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What are the Best Rome Tours for Kids Worth Booking?

What are the Best Rome Tours for Kids Worth Booking?

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Planning a trip to Rome with kids and looking for family-friendly tours? Keep scrolling to check out the coolest Rome tours for kids that we’ve done and loved!
This list of kid-friendly Rome tours for families was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

My family LOVES to take tours when we travel. It’s great to get whizzed around famous attractions with an expert who can help us avoid long lines while answering a million questions from my kids.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to find the “cool” tours that are actually worth booking. So, I came up with a list of tours that we have personally done (plus a few that our friends have recommended).

Keep scrolling to find out which Rome tours for kids you should consider adding to your Rome itinerary!

Don’t have time to read a bunch of Rome blog posts and reviews? Here are some of our top picks for visiting Rome with kids.

Popular Rome Tours/Activities

Kid-Friendly Rome Hotels

14 Amazing Rome Tours for Kids Worth Booking

Our family has been to Rome with kids twice and we’ve done a lot of cool stuff.

Golf Cart Tour of Rome

Rome is a massive city and one of the best ways to visit Rome with kids is with a golf cart tour. You’ll zip around town seeing ancient ruins, Palatine Hill, and top Rome attractions.

Kids love doing these because they don’t have to walk. This is especially great during the summer as Rome is HOT.

We did this when my oldest was a toddler and I was kicking myself that we didn’t book it again now that our kids are older.

You’ll have a Rome tour guide who will explain what you’re seeing. I recommend this private family tour so you’ll have more flexibility on what you see/do. Plus, it comes with gelato! Check the latest rates and availability.

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Rome’s Gladiator School

My kids thought that this activity was the highlight of our last trip to Rome! Basically, you spend two hours learning how to be a Roman gladiator at the Rome Gladiator School.

Image of kids and adults doing gladiator training in Rome Italy
My kids had a BLAST training to become gladiators! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

It’s organized by Gruppo Storico Romano, a group that does Ancient Roman reenactments. They are really knowledgeable about what life was like for Roman soldiers and gladiators. Read my full review.

You’ll start off in their gladiator museum, then do some serious gladiator training, and then end with a huge battle in their small arena. It’s a blast for kids and adults! Check the latest rates and availability.

Family Friendly Rome City Private Tour

Sometimes it’s hard to do walking tours with kids because they move so quickly and younger kids can’t always keep up.

That’s why we are big fans of doing a private family tour when we visit cities like Rome.

Image of 4 adults and 4 kids on a bridge in Rome
We loved our private walking tour of Rome! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Private tours allow us more flexibility to go at a comfortable pace and spend more time at attractions we’re interested in (and less time at ones that don’t hold our kids’ interests). Check the latest rates and availability.

Private Family Treasure Hunt in the Vatican Museum

If you’re on the fence about exploring the Vatican Museums with kids, I highly recommend booking this family-friendly Vatican tour for kids.

Image of a boy looking at a statue in the Vatican Museum
We learned that this statue was the inspiration for Jesus’ pose on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We did one on our last trip to Rome and I was amazed at how engaged all the kids were when they learned about Michelangelo and then saw the Sistine Chapel. And they were in awe of St. Peter’s Basilica.

This Vatican tour also includes a scavenger hunt and games that will keep kids entertained during this excursion. Check the latest rates and availability.

Book a Family Photo Shoot

Whenever we travel, we almost always book a family photo shoot with Flytographer. They are super easy and affordable AND guarantee that I’ll be in some photos. You can get $25 off if you book through this link or use the code HAWAIITRAVEL.

Kid-Friendly Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour

When it comes to fun and educational tours of Rome, it doesn’t get much better than a Colosseum tour!

We did one on our last trip and the kids learned SO much about Ancient Rome and the impressive Roman Empire.

Image of a boy at the Colosseum in Rome Italy
We had a great time learning about ancient Rome in an interactive way! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

This is a great tour of the Colosseum for kids because it includes skip-the-line tickets for both the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Plus, there are games and lots of visuals to keep kids engaged.

Since this is a small group tour, your kids will probably get to hang out with other kids which might be their favorite part! Check the latest rate and availability.

Percy Jackson-Themed Tour of the Capitoline Museums

If you have any Percy Jackson fans (or kids who are mesmerized by Roman gods and mythology) this is the tour for you!

Image of Neptune statue in the Capitoline Museums in Rome, Italy.
Neptune statue in the Capitoline Museums in Rome, Italy.

You’ll explore the Capitoline Museums with a master storyteller who will regale you with the coolest stories from Roman and Greek mythology.

This Percy Jackson tour is just 2 hours long, making it perfect for kids of all ages and attention spans. Check the latest rates and availability.

Pizza Making Class for Families

Everyone associates Italy with pizza, so why not learn how to make it?

This is a kid-friendly cooking class where families will learn how to make pizza from scratch using fresh Italian ingredients. And you’ll do it in an authentic pizzeria that has a stone oven.

Kids will love rolling out the dough and parents will enjoy the complimentary wine and limoncello! Check the latest rates and availability.

Illuminated Rome Tour for Kids with Gelato & Pizza

If you’re visiting Rome in the summer, you might want to consider this nighttime walking tour of Rome. You’ll beat some of the daytime crowds but you’ll also escape the unbearable summer heat!

Image of two boys at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Nighttime is a great time to make wishes at the Trevi Fountain! Photo credit: Nicole Dittrich

Kids will enjoy treasure hunts, quizzes, photo contests, pizza, gelato, and other cool activities that will keep them engaged so that parents can also enjoy this sightseeing tour.

This tour includes Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, and many other amazing places in Rome. Check the latest rates and availability.

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    Private Caracalla Baths & Circus Maximus Tour for Kids

    If your kids are really interested in Ancient Roman history and culture, they might want to check out this private tour of the Circus Maximus and Caracalla Baths.

    Image of Baths of Caracalla, ancient ruins of roman public thermae built by Emperor Caracalla in Rome, Italy
    The Baths of Caracalla were built by Emperor Caracalla.

    It’s a 2-hour private tour filled with games, reconstructions, and lots of interesting and curious facts about these Roman ruins.

    It’s also a great way for kids to learn about construction. You’ll hear about ancient building techniques like how mosaics were made and how they constructed the heating systems, pools and aqueducts. Check the latest rates and availability.

    Private Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition Guided Tour

    Every major Italian city has a da Vinci museum and Rome is no exception.

    Head to the Palazzo della Cancelleria for a private guided tour of its amazing Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. It features some of his unique inventions in the fields of science, aviation, and the military.

    It’s helpful to explore with a tour guide so they can answer your kids’ questions (they will have a million, trust me) and explain a bit more about his life and work. Check the latest rates and availability.

    Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Private Tour for Kids and Families

    If you’re looking to do a day trip from Rome with kids, this is a cool tour that will take you to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.

    A fully-equipped minibus will pick you up straight from your hotel so you don’t have to deal with trains or buses.

    Street in Pompeii, Italy. Pompeii is an ancient Roman city died from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the 1st century.
    One of the many streets in Pompeii, Italy.

    Your guide will take you to see the highlights of Pompeii, a kid-friendly lunch, and then an afternoon in the cute town of Positano.

    With tons of games and kid-friendly activities, this is the easiest way for families to do a day trip. Check the latest rates and availability.

    Rome to Tivoli Day Trip for Kids & Families

    The hillside town of Tivoli is located just north of Rome. It’s renowned for the Roman ruins of Hadrian’s Villa and the grand Italianate gardens of Villa d’Este.

    Villa d'Este in Tivoli, Italy, Europe.
    Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Italy.

    This private tour will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Villa Adriana where your family will learn all about ancient Roman history.

    Then you’ll head to Villa d’Este (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to play games, explore the gorgeous gardens, and learn about Italian artists. Check the latest rates and availability.

    Welcome To Rome: Immersive Journey Through Rome’s History

    If your kids are really interested in learning more about Ancient Rome, this is a really cool multimedia presentation that shows the glory days of the Eternal City.

    It’s an immersive experience where they project videos on walls and the ceiling so you feel like you’re actually in Ancient Rome.

    The show is also continuous, so you can show up anytime to do it. We love experiences that offer flexibility with kids! Check the latest rates and availability.

    Circus Maximus Virtual Reality Game

    Another virtual experience in Rome is this Circus Maximus virtual reality game.

    It’s open to kids of all ages and you’ll all be outfitted with VR headsets to do this immersive experience. It starts with a virtual walk around Ancient Rome and ends with a chariot race! Check the latest rates and availability.

    Family Tours in Rome Italy FAQs

    Is Rome a good place to take kids?

    Yes, Rome is a great city to explore with kids. The city is rich in history and culture, and many of its sites are not only educational but also fascinating for children.

    Rome offers numerous family-friendly attractions like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain. Also, Italian culture is very family-oriented, making it a welcoming place for families with children.

    How long do you need in Rome with kids?

    I suggest visiting Rome with kids for at least 3 to 4 days. This allows enough time to explore key attractions such as the Colosseum, the Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, and other historic sites at a leisurely pace.

    You could also include some downtime for your kids to play in one of Rome’s beautiful parks or enjoy a gelato.

    Is it worth doing guided tours in Rome?

    Absolutely, guided tours can be very valuable, especially in a city with as much history as Rome. They can provide greater insights into the city’s history and culture than you might get exploring on your own.

    For families, specifically, guided tours designed for children can make history more accessible and engaging for younger minds.

    Also, guided tours can help in navigating the city and managing logistics, making the trip less stressful for parents.

    What are some top family-friendly attractions in Rome, Italy?

    Rome offers several attractions suitable for families, including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Pantheon. The Explora Children’s Museum, Bioparco di Roma (the city’s zoo), and Villa Borghese park also provide kid-friendly fun.

    Are there specific family tours available in Rome?

    Yes, there are numerous tour companies that offer family-specific tours in Rome. These tours often include interactive and engaging activities tailored to kids and are led by guides trained to work with children.

    What age group are the family tours in Rome suitable for?

    Most family tours in Rome are designed for kids aged 6 and up. However, some tours cater to younger children, and many companies can customize tours based on the ages and interests of your kids.

    How long do family tours in Rome typically last?

    The duration of family tours can vary widely based on the specific tour and the company, but they typically last between 2-4 hours. Full-day tours are also available.

    Can we take a stroller on the family tours in Rome?

    This largely depends on the specific tour. While Rome’s streets can be cobblestoned and challenging for strollers, many tour operators accommodate families with young children. It’s always best to ask in advance.

    Are family tours in Rome conducted in English?

    Yes, most tour companies in Rome offer tours in English. Some companies also offer tours in other languages, so it’s worth asking if you have a different preference.

    Kid-Friendly Rome Tours Wrap Up

    A small-group or private family tour of the Eternal City, featuring the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum, is an enriching experience.

    These tours cater to kids and families, making Rome’s historical treasures accessible and exciting.

    Whether unveiling the splendors of ancient Rome on a Colosseum tour or navigating the Vatican’s vast art collections, these tours for families create lasting memories, turning your Rome visit into a fascinating adventure that captivates kids and parents alike.

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