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Beauty and the Beast Crafts: Princess Belle Paper Doll

Beauty and the Beast Crafts: Princess Belle Paper Doll

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Does your little princess love Belle? Learn how to make a Princess Belle paper doll with this super cute Beauty and the Beast craft. Scroll for the full instructions!
This Beauty and the Beast craft was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

One of the first movies I ever saw in a movie theater was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It was the first time I had ever seen a Parisian village and I was in awe of Belle’s gorgeous ballgown at the end of the film.

Now, I’ve seen just about every Disney film created, but nothing really compares to what I felt seeing Beauty and the Beast for the first time.

If your family loves the movie as much as I do, you’ll have fun with this DIY Beauty and the Beast paper doll craft. It’s the perfect thing to add to greeting cards, gift bags, or use as a little puppet!

Beauty and the Beast Crafts: Princess Belle Paper Doll

Image of scissors, glue stick, paper, and markers

Beauty and the Beast Craft Supplies:

  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Marker pen – black, blue, yellow, cream, brown
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Princess Belle Paper Doll Template

How to Make a Princess Belle Paper Doll:

Belle Paper Doll Step 1:

Select colored craft papers as per the colors of the skin tone, dress, and accessories of Princess Belle. Print out the Belle Paper Doll Template.

Image of colorful paper cut out for pieces of a Belle paper doll

Trace the body base and hands on cream paper, the dress patterns and headband on yellow (2 different shades) colored papers, and the hair on brown colored paper. Cut out the traced patterns.

Belle Paper Doll Step 2:

Cut a slit along the marked lines on the hair pattern.

Image of a cream paper doll body and brown paper hair

Belle Paper Doll Step 3:

Slide the top end of the head part through the slit from the bottom side of the hair. Apply glue to fix the head and the hair together.

Image of brown paper hair on a cream paper doll body

Belle Paper Doll Step 4:

Attach the medium hair pattern to the front side of the head. Attach the yellow headband along the bottom side of the bun pattern (hair).

Image of a paper bun, crown, and brown hair on a cream paper doll body

Belle Paper Doll Step 5:

Attach the bun pattern on the back side of the hair pattern, making sure that the yellow headband is slightly visible.

Image of a cream paper doll body with brown hair and a yellow crown

Belle Paper Doll Step 6:

Take the small square dress pattern and the V-shaped pattern. Attach the V-shaped pattern on the top side of the small square.

Image of a yellow paper doll dress bodice

Belle Paper Doll Step 7:

Attach the 2 hand cutouts on both sides of the top dress pattern. Attach the top (along with the hands) on the top side of the body base pattern.

Image of the top half of a Belle paper doll

Belle Paper Doll Step 8:

Take the rectangle dress pattern and create small and even accordion folds along it.

Image of a yellow accordion folded skirt

Belle Paper Doll Step 9:

Take the accordion folded pattern and bring its straight end to the width same as the width of the body base and attach it right below the top pattern.

Image of a completed Belle paper doll

Use a black marker pen to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the paper Princess Belle paper doll.

Beauty and the Beast Crafts FAQs

What is a Belle Disney princess paper doll craft?

A Belle Disney princess paper doll craft is a printable craft project that lets you create a paper doll of Belle, the beloved character from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The craft typically involves cutting out and assembling the doll.

What materials do I need for this craft?

You’ll need a printer with ink, paper, a glue stick, markers, and scissors.

What age group is this craft suitable for?

This craft can be suitable for a range of ages, but it’s particularly popular with children who are old enough to safely handle scissors and enjoy playing with dolls, typically around ages 4 and up. Younger kids will need help cutting things out.

Can this craft be used for play or display?

Absolutely! Once assembled, the Belle paper doll can be used for imaginative play or as a decoration in a child’s room. It could also be used as a party activity or favor for a Beauty and the Beast-themed party.

Is this craft educational?

Yes, in addition to being a fun activity, this craft can help children improve their fine motor skills, creativity, and color recognition. It can also provide a springboard for discussions about the story of Beauty and the Beast, introducing themes like kindness, not judging by appearances, and the love of reading.

How to Make A Disney Princess Paper Doll Wrap Up

Our Belle paper doll craft is not only a delightful activity, but also a tangible link to the enchanting world of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

By creating this doll, your child can bring to life one of Disney’s most beloved princesses and in the process, imbibe the valuable lessons of creativity, fine motor skills development, and storytelling.

These paper dolls are more than just crafts. They are companions for imaginative play, catalysts for creative storytelling, and beautiful creations that your child can be proud of.

Whether you’re preparing for a Disney-themed party, looking for a fun weekend activity, or simply want to add a dash of magic to a regular day, this Belle paper doll craft is sure to charm its way into your child’s heart.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.