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9 Best Spots for Knott’s Berry Farm Pictures

9 Best Spots for Knott’s Berry Farm Pictures

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Find out the 9 best spots to take stunning Knott’s Berry Farm pictures in Buena Park, California!

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Last month, I took my son on a Buena Park kindermoon and it was so much fun!

We did the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, PlayPie, Big Air Trampoline Park, Knott’s Soak City, and of course, Knott’s Berry Farm!

Because this was a special trip before my son heads off to kindergarten in the fall, I decided to do a Knott’s Berry Farm photo shoot with one of my favorite vacation photographers!

We met up with Claudia from Adam & Claudia Photography and since her family has season passes, she knew all the best Knott’s Berry Farm photo spots!

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Because my son is 5 years old, we spent a lot of time exploring Camp Snoopy. There are so many colorful places to take photos at Knott’s Berry Farm!

Near the end of the photo shoot, we rewarded ourselves with some yummy cotton candy!

Find out the best places to take photos at Knott’s Berry Farm, scroll down for all my recommendations:

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9 Best Spots for Knott’s Berry Farm Pictures

1. In the Courtyard Near the High Sierra Ferris Wheel

Camp Snoopy is one of the best places to take photos at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA

Camp Snoopy has tons of fun rides that make great photo backdrops! Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

While there are tons of Knott’s Berry Farm rides that would make great photo backgrounds, Camp Snoopy is one of the best places to take photos.

That’s because the rides are geared for kids and they are smaller in size. So, you can get more of the ride in your photos!

What’s great about the High Sierra Ferris Wheel is that there is a large courtyard area in front. That gives families plenty of space to pose and move around without bumping into anyone!

2. With a Peanuts Character

Kids will love meeting Peanuts characters like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Franklin and others at Camp Snoopy in Knott's Berry Farm

Peanuts characters are available for meet and greets all over Camp Snoopy. Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

In case you didn’t realize, Knott’s Berry Farm features Peanuts characters.

You’ll mostly see Peanuts references in Camp Snoopy and all over the gift shops inside and outside the park.

I highly recommend having your kids watch the new Peanuts movie so they are familiar with the characters and are excited to do character photos.

What’s great about seeing characters at Knott’s Berry Farm is that since it’s not a main attraction, the lines are super short!

3. In Front of Balloon Race in Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy is one of the best spots ofr Knott's Berry Farm pictures in Buena Park, CA

Camp Snoopy has tons of colorful rides like this one! Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

As soon as we walked into Camp Snoopy, I immediately knew I wanted to take photos in front of the Balloon Race ride.

I mean, they are giant, colorful hot air balloons! What’s not to love?

The best way to get photos there is to actually follow the line for the ride and then pull off next to the fence.

If you want to get the tops of the balloons in your photo, you’ll need to wait until they come back down and guests are either getting on or leaving.

4. Before a Knott’s Berry Farm Show

Waiting for a show to start is perfect for Knott's Berry Farm pictures

Isn’t this stage cute? Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

So, I’ve taken plenty of photos during Knott’s Berry Farm shows, but I never thought to take photos there in between shows.

But, it’s such a smart idea! I mean, the benches are completely empty and you can take your time.

I really like the stage at Camp Snoopy because of the bright, bold colors. And you can see Lucy’s psychiatrist booth, which is such an iconic Peanuts prop!

Plus there are no random strangers in your Knott’s Berry Farm pictures!

5. In Front of the Fountain

One of the best Knott's Berry Farm photography spots is in front of the fountain.

Enjoy a treat near the Knott’s Berry Farm fountain! Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

If you’ve been to Knott’s Berry Farm, you know exactly where this fountain is. It’s absolutely gorgeous and you won’t even think you are in a SoCal theme park!

We used the fountain as a pretty place to sit and enjoy a bit of cotton candy. It would also be cute to have kids eating any sort of treat, especially ice cream!

Insider tip: Check the ledge before you sit down because it might be WET!

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6. Empty Knott’s Berry Farm Ride Lines

Empty ride lines can be amazing photography spots at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA

Empty ride lines can be so cool for photos! Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

When our photography Claudia suggested that we hop into the line for the Calico Mine Ride, I wasn’t sure what her vision was.

But, as soon as she showed me the photos, I was blown away by what a cool and not-at-all-typical Knott’s Berry Farm photography spot!

Because the ride line was completely empty, it guaranteed that no one would be in the background of our photos.

And I love the wooden fencing and seeing the mining train behind us!

7. In Front of the Calico Railroad Steam Train

Families will love taking photos with Old Western backdrops like the Calico Railroad train

The Calico Railroad train makes a fun Knott’s Berry Farm photo spot. Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

Besides featuring the adorable Peanuts gang, Knott’s Berry Farm is known for celebrating the Wild Wild West.

One of the more prominent rides that showcases this time is the Calico Railroad.

The ride does a tour around part of the park and they even close off some of the walkways when it goes by.

We happened to walk by right as they were stopped to load and unload passengers, so we jumped over to take a few photos.

8. On the Camp Snoopy Bridge

One of the best places to play at Knott's Berry Farm for kids is the bridges in Camp Snoopy

Kids loves running across the bridges in Camp Snoopy. Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

When you think of a SoCal theme park, you probably aren’t thinking about swinging bridges and outdoor play areas, right?

I was pretty impressed with this little pocket of nature inside the Camp Snoopy area.

But, not nearly as impressed as my 5 year old! He probably ran across this bridge 20 times throughout our day at Knott’s Berry Farm!

9. With a Snoopy Lollipop

One of our favorite Knott's Berry Farm photo ops is with this oversized Snoopy lollipop!

We love oversized lollipops! Photo credit: Adam & Claudia Photography

If you know me in real life, you know I’m a sucker (haha, get it?) for theme park treats!

There are few things that make my face light up as much as seeing giant lollipops like this adorable Snoopy lollipop!

And I think it’s the easiest way to get kids to smile with their eyes in photos, too!

Planning Your Trip to Knott’s Berry Farm


Discounted Knott’s Berry Farm one-day tickets through Viator start off at $57.99 per person.

You can upgrade to a Ride & Slide combo ticket that includes Knott’s Berry Farm for $94.99. This is a two-day (one park per day) ticket.


Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

If you want the full Knott’s Berry Farm experience, you’ll want to stay at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel. It’s easy to walk to both Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City.

They have some Snoopy-themed suites where Snoopy himself will tuck your kids into bed!

Courtyard by Marriott Anaheim Buena Park

While this is 2 blocks from Knott’s Soak City (about a 13 minute walk), the Courtyard by Marriott Anaheim Buena Park is a great option for families wanting a spacious room at a hotel with a pool and on-site restaurant.

Hampton Inn Buena Park

The new Hampton Inn Buena Park is a great hotel if you want a hotel near Knott’s Berry Farm with free breakfast. It’s a great way to save money so you aren’t buying overpriced items in the park.

The rooms are huge and people are raving about the facilities on TripAdvisor.

What’s also nice about this Hampton Inn is that they offer free parking. Knott’s Berry Farm is just 3.3 miles away and Medieval times and the Pirate Dinner Adventure are less than 2 miles away.


Pirate’s Adventure Dinner

One of our favorite things to do with kids in Buena Park is the Pirate’s Adventure Dinner! The food is surprisingly good and they do an awesome job of separating the food on the kids’ plates.

Plus, the show is very entertaining and full of audience participation opportunities!

Medieval Times

Another cool Buena Park theme dinner is Medieval Times. There’s a reason it’s been around so long and that’s because kids LOVE it!

Knott’s Soak City

If you are visiting Buena Park in the summer, definitely plan a full day for Knott’s Soak City. They have play areas for kids of all ages.

Plus, you can even rent a cabana for the full VIP experience!

PlayPie at The Source

PlayPie is one of the best designed indoor play areas I’ve experienced! They do an awesome job of including physical play, imaginative play, technology, and even an impressive reading area.

Big Air Trampoline Park

To get those final wiggles out, head to Big Air Trampoline Park. It’s even fun for adults!

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Adam & Claudia Photography

If you’d like some beautiful family photography at Knott’s Berry Farm or Disneyland, I highly recommend Adam & Claudia Photography.

They have two adorable girls and know exactly what to do to elicit those genuine expressions from kids. And we all know how hard it can be to avoid the “cheese” face!

Plus, they have season passes to both Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland and so they are full of insider tips!

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Thursday 26th of December 2019

Such a great post. I'm a new fan of the blog and I will definitely have to check out those photo spots. I love that all of the photos were candid.

Next time you're in Buena Park, try Porto's . It's one of socals beloved Cuban food eatries (famous for it's potato balls, sandwiches, coffee and guava pastries). It's right next to pirates and medieval times.


Monday 6th of July 2020

We went there and it was awesome! Loved the coffee and all the pastries! We can't wait to go back and try the sandwiches!

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