Are Your Kids Old Enough to go to Legoland?

This really depends on whether or not you’re planning to come back. If this is your only trip, I’d wait until your kids are 4 years old to get the most out of your trip.

Most of the rides require kids to be at least 34 inches tall.  So, if your child isn’t quite 34 inches and you think they will want to do rides, wait until they reach that height.

Like most family destinations, major school breaks (winter break, spring break, and summer vacation) will be more crowded. Also visit on Monday to Thursday for minimal crowd. 

When Should You Go?

should you bring a stroller?

If you have kids ages 4 and under, I’d definitely use a stroller or wagon. They will be walking a lot and no one wants to carry tired kids back to the hotel.

Where You Should Eat in LEGOLAND?

Ocean Journey Cafe Knights’ Smokehouse BBQ Granny’s Apple Fries

The thing that surprised me the most about LEGOLAND is that the food inside the park is really good! Here are the best places to try:

should you go to legoland aquarium?

The SEA LIFE California Aquarium was so much cooler than I expected! There’s a great mix of LEGOs along with impressive sea exhibits, several interactive sections, and tons of fun facts.

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