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What to Pack for a Babymoon

What to Pack for a Babymoon

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With this pregnancy, I’ve been so lucky to be able to travel a bit. It’s mostly been family travel, so when we had the opportunity to have an official Babymoon (trip before baby arrives just as a couple) we seized the day! Babymoons are a somewhat recent phenomenon and not everyone is able to take one (especially with the lack of maternity/paternity available and people have to use sick/vacation days after baby is born.) We are so lucky that we were able to get time off and my Mom was available to watch our toddler.

We decided to go to Victoria, BC because it’s relatively close to our home in Seattle and I’d heard wonderful things about the city. My husband had been when he was in high school, but I’d never been there before. We went in late July, so the weather was warm during the day, but cooled off at night.

As the trip got closer, I started thinking about what to pack. We were just going to be gone a weekend, but we had a lot of fun activities scheduled. I kept in mind that we’d be on a double decker bus, a boat, inside/outside and walking around. Some items on my packing list are essentials and some are things that I should take advantage of before I’m consumed by the newborn phase again.


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What to Pack for a Babymoon

  1. Maxi Dresses: These dresses are so versatile they are perfect for touring around major cities, cruising the tropics, or going out for dinner. They are easy to dress up or dress down.
  2. Swimsuit and Cover Up: Chances are where ever you go, there will be a pool. Being in a pool while pregnant is amazing! However, it’s so uncomfortable to wiggle out of clothes while pregnant, so get an easy cover up.
  3. Sunscreen: When pregnant, it’s so important to protect your skin. I love Babyganic’s SPF 50 spray on sunscreen because it’s not greasy and soaks into my skin. It’s also perfect for babies (6 months+) so you can share later on.
  4. Skincare Products: If you have a favorite stretch mark cream or lotion, make sure to pack it!
  5. Comfy Shoes/Sandals: If you are going on a Babymoon later in your pregnancy, you’ll definitely want to pack comfortable footwear. I like FitFlop sandals because they go with a variety of clothing styles and I can walk around all day without getting tired legs or feet.
  6. Jewelry: Wear as much jewelry as you can because once baby arrives, you might not be wearing any as babies like to pull on dangly earrings and dainty necklaces.
  7. Haircare Products: Bring your straightener, curling iron, haircare product of choice so you’ll look extra cute in your photos. This may not be a priority after baby so take advantage while you have the time
  8. Small Purse: You will probably be lugging around a large diaper bag for the next year or more. Carry a small purse while you can!

Perhaps the best thing you can pack is an upbeat attitude! You may be a bit more tired and walk more slowly that you are used to, but if you’re able to focus on spending time with your partner and just enjoying your surroundings it will do wonders for you and your pregnancy!



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Monday 13th of February 2017

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Saturday 11th of February 2017

Babies are really wonderful and we should give them the love that they are seeking so that they will grow in a healthy and proper way. This is a post that will remind us about the little things that we should consider in our lives.

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