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Looking for some awesome cooking gifts for kids? Keep scrolling for kids baking kits, kids cooking subscription boxes, and other amazing kids cooking gifts!
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My 4 year old has started referring to himself as a “professional chef.”

It’s 100% because that’s what his Aunty calls him every time they cook together.

She’ll say things like “professional chefs always wash their hands” and “professional chefs clean as they cook.”

Cooking has provided my son with some much-needed structure and I’m seriously shocked at how focused he is (sometimes for more than an hour) learning how to cook something new.

While I’ve never had much patience for cooking with my kids, last week, he practically made banana bread all on his own and it was seriously easier than when I make it by myself.

So, when I started thinking about Christmas presents for him, the idea of kids cooking kits, books, and supplies came to mind.

Of course, as I was shopping online, I found WAY too many cute kids cooking gifts, so I figured I’d put them all in this post for other parents of mini chefs!

Ok, these are my favorite cooking gifts for kids:

Kids Baking Kits

Global Grub Fortune Cookie Kit

Image by Global Grub

Global Grub has some really cool DIY cooking sets for kids. We have their Fortune Cookie Kit.

I admit, I’ve always been overwhelmed with the idea of making our own fortune cookies, but this kit made it pretty easy.

They also have kits for Mochi Ice Cream, Sushi, Ravioli, and Tamales.


Baketivity Baking Kit for Kids

Sometimes it’s really nice to have ingredients for a recipe pre-measured. That way, you know you have everything you need for a kids baking project.

Baketivity has lots of baking kits for kids, including this one for Cake Pops.


Tovla Jr. Kids Baking Kit

This gender-neutral kids baking set includes recipe cards, an apron, measuring cups & measuring spoons, kitchen timer, pair of tongs, rolling pin, 3 nylon knives, spoon, spatula, whisk, 3 cookie cutters and a cutting board.

And everything fits inside a portable storage container.


MindWare Playful Chef Baking Set for Kids

This cute kids baking kit is geared for kids ages 4 years old and up.

You’ll get color-coded measuring cups and spoons, a French rolling pin, a pastry bush, wooden spoon, whisk, Bundt pan, and recipe book.

All the things you need to get your kids baking just like grown ups!


Kids Cooking Kits

The Sneaky Chef Cooking Kits for Kids

This kids cooking kit is geared for kids ages 6 and older. Each item is designed to fit small hands and has non-slip coating for a more secure grip.

It also includes a few recipes that kids can try to make on their own.


Kids Prep a Pizza Kit

Image by EdibleEducation

This is a super cute kids cooking kit that has everything you need to make pizza from scratch, except the cheese and toppings.

It comes with easy to follow instructions and kid-friendly tools so they can become pizza chefs!


Kids Baking Aprons

Personalized Kids Cooking Apron

Image by TheApronPeople

This is actually the apron that I bought my 4 year old for Christmas this year.

He’s outgrown the toddler size we have and he’s going to love being called a “master chef” even if he’s still in training!


Rainbow Kids Apron

Image by SweetHooligansDesign

How adorable is this customizable rainbow kids apron?

Not only is it perfect for cooking with kids, but it’s also awesome for crafting, painting, and other messy projects.


Sous Chef Kids Apron

Image by TheApronPeople

This is definitely an awesome gift for a little chef in training!

It comes in a bunch of different colors and I love that it has pockets for storing chef tools.


Kids Baking Tools

Personalized Kids Baking Set

Image by GlamAndCoHome

This is seriously one of the cutest personalized kids baking sets I’ve found on Etsy.

You can buy just the personalized kids apron, or bundle it with the customized bag and wooden kids baking tools.

It comes from the U.K., so shipping does take awhile to get to the U.S., so order asap!


Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking Knives

If your kids are like mine, they really want to cut things with knives and kids plastic knives usually don’t get the job done.

These kids cooking knives are made of nylon and have serrated edges that can cut vegetables, cheese, or bread while protecting their fingers from super sharp metal knives.


MasterChef Junior Knives and Cutting Board

If your kids love watching MasterChef Junior, they will probably geek out over these kids cooking tools.

It even comes with some awesome recipes they can make themselves!


Personalized Kids Baking Utensils

Image by CreateLoveandAdmire

Kids love having their own set of baking tools. This one is made out of wood and you can customize it with your child’s name on it.

Eat set of kids baking equipment consists of a children’s mini baking spoon, spatula, rolling pin, brush and mini board.


Baking Supplies for Kids

Cake Decorating Kit

If your child loves baking cakes, chances are, they also like to decorate them.

This baking kit for kids is all about taking their baked creations to the next level.

You’ll get a rotating cake stand, a cake levels, piping bags, tools, a bunch of cake decorating tips, and a guide for how to use them.


Unicorn Cupcake Decorating Supplies

This is a fun idea for any kid who loves unicorns.

It would also be cute to make this as part of a cupcake party with friends. You can even do it while watching Nerdy Nummies!


Kids Cookie Cutter Set

This cookie cutter set is perfect for kids because they have a special comfort grip that’s great for small hands.

Plus, there are cookie cutters for lots of holidays, letters, numbers, and other themes perfect for kids.


Cooking Subscription Box for Kids

Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box

Raddish is one of the most popular kids cooking subscription boxes.

Each month, there’s a new theme that features a different cultural cuisine and special kids cooking tools.

The instructions are laminated, so you’ll be able to make them over and over again.


Kidstir Cooking Subscription for Kids

We have one of these boxes and it came with the coolest kitchen gadget ever: a lemon squirter!

This is one of the cheapest kids cooking subscription boxes I’ve seen.


Eat2Explore Kids Cooking Box

These kids cooking boxes are pretty awesome because it’s like traveling a country through its cuisine.

We have the France one and the directions are easy to follow and it was easy for my kids to do with a little parental help.

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Kids Cooking Magazines

Cooking with Kids Magazine

This is a digital cooking magazine for kids that features tons of tasty recipes your kids will be begging to make!

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ChopChop Cooking Magazine for Kids

This kids cooking magazine is geared for the whole family.

There are 4 issues per year and they are full of recipes and kid-friendly cooking tips.


Kids Cookbooks

Kid Chef Junior Bakes

It’s always nice to add a cookbook to any kids cooking gift set.

This one is cool because it has both sweet and savory dishes that can be made by 4-8 year olds.

Plus, there are clear instructions with lots of pictures.


Little Chef Kids Cookbook

I admit, I included this book specifically because the animal pictures are so stinking cute!

But, the recipes look super tasty and it’s a good book to use when cooking with your kiddos.


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