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What is the Women in Travel Summit?

The Women in Travel Summit (also called WITS) is a conference for women travel bloggers and influencers. It’s put on by Wanderful, an international community of women who travel. The conference started because the women of Wanderful saw a need for an event where travel bloggers and influencers could come together to share their experiences about being a woman in this industry. The conference features hands-on, applicable workshops and networking opportunities to empower and inspire women in the blogging and influencer world.

The 6th Annual Women in Travel Summit (WITS) is in Portland, Maine from May 3-5, 2019.

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Ile d’Orleans

If you are planning a trip to Quebec City in Canada, set aside some time to explore Ile d’Orleans. It’s an island near Quebec City filled with the most adorable farms and tasty shops. I was lucky enough to take a tour here on my recent trip to Quebec City for the Women in Travel Summit. I was looking for things to do in Quebec City in May and found out about a cool Farm + Market Tour around Ile d’Orleans through Quebec City Tourism.