always multi-tasking.

And best of all, it has 3 insulated pockets for bottles, baby food, and even snacks for parents!

Though I must admit that the built in USB charging port is a pretty handy feature to have when you are on the go.

If you still aren’t sold yet, consider the fact that this spacious bag is also waterproof on the outside, so it’s going to stay clean, no matter where it goes. Check the latest prices.

18. Travel Booster/Diaper Bag

Wait, what? Travel booster/diaper bag?

While it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t! As a parent of little ones, you know how gross some of those booster seats and highchairs at restaurants can get.

So that’s why this spectacular diaper bag was created! It has a firm frame, so that when you’re eating out, your kiddo can sit atop the clean diaper bag, and still reach the table!

And as far as storage goes, well, don’t worry! It still has room for multiple compartments to store diapers, wipes, extra clothing, bottles, and any other essentials you may need!

It’s the best diaper bag for travel if you need something versatile. Check the latest prices.

19. Allcamp Multifunction Backpack

Talk about versatility! The Allcamp multifunction backpack is incredibly versatile, in that you can convert the straps into different carrying styles!

Backpack, over-the-shoulder, or messenger style, pick whichever suits your fancy for the day! Check the latest prices.

20. Aerobunny Small Diaper Bag Tote

If you are looking for something a little more simplistic, check out the Aerobunny small diaper bag tote.

It has fewer pockets so you can fit a few larger items in, a little more easily. Check the latest prices.

21. High-Speed Daddy Diaper Backpack

This is totally dad approved! They don’t want frilly and cute. No, they want simple and gets the job done!


The High Speed Daddy diaper backpack is just right for any dad who is out and about with the kiddo(s)! Check the latest prices.

22. ActiveDoodie Dad Diaper Bag

This ActiveDoodie Dad diaper backpack is perfect for all of the daddies who tote around the diaper bag!

It has ample storage and even has multiple insulated pockets to keep both bottles and small snacks nice and cool. Plus, it comes with a flag patch! Check the latest prices.

23. Skip Hop Iconic Duo Weekender

Skip Hop has another amazing diaper bag worth mentioning!

The Iconic Duo Weekender has a padded shoulder strap, to keep your already tired arm from being extra sore. Check the latest prices.

24. 8 in 1 Baby Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Mat

Yep, you read that correctly! You’ve got to love this 8 in 1 Diaper Backpack with a breathable mesh changing mat for comfort.

This is super awesome for those long layovers where you want your baby to have a clean space to take a nap or play. Plus, it’s helpful for hotel rooms, too. Check the latest prices.

25. Mini Striped Canvas Diaper Bag

There is nothing disappointing about this mini-striped diaper bag! I think it’s absolutely adorable and comes in a few different colors and designs.

The small size is perfect for traveling, but you’d be surprised how much you can fit in this bag! It even fits a few full-sized baby bottles.

This is one of the prettiest toddler diaper bags out there! Check the latest prices.

26. Sleek Leather Diaper Bag

This classic leather diaper bag by Freshly Picked is another gorgeous, yet simple diaper bag!

The pockets have been kept to a minimum, but there are just enough to keep your bag organized and clean. Plus, you can the same style but with classy Disney designs! Check the latest prices.

27. Humble-Bee Diaper Backpack

Another handy baby travel bag backpack we used is the Humble-Bee Diaper Backpack.

It’s super lightweight and easy to wipe down. This is a great diaper back for hiking or for wearing in hot climates like Hawaii or Florida.

Humble Bee Baby Travel Bag

It also folds down really well, so you can stuff it in another bag to use at your destination if you don’t want it as your carry on bag. It’s one of the best travel diaper backpacks.

28. Lassig Green Label Mix n’ Match Diaper Bag

This is my personal favorite travel diaper bag. I loved it so much that I had 2 of them!

The Lassig Green Label Mix ‘n Match diaper bag is made from recycled materials and there really is a pocket for everything.

It’s a beautiful bag that comes in a variety of colors, so these are the perfect diaper bags for boys or girls.

Plus, it’s cute enough that you’ll want to use it long after your kids are out of diapers. And it easily fits a foldable car seat.

It also transitions really well into just a normal travel bag. Check the latest prices.

Best Travel Diaper Bags You’ll Love Wrap Up

And there you have it! Some of the best travel diaper bags on the market! These are perfect for your next family vacation with a baby or toddler!

Next, take a look at my article on what to pack in your travel diaper bag or read about what to pack in your bag for a day at the beach.

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Wednesday 4th of September 2019

I love our Fawns! I have the big size with a clutch I throw into a different bag when I'm not with babies and the mini for times when I just need to throw in a diaper for each of my babes. Great roundup.


Thursday 5th of September 2019

Yay! They are so chic and sophisticated, I think!

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