One of the top questions I get from Marcie in Mommyland readers is about flying with kids on an airplane. Should they bring a car seat? I’ve been traveling with my kids on airplanes for the past 4 years. Some flights I’ve used a car seat. Others I’ve primarily worn a baby in my Tula baby carrier. And on other flights, I’ve simply had a child using the lap belt on the airplane. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the CARES Safety Harness. So, Kids Fly Safe sent me 2 harnesses to review on my latest flight to Hawaii. See what I think below: Post contains affiliate links.

Family Travel with Little Kids

As 2017 is coming to a close, I’ve started to look back on this year. That’s what people do this time of year, right? We spent our first full year at our new home and have established great friendships with many of our neighbors. My oldest started preschool this fall. My youngest transitioned from a newborn to a young toddler. But what stands out the most in 2017 involves our family travel.

When my oldest was a baby, it was fairly easy to fly with him. I’d put him in our baby carrier and rock him to sleep. As he became a toddler, I just packed lots and lots of snacks to keep him occupied. Now my oldest is 3-years-old and he requires a bit more consideration when flying. That’s where busy bag activities come in. For our recent flight to Europe, I prepared Montessori-style busy bags to entertain him on the flight and in our hotels.

 My husband and I love to travel. When we had Owen, we knew it would change how we travel. We flew with him domestically and internationally when he was a baby, but it’s definitely more eventful flying with a toddler!

We flew from Seattle to San Jose last July and it was Owen’s shortest flight at just 1 hour 30 minutes. We flew on Alaska Airlines and it was a pretty good experience. Because it was a short flight (and Owen was under 2), we had Owen on our lap. Without asking, a seasoned flight attendant gave us extra pretzels, a cup to put them in and extra napkins! This entertained Owen for quite a bit of time! We also were glad that we brought our Boba Carrier because he (and my husband) took a short nap on the flight down.